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Poll Tracker: Pandemic boosts Liberals back into majority territory

Jun 26 2020 — Eric Grenier — The Liberals are enjoying support they have not seen since their post-2015 election honeymoon and would very likely secure another majority government if an election were held today, according to the latest projections from the CBC’s newly re-launched Poll Tracker. The problem for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is that the global pandemic that has helped […]

Conservative caucus endorsements hint at generational divide in leadership race

Jun 20 2020 — Eric Grenier — Peter MacKay and Erin O’Toole have split the Conservative caucus almost evenly between them, with most MPs endorsing one or the other for the party leadership. But political allegiance isn’t the only thing dividing them. The endorsements also suggest a generation gap between the two candidates. Ahead of Thursday’s English-language debate, MacKay and O’Toole were […]

Cooped up by the pandemic, more people are taking part in polls

May 31 2020 — Eric Grenier — As silver linings go, it’s pretty thin. With millions of Canadians unemployed, working from home, staying inside or just looking for something to do, pollsters are finding it a lot easier these days to convince people to take their surveys. Response rates have been dropping for years as people have moved from landlines to mobile […]

Political donations dropped to new low in March as COVID-19 spread

May 10 2020 — Eric Grenier — With the COVID-19 pandemic keeping people home, forcing businesses to remain closed and putting millions out of work, many Canadians are having difficulty making ends meet. An analysis of fundraising data from the first three months of 2020 suggests political parties are feeling the pinch, too. Combined, the Liberals, Conservative and New Democrats raised about […]

Fundraising figures show the Conservative leadership race is far from over

May 5 2020 — Eric Grenier — Regional and ideological divisions will play a decisive role in determining the outcome of the race for the Conservative leadership. Fundraising numbers published last week show us where these fissures lie — and the paths that front-runners Peter MacKay and Erin O’Toole will have to take to win. According to data published by Elections Canada, […]