National Newswatch

Maxime Bernier has a base. Is it big enough to protect him?

Aug 16 2018 — Eric Grenier — Is Maxime Bernier too big to boot? Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer has tried to distance himself from Bernier’s controversial tweets about diversity and multiculturalism but will not say whether he is taking any steps to remove the Quebec MP from his party’s caucus. After stripping Bernier of his critic’s portfolio in June, there is little […]

Jagmeet Singh tours Quebec, where the NDP faces a fight to hang on

Aug 15 2018 — Eric Grenier — Fresh off his announcement that he would be running in an upcoming byelection in British Columbia, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh is spending the week on the other side of the country in an attempt to renew some of his party’s fraying links with Quebec voters. With a tour of four ridings in the Montérégie region […]

François Legault’s CAQ has the edge as Quebec provincial election approaches

Aug 9 2018 — Eric Grenier — The polls say François Legault’s Coalition Avenir Québec is in a strong position to defeat Philippe Couillard’s Liberals in the upcoming provincial election. But there are nearly eight weeks to get through before Quebecers actually cast their ballots. Where they stand today is not necessarily where they’ll be when they head into the voting booths […]

Justin Trudeau is losing the argument on border crossings, poll suggests

Aug 3 2018 — Eric Grenier — A new poll suggests Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are losing the political debate over the issue of irregular border crossings. A majority of Canadians polled by the Angus Reid Institute say that the number of asylum seekers crossing into the country is too high, while a plurality point to Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer as […]

Canada’s polling industry association is shutting down

Jul 31 2018 — Eric Grenier — Shocking members, Market Research and Intelligence Association says it will wind down by the end of August. The organization that represents public opinion pollsters and market researchers in Canada is disbanding, leaving the Canadian polling industry without a self-governing oversight body.

Where the parties are raising the money to fight the 2019 election

Jul 10 2018 — Eric Grenier — A charismatic leader, a message that resonates, a desire for change — all factors that, on their own, can elect and defeat governments. But in their absence, money and a good local organization can go a long way. And it appears that the Liberals and Conservatives are far ahead of the New Democrats on this […]