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Peter MacKay is piling up the caucus endorsements — but will they matter?

Jan 25 2020 — Eric Grenier — Peter MacKay’s bid for the Conservative Party leadership officially begins today and he’s already starting with a big lead — at least among members of the Conservative caucus. Endorsements from MPs probably didn’t play a decisive role in the party’s 2017 leadership race, but they could have made a difference in what turned out to […]

Liberals dropped in on-reserve voting in 2019 federal election as NDP remained on top

Jan 8 2020 — Eric Grenier — Liberal support among First Nations voters living on reserves fell significantly in October’s federal election, as the New Democrats remained the top choice. But the Liberals nevertheless retained more than two-thirds of the support they had gained in the previous election, before Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s stated commitment to Indigenous reconciliation hit some obstacles during […]

Grumpy, indecisive voters left their mark on elections in 2019

Dec 30 2019 — Eric Grenier — Canadian voters were in an indecisive mood this past year, electing three minority governments in 2019. They were also pretty grouchy. Two of those minority governments were elected as rebukes of the parties in power, robbing them of their majorities — and in two other provinces, sitting governments were booted from office. To top it […]

A week from election day, Conservatives still had a shot. What happened?

Dec 19 2019 — Eric Grenier — The Conservatives entered election day trailing the Liberals by only 16 seats and ahead by more than three percentage points on the votes that had been cast already in the advance polls — but then lost their lead in a dozen seats on election day as the Liberals strengthened their minority and the New Democrats […]

How Andrew Scheer ranks among Conservative leaders

Dec 13 2019 — Eric Grenier — With the exception of the time when the conservative movement in Canada was divided, only two leaders of the Conservative Party or its Progressive Conservative predecessor led their parties into a single election before resigning: Robert Manion and John Bracken. Until Thursday, that is. Now, Andrew Scheer’s name can be added to that item of […]

How solid is Andrew Scheer’s Conservative caucus support?

Nov 27 2019 — Eric Grenier — Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer has taken heat from some of his defeated candidates this week — but those who lost in October aren’t the only ones with reasons to want a change at the top. Most of the Conservative incumbents who won re-election in Ontario and Quebec did so despite a drop in their share […]

Trudeau’s cabinet picks rewarded the 2 provinces that kept him in power

Nov 22 2019 — Eric Grenier — Justin Trudeau’s new cabinet might not be an accurate representation of the country, but it does reflect the Liberal caucus that Canadians sent to Ottawa last month — including the remarkably large number of Liberal MPs from the two provinces that kept the party in power. That MPs from Ontario and Quebec are taking up […]