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How the parties’ paths to majority government have changed

Jul 27 2019 — Eric Grenier — There’s an old adage in military planning: no battle plan survives contact with the enemy. It works just as well with election campaigns — certainly with any plans the parties might have drawn up when this election year began. The Liberals and Conservatives have one target in October: 170. That’s the number of seats needed […]

Jagmeet Singh tours Quebec in hopes of avoiding an NDP wipeout

Jul 16 2019 — Eric Grenier — NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh is taking a Quebec road trip this week, visiting a handful of ridings he hopes his party can hold in October’s federal election. But even though his pit stops are in ridings that offer the NDP some of its best chances for hanging on, Singh still faces an uphill climb to […]

After a stunning spring, Greens might hit their poll ceiling this summer

Jul 10 2019 — Eric Grenier — Having scored a federal byelection upset and a provincial breakthrough, the Greens were riding a wave of momentum this spring — but that wave could be cresting as this pre-election summer begins. After a few promising results in provincial elections in 2017 and 2018, the Greens pulled off a couple of firsts over the span […]

With pre-election summer looming, Conservatives hang on to their lead

Jun 17 2019 — Eric Grenier — When this election year kicked off, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals were on track for victory in the fall federal election. Now, as parliamentarians prepare to head home after this week’s expected adjournment of the House of Commons, they’ll return to a very different political landscape. It’s one that favours Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives — and it’s one […]

Maxime Bernier was a top Conservative fundraiser before he left the party

Jun 12 2019 — Eric Grenier — Before Maxime Bernier left it to start his People’s Party, he was one of the Conservative Party of Canada’s top fundraisers — but most of the money he brought into his riding association came from contributors who lived in other parts of the country. The annual financial return for the Beauce Conservative riding association shows […]

For Andrew Scheer, matching Doug Ford’s victory of a year ago won’t be enough

Jun 7 2019 — Eric Grenier — Numbers show there aren’t enough voters in ‘Ford Nation’ to win the election for Scheer on their own. A year ago, Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservatives secured a decisive victory in Ontario’s provincial election. In the process, they laid out a roadmap for Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives to follow in this year’s federal election: win the same […]

Former PQ minister Réjean Hébert considering a run for federal Liberals

Jun 4 2019 — Eric Grenier — Réjean Hébert, a former Parti Québécois cabinet minister, is ready to turn the page on the sovereignty debate and is seriously considering a run for the federal Liberals in October’s federal election. Hébert, who served as Quebec’s minister of health during the brief PQ government of Pauline Marois from 2012 to 2014, told Radio-Canada that […]