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Booted from caucus, Derek Sloan faces long odds if he pursues re-election

Jan 22 2021 — Eric Grenier — Booted from the Conservative caucus on Wednesday, Derek Sloan now sits as an Independent MP in the House of Commons. Without the backing of the Conservative Party of Canada, his chances of holding on to his seat in the next election don’t look good. Sloan, who finished fourth in last year’s Conservative leadership contest with […]

Few MPs are opting out of the next election — so far

Jan 17 2021 — Eric Grenier — When people sense the party might be coming to an end, they start eyeing the exits. MPs are no different — particularly in the uncertain climate of a minority government. This past week, three MPs announced they would not be seeking re-election when the country next goes to the polls. One of those retirement announcements […]

What the cabinet shuffle does (and doesn’t) say about the next election

Jan 13 2021 — Eric Grenier — A cabinet shuffle in January (to borrow phrasing one of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s predecessors) doesn’t necessarily mean an election — but this one does help position the Liberals for an election if necessary. It’s routine for governments to replace ministers who decide they will not be part of the team seeking re-election at the […]

2021’s electoral calendar looks light — but it could get much busier

Jan 2 2021 — Eric Grenier — Judging by what’s scheduled for 2021, the coming year is setting up to be relatively quiet on the Canadian election front. It’s what isn’t scheduled that could make it a lot more hectic. The federal government and most provinces have fixed election date laws in place that schedule new elections every four years. The laws, […]

Anxious voters were looking for safety in pandemic-year elections

Dec 27 2020 — Eric Grenier — Canada’s electoral calendar was looking a little sparse around this date 12 months ago, with only one provincial election on the horizon. It suggested that Canadians’ attention would be focused primarily on the epic presidential contest south of the border — that it was going to be an uneventful year in politics, at least domestically. […]

The pandemic was already polarizing — now vaccines have become partisan as well

Dec 2 2020 — Eric Grenier — Polls suggest a partisan split on when — or if — Canadians want to get vaccinated. It was inevitable that the federal government’s handling of COVID-19 vaccines would become political. Politics has shaped public perceptions of the pandemic’s severity since it began. But now the vaccines themselves are becoming politically polarized, with divisions emerging between […]

How the U.S. networks (and the CBC) will project a winner on election night

Nov 1 2020 — Eric Grenier — Twenty years ago, major U.S. networks incorrectly called Florida for Al Gore, projecting the Democratic vice-president as the winner against George W. Bush, the Republican challenger, in the 2000 presidential election. Within a few hours, that projection had to be retracted. It was then reversed and Bush was projected as the winner of the state […]