National Newswatch

Trudeau says he thinks Liberals will pick up seats in Alberta

Jul 13 2019 — Elise von Scheel — With only 100 days left until the election, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau likes his chances of picking up seats in Alberta. “We are going to, not just bring back our MPs, but bring back more MPs to Ottawa,” he told a crowd of supporters in Calgary on Saturday. The Liberals only have three seats in […]

New rules for pre-election spending kick in Sunday

Jun 29 2019 — Elise von Scheel — This October will be a road test for new rules set out by the federal government that change the way money is spent before the start of the federal election campaign. Partisan ads are increasingly part of the pre-election landscape in Canada, and up until this year, political actors and third parties were free to […]

Scheer climate plan would encompass more big polluters, require investments as penalty

Jun 18 2019 — Elise von Scheel — Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer’s climate plan would change emissions thresholds to capture more large-scale polluters and get those companies to invest in clean energy technology if they exceed emissions standards. A portion of Scheer’s plan, obtained by CBC News, would compel facilities that produce 40 kilotonnes of emissions or more per year to invest in […]

Big week ahead for Canadian pipelines, as key moves loom on TMX, bill C-69

Jun 15 2019 — Elise von Scheel — Two decisions coming next week could have a big impact on the future of energy projects in Canada. The federal cabinet will announce Tuesday if it will approve the Trans Mountain pipeline. The decision comes after the federal government conducted a second round of consultations with Indigenous communities along the pipeline’s route. The Federal Court […]

Steel and aluminum tariffs are gone, so now what?

May 20 2019 — Elise von Scheel — A deal was reached on Friday to end the metal tariff battle between Canada and the U.S. Steel and aluminum imports from Canada will no longer be taxed, but that doesn’t mean all the problems are over. The new NAFTA still has to be ratified and the protectionist administration in the U.S. is still causing […]

Conservatives, NDP call for emergency committee meeting on Mark Norman case

May 12 2019 — Elise von Scheel — The opposition parties are forcing an emergency meeting of the national defence committee to investigate the government’s conduct in the Mark Norman trial. Charges of breach of trust against Vice-Admiral Norman were dropped this week, a year after he was formally charged with leaking sensitive information about a lucrative shipbuilding contract. He had denied any […]

Costs for Canada’s UN Security Council bid keep mounting

Apr 29 2019 — Elise von Scheel — The vote to send a new country to the Security Council table at the United Nations is creeping up, and so is Canada’s spending to secure a seat around that table. Canada has been campaigning for one of the rotating slots on the UN Security Council for three years. There’s one year left until that […]

Scheer promises to unveil climate plan before the summer

Apr 27 2019 — Elise von Scheel — Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer has vowed to release his climate plan before the House of Commons rises for the summer. Scheer told supporters in Quebec on Saturday that he would return to the province to make his announcement. The Commons’ last scheduled sitting day is June 21. “It will be a real plan” to tackle […]

Canada’s window to defend the Arctic is closing, MP warns

Apr 6 2019 — Elise von Scheel — An MP who has been looking into the militarization of the North warns that if Canada doesn’t act now, it could slowly lose its grip on the Arctic. Liberal John McKay, the Canadian co-chair of the Permanent Joint Board on Defence with the U.S., says he fears Canada isn’t ready to defend its territory as […]