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‘They’re wrong’: Freeland rejects claim USMCA ties Canada’s hands on trade

Oct 20 2018 — Elise von Scheel — Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland says that anyone who thinks the new trilateral North American trade agreement limits Canada’s trade sovereignty is misguided. Freeland told Chris Hall, host of CBC Radio’s The House, that the section of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement that lays out the rules for making pacts with “non-market” countries won’t limit Canada’s […]

Kentucky governor accuses Canada of using tariffs as a ‘money grab’

Oct 13 2018 — Elise von Scheel — Ask Canadian officials and they’ll say the counter-tariffs Ottawa imposed on American products were a dollar-for-dollar response to U.S. tariffs imposed on Canadian steel and aluminum. Kentucky’s Republican governor has his own theory: Canada did it to make money. “People can say it was for tit-for-tat, and maybe arguably so, but it’s a straight up […]

What we know about the new USMCA trade deal

Oct 1 2018 — Elise von Scheel — Unrestricted trade. It’s written into the title of the North American Free Trade Agreement. But as details of the newly renegotiated deal (the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement or USMCA) emerge, questions remain about what Canada’s signature guarantees in terms of protections, and what concessions were made. As the smoke of heated NAFTA talks clears, here’s a […]