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Celebrate the tepee protest. Demonstration improves social justice

Jun 30 2017 — Elizabeth Renzetti — “Peace, order and good government:” That’s us, right? Canadians are meant to be content, law-abiding, polite. Or at least, that’s our national story. But there’s another story, one that’s even more relevant to today: Protest obtains good government. When Indigenous activists brought a tepee to Parliament Hill this week, seeking to bring attention to legitimate […]

Why terror attacks on children are truly terrifying

May 24 2017 — Elizabeth Renzetti — The sound of shrieking in those videos from the attack at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester was heartbreaking. Girls are supposed to scream at concerts. They are often mocked for it, but who cares? They are giddy and joyful, listening to their favourite pop stars with their moms or their friends by their side. […]

Cultural appropriation: Why can’t we debate it?

May 11 2017 — Elizabeth Renzetti — I’ve written and published one novel, and half-written and abandoned others, always because of my own perceived failure of imagination. As any novelist – or screenwriter or playwright – knows, it’s incredibly difficult to see through the eyes of an invented someone. It only works when you try to write with grace, deference and curiosity. […]

Trump may fade away, but his vile talk will linger

Oct 12 2016 — Elizabeth Renzetti — At this point, I’m not worried about what will become of Donald Trump on Nov. 9. The morning after the election, he’ll still have his maybe-billions, or at least enough to keep him in Trump steaks and life-sized portraits of himself. He and Melania can sit around découpaging every surface of Trump Tower with 18-karat […]

Is Clinton (cough) unfit to lead? Hardly

Sep 7 2016 — Elizabeth Renzetti — Here’s an election-year riddle for you: When is a coughing fit not a coughing fit? Answer: When it happens to a candidate who is running to be the first female president of the United States. Campaigning in Cleveland this weekend, Hillary Clinton experienced a bout of coughing during a speech and another one in front […]