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Condemnation of sexual assaults can’t be selective

Nov 2 2017 — Emma Teitel — Alleged serial rapist Harvey Weinstein has been blacklisted by his peers and ousted from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. But there remains one very exclusive group that will have him: the Edenbridge Bonfire Society. The EBS is world famous for lighting up enormous effigies of widely loathed figures on Guy Fawkes Day, […]

How #MeToo lets any woman speak out on sexual harassment

Oct 17 2017 — Emma Teitel — Harvey Weinstein has retreated. The Hollywood mogul accused of sexually harassing and assaulting more than a dozen women in the entertainment industry is reportedly hiding out in Arizona where he will seek counselling for a supposed sex addiction. In other words, we have reached the part of this story where the monster fades from view, […]

Crosby, Penguins enjoy luxury of political indifference at White House

Oct 10 2017 — Emma Teitel — Sidney Crosby is a lucky guy. On Monday, the Stanley Cup champion told the CBC that he “grew up under the assumption” that politics “wasn’t something really bred into sports.” From his side of things, he told the broadcaster, “there’s absolutely no politics involved.” And why would there be? He quite literally has no skin […]

With ‘John injustice’ a global problem, we need potty parity

Sep 24 2017 — Emma Teitel — There is a feminist revolution brewing in Amsterdam right now that has nothing to do with gender parity in the workforce but something arguably far more important: public toilet parity in the city square. That is, a woman’s right to relive herself as quickly and as comfortably as any member of the male gender when […]

Shame the Charlottesville white supremacists on social media

Aug 16 2017 — Emma Teitel — Shaming people on the internet is never something I’ve had a taste for, even when those being shamed have made genuinely stupid, offensive mistakes — like laughing at sexist or homophobic jokes. I’d give you a few specific examples of this, but I don’t even want to mention the names of the shamed. They’ve paid […]

Coming out sucks, even for the lucky ones like me

Aug 11 2017 — Emma Teitel — When I came out to my parents almost 10 years ago, my mother hung a Rosie the Riveter poster on the inside of my closet door that read “Sorry Boys, I’m Gay!” She was so enthusiastic in her acceptance of my sexuality that I couldn’t even step into a closet without being reminded I was […]

Good riddance to another of Donald Trump’s frat boys

Jul 31 2017 — Emma Teitel — This week we learned that the White House isn’t really the white house. It’s a frat house with a manicured lawn. How else can you describe a place where a guy who goes by the nickname “The Mooch” (a.k.a. recently appointed and sacked White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci) reportedly misses the birth of his […]

Trump values bottom line more than soldiers’ well-being

Jul 27 2017 — Emma Teitel — Last April, when I interviewed Jennifer Pritzker, the world’s first openly transgender billionaire and a retired U.S. army colonel, she told me “knowledge dispels fear.” This was a motto Pritzker borrowed from the British Royal Air Force, a motto she hoped might warm Americans to the idea of transgender men and women serving openly in […]

Why prime ministers and business floats matter at Pride

Jul 20 2017 — Emma Teitel — Last summer, Justin Trudeau made history when he became the first sitting prime minister to march in the Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal pride parades (not all at once, of course). This Saturday, the PM will again make history when he becomes the first sitting prime minister to participate in another more understated but equally important […]