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Kamala Harris is not Canadian no matter how badly we want her to be

Aug 13 2020 — Emma Teitel — It’s not a secret that Canadians love to identify other Canadians who made it big in America, as in “Did you know that Ryan Reynolds is Canadian? Keanu Reeves? Kim Cattrall? Pamela Anderson? Michael J. Fox? Drake? Etc.”   However, what is perhaps less known about this national pastime of Canadian-spotting is that its focus extends […]

Calm down Trudeau haters, Tim Hortons is not a national treasure

Jan 21 2020 — Emma Teitel — Social media can be a drag but there’s no denying that it’s made a lot of remarkable things possible: it’s launched political revolutions, given a voice to the voiceless, and as we saw this week, enabled yet another incident of misplaced outrage, this one involving a Prime Minister and several boxes of doughnuts. Call it […]

Andrew Scheer can’t be tough on crime if he is soft on hate

Mar 26 2019 — Emma Teitel — The Conservative Party of Canada is “tough on crime.” Its website even has a section dedicated to this stance. Log on and behold the enormous black gavel pounding the bottom of the webpage, and right beside it, behold the capitalized phrase itself: “TOUGH ON CRIME” (in case you aren’t already convinced these guys mean business).

Meghan Markle’s baby bump has a hold on the tabloids

Jan 29 2019 — Emma Teitel — Earlier this month a visibly pregnant Meghan Markle visited a UK charity and laughed off a joke some women might not find very funny. As the Duchess made her rounds greeting everyone, an older woman shared a few kind words with Markle and then she pointed to the Duchess’ stomach. “You’re a fat lady,” she […]

So what if Justin Trudeau cries at work? That makes him human

Aug 17 2018 — Emma Teitel — We’ve come a long way, the Canadian people. Women can vote, gays can get married, Ontarians can buy beer at select supermarkets and marijuana will soon be legal and, God willing, available at a store near you. However, some of us are still eons behind schedule in one significant area. We cannot abide a man […]