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Calm down Trudeau haters, Tim Hortons is not a national treasure

Jan 21 2020 — Emma Teitel — Social media can be a drag but there’s no denying that it’s made a lot of remarkable things possible: it’s launched political revolutions, given a voice to the voiceless, and as we saw this week, enabled yet another incident of misplaced outrage, this one involving a Prime Minister and several boxes of doughnuts. Call it […]

Andrew Scheer can’t be tough on crime if he is soft on hate

Mar 26 2019 — Emma Teitel — The Conservative Party of Canada is “tough on crime.” Its website even has a section dedicated to this stance. Log on and behold the enormous black gavel pounding the bottom of the webpage, and right beside it, behold the capitalized phrase itself: “TOUGH ON CRIME” (in case you aren’t already convinced these guys mean business).

Meghan Markle’s baby bump has a hold on the tabloids

Jan 29 2019 — Emma Teitel — Earlier this month a visibly pregnant Meghan Markle visited a UK charity and laughed off a joke some women might not find very funny. As the Duchess made her rounds greeting everyone, an older woman shared a few kind words with Markle and then she pointed to the Duchess’ stomach. “You’re a fat lady,” she […]

So what if Justin Trudeau cries at work? That makes him human

Aug 17 2018 — Emma Teitel — We’ve come a long way, the Canadian people. Women can vote, gays can get married, Ontarians can buy beer at select supermarkets and marijuana will soon be legal and, God willing, available at a store near you. However, some of us are still eons behind schedule in one significant area. We cannot abide a man […]

Politicians such as Justin Trudeau need personal days, too

Jun 25 2018 — Emma Teitel — Today Prime Minister Justin Trudeau really ticked off some of his political opponents. He didn’t befriend a North Korean dictator. He didn’t cage any kids. He didn’t take any bribes. He took a personal day. The PM’s official itinerary for Monday June 25 — a statutory holiday in Quebec — reads “Personal,” as in “vacation,” […]