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Andrew Scheer can’t be tough on crime if he is soft on hate

Mar 26 2019 — Emma Teitel — The Conservative Party of Canada is “tough on crime.” Its website even has a section dedicated to this stance. Log on and behold the enormous black gavel pounding the bottom of the webpage, and right beside it, behold the capitalized phrase itself: “TOUGH ON CRIME” (in case you aren’t already convinced these guys mean business).

Meghan Markle’s baby bump has a hold on the tabloids

Jan 29 2019 — Emma Teitel — Earlier this month a visibly pregnant Meghan Markle visited a UK charity and laughed off a joke some women might not find very funny. As the Duchess made her rounds greeting everyone, an older woman shared a few kind words with Markle and then she pointed to the Duchess’ stomach. “You’re a fat lady,” she […]

So what if Justin Trudeau cries at work? That makes him human

Aug 17 2018 — Emma Teitel — We’ve come a long way, the Canadian people. Women can vote, gays can get married, Ontarians can buy beer at select supermarkets and marijuana will soon be legal and, God willing, available at a store near you. However, some of us are still eons behind schedule in one significant area. We cannot abide a man […]

Politicians such as Justin Trudeau need personal days, too

Jun 25 2018 — Emma Teitel — Today Prime Minister Justin Trudeau really ticked off some of his political opponents. He didn’t befriend a North Korean dictator. He didn’t cage any kids. He didn’t take any bribes. He took a personal day. The PM’s official itinerary for Monday June 25 — a statutory holiday in Quebec — reads “Personal,” as in “vacation,” […]

Kim Campbell’s not the enemy, she’s just a little out of touch

Feb 15 2018 — Emma Teitel — If for some reason you needed additional proof that Twitter is the most annoying place on earth, look no further than the frenzied indignation surrounding Canada’s 19th prime minister, Kim Campbell. This week, the 70-year-old former PM, a.k.a. the only woman to have held the highest office in our land, made an astoundingly unwise tweet […]

Leave sex ed to the experts, not fear-mongering politicians

Feb 14 2018 — Emma Teitel — Doug Ford, the city councillor who once dreamed of catapulting Toronto into a future of monorails and megamalls, is more interested these days in hurling his province into the past. How so? This week Ford, who is vying for the leadership of the provincial Progressive Conservative party, announced that if he is elected premier, he […]