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Kim Campbell’s not the enemy, she’s just a little out of touch

Feb 15 2018 — Emma Teitel — If for some reason you needed additional proof that Twitter is the most annoying place on earth, look no further than the frenzied indignation surrounding Canada’s 19th prime minister, Kim Campbell. This week, the 70-year-old former PM, a.k.a. the only woman to have held the highest office in our land, made an astoundingly unwise tweet […]

Leave sex ed to the experts, not fear-mongering politicians

Feb 14 2018 — Emma Teitel — Doug Ford, the city councillor who once dreamed of catapulting Toronto into a future of monorails and megamalls, is more interested these days in hurling his province into the past. How so? This week Ford, who is vying for the leadership of the provincial Progressive Conservative party, announced that if he is elected premier, he […]

Green Party invokes feminism in defence of Elizabeth May

Jan 29 2018 — Emma Teitel — Elizabeth May and Mariah Carey: Unless you’re an active member of the Green Party who counts Glitter among her favourite films, these women probably don’t spring to your mind at the same time. And yet they should. May and Carey, believe it or not, have something in common. They are two of the only high-profile […]

Laureen Harper shows an edge Canadian politics sorely lacks

Dec 21 2017 — Emma Teitel — “Tonight we’re here for homeless cats.” This was Laureen Harper’s notoriously underwhelming response in 2014 to a student activist who interrupted the former PM’s wife midspeech at a charity film festival dedicated to internet cat videos called, what else, “Just for Cats.” The activist in question wanted to know, understandably, why Harper (who was, at […]

Condemnation of sexual assaults can’t be selective

Nov 2 2017 — Emma Teitel — Alleged serial rapist Harvey Weinstein has been blacklisted by his peers and ousted from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. But there remains one very exclusive group that will have him: the Edenbridge Bonfire Society. The EBS is world famous for lighting up enormous effigies of widely loathed figures on Guy Fawkes Day, […]

How #MeToo lets any woman speak out on sexual harassment

Oct 17 2017 — Emma Teitel — Harvey Weinstein has retreated. The Hollywood mogul accused of sexually harassing and assaulting more than a dozen women in the entertainment industry is reportedly hiding out in Arizona where he will seek counselling for a supposed sex addiction. In other words, we have reached the part of this story where the monster fades from view, […]

Crosby, Penguins enjoy luxury of political indifference at White House

Oct 10 2017 — Emma Teitel — Sidney Crosby is a lucky guy. On Monday, the Stanley Cup champion told the CBC that he “grew up under the assumption” that politics “wasn’t something really bred into sports.” From his side of things, he told the broadcaster, “there’s absolutely no politics involved.” And why would there be? He quite literally has no skin […]