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Ford around and find out

Nov 9 2022 — Erica Ifill — Premier Doug Ford almost ground Ontario to a halt by trying to bludgeon a thorn in his side. In other words, Ford fucked around and found out. The Ford government attempted to shove a garbage deal down the throats of some of our more vulnerable and lowest-paid education workers, including caretakers, librarians, and early childhood […]

The Queen is gone and I’m glad her reign is over

Sep 21 2022 — Erica Ifill — London Bridge is falling down, indeed. (Fun fact, I used to live near London Bridge when I lived in England. Shoutout to SE1.) The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II is over and so is the 10-day dog-and-pony show by which the world was held hostage. Perhaps now we can tell the truth about her legacy—one […]

Solidarity should move beyond the mirror’s reflection

Aug 31 2022 — Erica Ifill — Solidarity is for white women—of a certain class. Over the weekend, a video was released showing Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland being verbally accosted by a man who looked like he had missed his weekly cowboy bath in the outhouse. What he hurled at her was nothing short of gender-based violence. I […]

Co-ordinated hate campaign thrives under complicity of silent majority

Aug 17 2022 — Erica Ifill — Women in news media are in peril, mainly due to white men. Lisa LaFlamme’s unceremonious departure from CTV News on Monday, as described by her fire-starting video, announced that she was “blindsided” by the decision. In true strong woman fashion, LaFlamme did not go quietly into the night like a good little girl, rather she […]

Liberals on collision course to entrench anti-Blackness

Jun 22 2022 — Erica Ifill — Do the Liberals choose their cabinet through varying degrees of anti-Blackness, or is that just a bonus they throw in? Given that the Toronto Police Service recently gave an apology for their systemic anti-Black racism, reporters should be asking Bill Blair what his contribution to the cause was. Nevertheless, Blair is not in my crosshairs […]

The fly in the ointment of Bill C-11

Jun 15 2022 — Erica Ifill — Is there a bill that Pablo Rodriguez has not mashed up? One would think his second time around as Heritage minister—as well as watching his colleague, Steven Guilbeault, be reduced to a political punchline after his stint at Heritage—would give him a clue. Seems like Heritage is the place where underperformers reign before failing up, […]

Time for Canada’s white establishment to pull their heads out of the sand

May 18 2022 — Erica Ifill — The Canadian White Establishment is at it again, gaslighting Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC) into disbelieving our own experiences in this country, based and built on white supremacy and the fascism of right-wing, Christian dogma. Over the weekend, a young white man live-streamed himself on Twitch murdering Black people, or what I like […]

Political bodies, our choice

May 4 2022 — Erica Ifill — Under his eye, indeed. Across the border, Republicans and conservatives alike are remaking the United States in the image of the Republic of Gilead. On Monday night, Politico broke the story of the year so far, which is that the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) is poised to overturn one of the most […]

Those who can’t hear, must feel

Feb 9 2022 — Erica Ifill — It’s so rare for political pundits to be right—just look at Stephen Maher. Or John Ibbitson. Or Jesse Brown. Or Jen Gerson. But I can assure you that this is not the case for yours truly. I’ve been telling y’all. We are now into Day 12 of the “Freedom Convoy,” which has turned into an […]

Cowardly Canadian leaders point fingers at the unvaccinated

Jan 19 2022 — Erica Ifill — Imagine a Black woman who writes about, and advocates against, inequities, who rails against injustice, with an emphasis on the Black experience siding with the anti-vaxxers she cussed only a few months prior. But here we are. Politics makes for strange bedfellows. On Jan. 11, Quebec Premier François Legault announced a tax on the unvaccinated […]

Vaccine apartheid spreading the same strain of racism

Dec 1 2021 — Erica Ifill — Tell me anti-blackness is global without telling me anti-blackness is global. On Nov. 26, researchers in South Africa detected a new addition to the coronavirus family, a variant named omicron (B.1.1.529). It was first detected in Botswana but identified by South African researchers, after a rapid spike in cases in the city of Pretoria. In […]

Fergus’ snub shows that for Black faces, the work is never enough

Oct 27 2021 — Erica Ifill — Imagine being in the Liberal Party and thinking you’re absolved of white supremacy because you have a Black friend (or you adopted an Indigenous child, *cough* Chrétien). That Black friend is Greg Fergus, and like every model minority, he’s made no waves, kept his head down, and has done the work, expecting it would speak […]

Canada isn’t ready for what comes next

Sep 15 2021 — Erica Ifill — We’re coming down the homestretch of this god-awful election and evidently the PPC aren’t the only ones with white male rage; Erin O’Toole and Justin Trudeau have turned particularly nasty, as both the gloves and the masks come off. This election has been particularly silent on intersectional feminist issues. There has been little to no […]