National Newswatch

Senate cleansing is under way, and overdue

May 3 2016 — Errol P. Mendes — Mike Duffy may return to the Senate this week as a legislator with his full rights and privileges. He may even ask for repayment of his suspended pay, arguing that a judge ruled that he did nothing criminally wrong when acquitting him of 31 charges of fraud, breach of trust and bribery. No doubt many […]

Harper playing dangerous game with Senate

Jul 26 2015 — Errol P. Mendes — On Friday, Prime Minister Harper started playing Russian roulette with one of the founding institutions of the Canadian Constitutional order, the Senate. He promised not to recommend to the Governor General any more Senate appointments daring the provinces to either agree to reforming the Senate or in the absence of such agreement to have it […]

Bill C-51 threatens to sacrifice liberty for security

Feb 26 2015 — Errol P. Mendes — Four former Canadian prime ministers (including a Conservative) and five former Supreme Court justices have warned Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper that protecting the security of Canadians and their most important freedoms is not a zero sum game. In their own words criticizing his anti-terrorism legislation, Bill C-51, they warn: “Protecting human rights and protecting […]

How partisan Conservative ads undermine the rule of law

Dec 22 2014 — Errol P. Mendes — In what country does a government take tax revenues and use it to pump out continuous government propaganda that tries to brainwash the citizens with its performance, whether truthful or not? Many would suggest China, Russia or even Zimbabwe. Sadly, it is also true in the Canada governed by the Stephen Harper Conservatives.

The Constitutional Dangers in the Senate Reform and Nadon Debacles

Mar 30 2014 — Errol P. Mendes — The controversy over the Senate reform proposals by the Harper government and the recent historically embarrassing ruling for Harper in the Supreme Court over the appointment of Justice Marc Nadon are raising serious concerns about the Conservative government’s respect for the essential features of Canada’s constitutional order. The Senate reform proposals by the Harper government […]