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Security tightened for eight cabinet ministers and Theresa Tam before convoy protest arrived

Nov 23 2022 — Elizabeth Thompson — The RCMP increased security for eight cabinet ministers and Canada’s chief public health officer Dr. Theresa Tam in the days leading up to the convoy protest’s arrival in Ottawa, according to documents tabled by the inquiry examining the government’s handling of the protest. It’s not clear from the documents what exactly prompted the heightened security […]

FBI provided support to Ottawa police during convoy protest

Oct 27 2022 — Elizabeth Thompson — The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation provided support to the Ottawa Police Service (OPS) as it struggled to deal with the truck convoy protest that paralyzed the nation’s capital last winter, according to a document tabled before the public inquiry investigating the federal government’s response to the protest. Confidential minutes of the Ottawa Police Services […]

It now takes a year on average for CRA to audit small businesses

Oct 13 2022 — Elizabeth Thompson — Small and medium-sized businesses selected by the Canada Revenue Agency for audits are waiting longer to see those audits completed — something business groups say causes unnecessary stress for owners of small businesses across Canada. Documents tabled in Parliament show it now takes the CRA almost a year on average to conduct an audit of […]

Nearly a third of government information access requests aren’t answered in time, watchdog says

Oct 5 2022 — Elizabeth Thompson — Nearly a third of federal access to information requests aren’t being responded to within the timelines provided for in law and the problem is getting worse, Canada’s access to information watchdog told members of Parliament Wednesday. Testifying before the House of Commons committee on access to information, privacy and ethics, Information Commissioner Caroline Maynard said […]

Convoy donors gave more than $460K to CPC leadership race — and many were first-time federal donors

Sep 16 2022 — Elizabeth Thompson — Most of the convoy donors’ leadership campaign donations went to Pierre Poilievre. Canadians who donated to the Ottawa convoy protest contributed more than $460,000 to Conservative leadership candidates — and many of them were donating to a federal political party for the first time — an analysis by CBC News shows. A comparison of donations […]

A federal regulatory blunder could affect an unknown number of drug cases

Aug 19 2022 — Elizabeth Thompson — Hundreds of drug cases before Canadian courts could be affected by a mistake made by the federal government when it updated Canada’s drug laws and legalized cannabis several years ago, CBC has learned. The government and police are downplaying the potential impact of the error. They maintain it has not affected any drug investigations and […]

Many federal government employees balking at returning to offices

Aug 7 2022 — Elizabeth Thompson — The federal government is facing pushback from employees reluctant to return to government offices after more than two years working from home. Online forums for public servants have exploded in recent weeks with comments about the prospect of returning to offices, with employees comparing notes on the hybrid work plans each department is planning to […]

Do more to counter violent extremism in Canada, MPs recommend

Jun 30 2022 — Elizabeth Thompson — The federal government has to do more to counter the threat of ideologically motivated violent extremism in Canada, including strengthening terrorist financing laws to counter it, the House of Commons public safety committee has recommended. In a report tabled before the House of Commons rose for the summer, the committee also recommended the federal government […]

Almost 100,000 students to get break on CERB repayments

Jun 24 2022 — Elizabeth Thompson — Nearly 100,000 students asked to repay CERB benefits they claimed during the COVID-19 pandemic could soon get a break. Under an order in council, adopted without fanfare earlier this month, students will be able to deduct the amount they could have collected under the COVID aid program for students, from the amount of CERB benefits […]

Disinformation, foreign interference threatening Canada’s electoral system, elections watchdog warns

Jun 22 2022 — Elizabeth Thompson — Disinformation and foreign interference are two of the biggest threats facing Canada’s electoral system and it will take everyone working together to counter them, says Canada’s chief election watchdog. Speaking in an interview with CBC News to mark the end of his 10-year term as Commissioner of Canada Elections, Yves Côté said online disinformation is […]

Border mayors call on federal government to scrap the ArriveCAN app

Jun 15 2022 — Elizabeth Thompson — A group of mayors and businesses in communities along the Canada-U.S. border is calling on the federal government to end the ArriveCAN app, saying it is discouraging Americans from visiting and shopping in Canada. Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley said the app has been a disaster and is no longer needed. “When you’re riding a dead […]

Opposition MPs call for more transparency about secret orders-in-council

Jun 2 2022 — Elizabeth Thompson — Opposition MPs are calling on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to be more transparent about secret orders-in-council his government has adopted. New Democratic Party Leader Jagmeet Singh said a lack of transparency erodes trust in government institutions. He said the national security exemption for keeping such orders-in-council secret should be used judiciously. “What we’re seeing now […]