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Experts alarmed as recipes for homemade hand sanitizer proliferate online

Mar 26 2020 — Elizabeth Thompson — Recipes for homemade hand sanitizer concoctions have been multiplying online but experts are warning that many of the DIY solutions are ineffective — even harmful. “You don’t want anyone making up their homemade hand sanitizers that might have a component that’s going to lead to some kind of toxic reaction on their hands,” said Dr. […]

How the federal government can fast-track medical supplies in a crisis

Mar 18 2020 — Elizabeth Thompson — The federal government can bypass the normal tendering process for goods and services to deal with the COVID-19 crisis — but that power has to be used carefully, says one of Canada’s top experts in procurement law. Lawyer Paul Emanuelli, managing director of The Procurement Office, which advises several governments and agencies on the laws […]

U.S. tax rules raising the stakes for Canadian residents with American citizenship

Mar 3 2020 — Elizabeth Thompson — Many Canadian residents with U.S. citizenship could risk fines or the closure of their banking or investment accounts in the coming months if they don’t provide financial institutions with U.S. identification numbers, officials warn. Experts say that in some cases, financial institutions may close accounts rather than face fines for not providing U.S. social security […]

Government asking for an extra $2.1 billion for Indigenous programs

Feb 21 2020 — Elizabeth Thompson — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government is asking Parliament to spend an additional $2.1 billion on Indigenous programs and initiatives, above and beyond what MPs already have approved. While $2 billion of the proposed spending for Indigenous services would be new money, supplementary estimates tabled in Parliament show that more than $53 million in net transfers […]

Rail blockades could affect vote to change citizenship oath: Conservative critic

Feb 17 2020 — Elizabeth Thompson — Blockades by Indigenous protesters will make it harder for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government to adopt planned legislation to add respect for First Nations treaties to Canada’s citizenship oath, says Conservative immigration critic Peter Kent. “It will be difficult to engage in debate of this piece of legislation without the shadow of this week’s illegal […]

NDP used voters list to get private addresses for Christmas cards

Dec 17 2019 — Elizabeth Thompson — The New Democratic Party dipped into Canada’s election voters list to send Christmas cards from party leader Jagmeet Singh to dozens of home addresses. “That should never have happened,” said NDP spokesman George Soule. The party was alerted to the problem earlier this week after Christmas cards from Singh began to arrive at the home […]

RCMP not planning to reimburse cost of stay on Aga Khan’s island

Dec 16 2019 — Elizabeth Thompson — The Royal Canadian Mounted Police do not plan to reimburse the more than $56,000 in expenses its officers racked up for meals, accommodation and Jet Ski rentals during Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s controversial vacation on the Aga Khan’s private island in the Caribbean, CBC News has learned. The RCMP says it made “numerous” attempts to […]