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Transport minister rejects call to rename Trudeau airport

Mar 2 2021 — Elizabeth Thompson — Federal Transport Minister Omar Alghabra’s office says the government has no plans to change the name of Montreal’s airport, despite an online petition calling for the removal of Pierre Trudeau’s name. “Our government’s priority remains the health and safety of Quebecers and all Canadians during these difficult times, and that is exactly what we are […]

Online hate speech could result in attacks on politicians, MP Angus warns

Feb 11 2021 — Elizabeth Thompson — A Canadian politician could end up being physically attacked or killed if nothing more is done to deal with the rise in hateful comments online, NDP MP Charlie Angus warned today. Speaking during a panel discussion, Angus said incidents like the security incident outside the prime minister’s residence last summer, an attempt by a citizen […]

U.S. technology company Clearview AI violated Canadian privacy law: report

Feb 3 2021 — Elizabeth Thompson — American technology firm Clearview AI violated Canadian privacy laws by collecting photos of Canadians without their knowledge or consent, an investigation by four of Canada’s privacy commissioner has found. The report found that Clearview’s technology created a significant risk to individuals by allowing law enforcement and companies to match photos against its database of more […]

Facebook calls on Canadian government to set social media rules

Jan 29 2021 — Elizabeth Thompson — Facebook says it would welcome increased regulation by the Canadian government, including rules for what kind of content should — or should not — be allowed on social media platforms. In an interview with CBC News, Kevin Chan, global director and head of public policy for Facebook Canada, said Parliament should make clear what kinds […]

Dozens of airline passengers in Canada hit with fines, warning letters for refusing to wear a mask

Dec 22 2020 — Elizabeth Thompson — More incidents involved Alberta than any other province: Transport Canada data. Dozens of passengers on Canadian airlines have been slapped with fines or warning letters by Transport Canada in recent months for refusing to wear a mask on board a flight, with more incidents involving Alberta airports than any other province. A review of Transport […]

Trudeau government won’t say who got billions of dollars in aid

Dec 7 2020 — Elizabeth Thompson — When Justin Trudeau ran for office in 2015, he promised Canadians a more open and transparent government. An investigation by CBC News reveals, however, that the Trudeau government hasn’t been entirely transparent about where COVID-19 aid worth billions of dollars has gone. While the government has made available high-level aggregate spending statistics, or estimates of […]

Rangers group facing probe over reservist’s far-right ties cited role in watching for ‘illegal immigrants’

Sep 9 2020 — Elizabeth Thompson — A Canadian Ranger group under investigation over ties between one of its members and two far-right militia groups has advertised on its website for years that part of its mission is to guard Canada against illegal immigration. One expert says that language on immigration mirrors the messaging of far-right organizations and could reinforce interest in […]

Victims of CRA hackers vulnerable to other cyberattacks: experts

Aug 18 2020 — Elizabeth Thompson — Thousands of Canadians affected by recent cyberattacks on the Canada Revenue Agency and federal government computer systems could be vulnerable to other attacks, warn cybersecurity and privacy experts. “They have to be very scared if they have another account with the same password,” said Ali Ghorbani, director of the Canadian Institute for Cybersecurity at the […]

COVID Alert app could result in some people being ID’d

Aug 5 2020 — Elizabeth Thompson — The federal government’s new COVID Alert app doesn’t offer 100 per cent privacy and could allow some who test positive for the coronavirus to be identified, particularly those who live in small communities or who don’t interact with many people. When the government unveiled the app on Friday, it stressed that users’ privacy is protected […]