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Convoy protest received large number of donations from abroad

Feb 10 2022 — Elizabeth Thompson — Hundreds of the GoFundMe donations to the truck convoy protest came from donors who said they were located outside of Canada, according to an analysis of data collected by CBC News. The analysis of a sample of more than 6,600 comments made on the GoFundMe crowdfunding page before it was shut down shows that 573 […]

GoFundMe pauses anti-vaccine mandate protest fundraiser

Feb 2 2022 — Elizabeth Thompson — The popular crowdfunding site GoFundMe has paused a multi-million dollar fundraiser for the convoy protest now tying Ottawa in knots, saying it wants to ensure that the fundraiser complies with its terms of service. Late Wednesday afternoon, a notice suddenly popped up on the “Freedom Convoy 2022” fundraising page. “This fundraiser is currently paused and […]

Critics call for new rules for online fundraisers after protest convoy takes anonymous donations

Jan 29 2022 — Elizabeth Thompson — Critics are calling on the federal government to introduce new rules for online fundraising campaigns after a fundraiser for this weekend’s protest in Ottawa against vaccine mandates raised millions of dollars — in part from anonymous donors and people using fictitious names. Green Party parliamentary leader Elizabeth May said the GoFundMe fundraiser for the protest […]

Hundreds of air passengers flouted in-flight mask rules in 2021

Jan 17 2022 — Elizabeth Thompson — More than 1,700 passengers refused to wear masks during flights on Canadian air carriers last year — a problem the union representing many of Canada’s flight attendants says is getting worse. Figures collected by Transport Canada show that 959 of those cases resulted in enforcement action, ranging from warning letters to fines. Airlines like Air […]

Protecting Prince Harry cost Canadians more than $334,000

Dec 8 2021 — Elizabeth Thompson — Protecting Prince Harry and his family during visits to Canada cost Canadian taxpayers more than $334,000 over a period of less than four years, CBC News has learned. Records obtained by CBC News from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police under the Access to Information Act show that security related to Harry’s visits between April 1, […]

Online offers of fake documents show it’s time for a national vaccination passport: NDP critic

Oct 2 2021 — Elizabeth Thompson — NDP MP Don Davies is calling on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government to act quickly to introduce a single, secure, national proof of vaccination after CBC News reported that cybercriminals are offering to sell fake Canadian provincial vaccination certificates online. “If the federal government hurried up with a national vaccine passport, it would cut down […]

Cybercriminals are offering to sell fake Canadian COVID-19 vaccination certificates online

Oct 1 2021 — Elizabeth Thompson — As provinces and employers across Canada increase restrictions on the unvaccinated or introduce vaccine passports, cybercriminals are attempting to cash in by offering fake vaccination certificates for sale online. Sellers are offering phoney proof-of-vaccination documents for several provinces that apparently look just like the real thing. Some of them even claim to be able to […]

Full story of SNC-Lavalin affair still to be told: Wilson-Raybould

Sep 11 2021 — Elizabeth Thompson — The full story of what happened in the SNC-Lavalin affair has yet to be told, says former Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould in a scathing new book recounting her time in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government. In “Indian in the Cabinet, Speaking Truth to Power,” Wilson Raybould suggests that while the Trudeau government has considered the […]

Protests dogging Trudeau on the campaign trail are being loosely organized online

Sep 2 2021 — Elizabeth Thompson — It’s something almost as old as elections themselves. Demonstrators show up at political leaders election campaign events, chanting and holding signs. Often, the protests are organized by existing interest groups or political opponents. While they make a lot of noise, they are predictable. But many of the protests following Prime Minister Justin Trudeau around during […]