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Erin O’Toole’s Grade 8 vision: become PM

Aug 19 2021 — Fatima Syed — I hesitate to say the word “yearbook” out loud in the middle of a Canadian federal election but bear with me: this is the story of a Grade 8 student in Port Perry, Ont., who decided his “probable fate” was to become prime minister of Canada and sealed this wish in a yearbook. In the […]

Catherine McKenna on her legacy, her future and what it was like battling conservative premiers

Jul 8 2021 — Fatima Syed — Catherine McKenna’s most memorable moment as environment minister happened in August 2019 during a visit to the Northwest Territories — more than 2,840 kilometres away from Ottawa. It was August 2019 and McKenna was touring the newly announced Thaidene Nëné National Park, 14,000 square kilometres of wilderness that would be protected in partnership between the […]

Notes for next time from a Covid hot spot

May 12 2021 — Fatima Syed — WE ARE ALL VACCINE HUNTERS NOW — Around the time the Canadian government was celebrating that it had procured the most vaccine doses per person in the world, I was speaking to an essential worker who didn’t know how she’d get one.

In Saskatchewan, students learn about climate change through an oil and gas filter: report

Oct 25 2019 — Fatima Syed — For Saskatchewan’s oil and gas industry, the next stop is schools. Public education in Saskatchewan has become a key tool in securing the “hegemony” of the oil and gas industry and “obstructing” the transition to a low-carbon economy, a study has found. The September 2019 report titled “Petro-pedagogy: fossil fuel interests and the obstruction of […]

Memes, fake news and partisan ads: Disinformation’s role in the 2019 Canadian election

Oct 21 2019 — Fatima Syed — Before Canada’s 43rd election officially began, alarms were raised about the consequences of online disinformation and foreign influence. The influence of targeted online campaigns filled with hoaxes and rumours had a significant impact on the 2016 U.S. presidential election, the 2017 French presidential vote, the 2018 Brazilian national election and the events leading up to […]

Doug Ford broke law when he cut cap and trade, Ontario court finds

Oct 11 2019 — Fatima Syed — Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s government broke the law by not holding public consultations before it scrapped the province’s cap and trade program, an Ontario court has found. Two of three Ontario Superior Court judges determined that the Ford government acted illegally when it killed the province’s cap-and-trade carbon price without doing public consultation with Ontarians […]

Doug Ford government sues privacy commissioner to block release of cabinet letters

Aug 21 2019 — Fatima Syed — The Doug Ford government is suing the office that preserves public sector transparency in an effort to block the release of documents outlining Ford’s expectations for each cabinet minister. Brian Beamish, Ontario’s information and privacy commissioner (IPC), said his office, which upholds and promotes open government and the protection of personal privacy in Ontario, had […]

Liberals get passing grade on restoring environment protections

Aug 8 2019 — Fatima Syed — Environmental groups have given Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government a passing grade on its efforts to restore protections to Canada’s natural habitats, which the Liberals say are in jeopardy if the Conservatives return to power following this fall’s federal election. Nature Canada has created a report card — in consultation with Freshwater Alliance and other […]

Doug Ford loses carbon tax court battle with Trudeau

Jun 28 2019 — Fatima Syed — Ontario’s Court of Appeal followed its Saskatchewan counterpart in deeming the federal price on pollution constitutional, in another blow to Conservative premiers challenging the levy across the country. In a 4-1 ruling on Friday, the Ontario court concluded that the federal carbon tax is within the government’s Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act is within Parliament’s […]