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Senior civilian Mountie rebukes RCMP Commissioner for ‘appalling’ behaviour

Jun 29 2022 — Robert Fife and Steven Chase — A senior civilian Mountie sent a strongly worded letter to RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki last year, accusing her of bowing to political pressure and displaying “unprofessional and extremely belittling” behaviour to officers investigating the worst mass shooting in Canadian history. The Mass Casualty Commission, which is conducting an inquiry into the April, 2020, killing of […]

Former RCMP commissioner defends Mountie behind Brenda Lucki allegations

Jun 22 2022 — Robert Fife and Steven Chase — Former RCMP commissioner Bob Paulson and other retired Mounties are defending the integrity of Superintendent Darren Campbell, who has alleged that current Commissioner Brenda Lucki interfered in the investigation of the largest mass shooting in Canadian history to help the Liberal government’s gun-control agenda. Emergencies Preparedness Minister Bill Blair doesn’t accept Supt. Campbell’s written account […]

Mélanie Joly’s office knew that senior official would be at Russian embassy party

Jun 14 2022 — Robert Fife and Steven Chase — The office of Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly knew a senior department official would be attending a party at the Russian embassy in Ottawa last Friday and was pressed to apologize by the Prime Minister’s Office. Two senior government sources said Ms. Joly’s office was informed before the party that Yasemin Heinbecker, Global Affairs’ deputy […]

Dominic Barton tapped to advise Canada on Indo-Pacific strategy

Jun 10 2022 — Robert Fife and Steven Chase — Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly has recruited an Indo-Pacific advisory committee that includes several pro-China advocates, among them Dominic Barton, Canada’s former ambassador to Beijing. Mr. Barton resigned from his diplomatic role in December and is now chair of Rio Tinto, an Australian mining conglomerate that does half of its business in China. As Canadian […]

Canadian universities still partnering with Huawei despite 5G ban over security

Jun 9 2022 — Robert Fife and Steven Chase — Leading Canadian universities say they intend to continue research and development with Huawei Technologies Co. – which reaps intellectual property from the partnerships – after Ottawa’s decision to ban the Chinese telecommunications giant from 5G wireless networks over national-security concerns. When the Trudeau government announced on May 19 that it would bar Huawei from selling […]

Trudeau heads to Europe for talks on Ukraine and Russian disinformation

Mar 4 2022 — Robert Fife and Steven Chase — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is heading to Europe for talks with continental leaders about Russia’s brutal war of aggression in Ukraine, and to discuss how the West can counter Kremlin disinformation. Mr. Trudeau announced Friday that he will leave Sunday to travel to London, Berlin, Warsaw and Riga. Several hundred Canadian soldiers are stationed near […]

Canada to send rocket launchers to Ukraine, streamline immigration for refugees

Mar 3 2022 — Robert Fife and Steven Chase — Canada has slapped a massive tariff on Russian imports, announced a shipment of rocket launchers to Ukraine and unveiled a streamlined immigration process for Ukrainians fleeing Moscow’s military assault. It will still require Ukrainians seeking to flee here to undergo a visa-application process because the program’s security check could weed out pro-Kremlin Ukrainian citizens who […]

Canadians should brace for economic collateral damage as sanctions mount, Chrystia Freeland says

Mar 1 2022 — Robert Fife and Steven Chase — Canada will expand its Russia sanctions to target more Putin-friendly oligarchs and businesses, but Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland warns Canadians there will be an economic price for these punitive measures in support of Ukraine. “I have to be honest with Canadians that there could be some collateral damage in Canada,” Ms. Freeland told reporters […]

U.S. wants Canada to share travel information on convicted child sex offenders

Feb 2 2022 — Robert Fife and Steven Chase — The U.S. government says it’s frustrated that Ottawa refuses to routinely notify Washington when Canadians convicted of sexual offences against children travel to the United States, noting that it alerts Canada when the same class of American offenders are heading here. The Americans say Canada cites federal privacy law as the reason. The United States […]

Canadian spycraft at risk if documents released on scientists’ firing, ex-national security adviser warns

Jan 21 2022 — Robert Fife and Steven Chase — eleasing classified information on the firing of two scientists from Canada’s top-security infectious-diseases laboratory could reveal intelligence-gathering tradecraft, says the former civil servant who oversaw the file. Vincent Rigby, who retired in September as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s national security adviser, said parliamentarians should be able to read secret documents that shed light on the […]

Canada’s cyberspy agency warns of Russian cyberattacks on critical infrastructure

Jan 20 2022 — Robert Fife and Steven Chase — Canada’s cyberspy agency is warning of Moscow-backed cyberattacks on Canadian critical infrastructure as Western countries prepare economic sanctions in the growing expectation that Russia will invade Ukraine. The Canadian Centre for Cyber Security joined its counterparts in the United States and United Kingdom on Thursday in urging Canadian companies, such as electrical utilities and energy […]

Mobile hospitals Ottawa spent $300-million on sit in storage while Omicron strains Canada’s health system

Jan 14 2022 — Robert Fife and Steven Chase — Ottawa allocated $300-million at the beginning of the pandemic for the construction of 15 mobile hospitals, but only four 100-bed units have been completed and they are sitting in storage despite the strain on hospitals caused by Omicron across the country. The federal government gave a sole-sourced contract of up to $150-million to a joint […]