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Digital Government Minister distances herself from online account that promoted fundraiser to sue journalist

May 26 2020 — Robert Fife and Steven Chase — The Trudeau minister responsible for digital government is distancing herself from a fundraising pitch on one of her internet communication channels that was soliciting money to sue a Canadian journalist. A spokeswoman for Vancouver-Quadra MP Joyce Murray said this particular posting in a group her staff runs on Chinese language social media platform WeChat is […]

Conservatives call on Canada to organize international coalition to protect Hong Kong

May 25 2020 — Robert Fife and Steven Chase — Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is urging the Canadian government to build an international coalition and use the threat of sanctions against China’s authoritarian rulers to push back against Beijing’s efforts to tighten control over Hong Kong. Mr. Scheer alleged during the House of Commons Question Period that Prime Minister Trudeau has adopted a “policy of […]

Trudeau says Ottawa undecided on whether to block Huawei from 5G networks

May 25 2020 — Robert Fife and Steven Chase — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is staying mum on whether his government might join other allies in banning or restricting Chinese telecom giant Huawei Technologies from supplying gear for next-generation 5G wireless networks. Canada remains one of two members of the Five Eyes intelligence-pooling alliance – which includes the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Britain […]

Trudeau, allies condemn China’s move to impose a new national security law on Hong Kong

May 22 2020 — Robert Fife and Steven Chase — Canada and western allies have strongly condemned China’s authoritarian leaders for planning to impose a harsh national security law that would ban “treason, secession, sedition and subversion” in Hong Kong – a move seen as a major blow to the city’s cherished freedoms. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who has been reluctant to be overtly critical […]

China ramps up bullying and intimidation tactics in Canada: report

May 12 2020 — Robert Fife and Steven Chase — Chinese diplomats and supporters of the Communist Party of China are increasingly resorting to “threats, bullying and harassment” to intimidate and silence activists in Canada, including those raising concerns about democracy and civil rights in Hong Kong and Beijing’s mistreatment of Uyghurs, Tibetans and Falun Gong practitioners, a new report says. A coalition of human-rights […]

Taxpayers spend $2.5-million for reconstruction of guest cottage at PM’s Harrington Lake retreat

May 7 2020 — Robert Fife and Steven Chase — A federal agency relocated an abandoned and rundown building at the Prime Minister’s Harrington Lake retreat in Quebec’s Gatineau Hills and rebuilt it into a $2.5-million lakeside mansion for friends of prime ministers or visiting dignitaries. The “Caretaker’s House” originally built in 1850, has been renamed the “Farmhouse,” and is currently being used by the […]

Top White House official lays out U.S. case for banning Huawei from Canada’s 5G network

Mar 10 2020 — Robert Fife and Steven Chase — The White House official spearheading the U.S. campaign to bar Huawei Technologies from Western 5G networks shared highly classified information with Canadian officials Monday about cyber-risks from the Chinese telecom’s gear, including “backdoors” that compromise national security and user data, sources involved in the Ottawa talks say. Robert Blair, deputy White House chief of staff […]

U.S. sends top adviser to warn Ottawa against Huawei 5G networks

Mar 9 2020 — Robert Fife and Steven Chase — U.S. President Donald Trump is dispatching his point man on Huawei Technologies to Ottawa Monday to press the Trudeau government on barring the Chinese telecom giant from next-generation 5G wireless networks in Canada. Robert Blair, White House special representative for international telecommunications, will be laying out U.S. national-security objections over Huawei’s 5G wireless gear in […]

U.S. Senator says Congress will cut off intelligence sharing with Canada if it approves Huawei 5G

Feb 13 2020 — Robert Fife and Steven Chase — An influential Republican U.S. senator is warning Canada that Washington could stop sharing valuable intelligence information if Ottawa allows China’s Huawei Technologies Co. to supply gear for next-generation 5G networks. Rick Scott, who sits on the armed services and homeland security committees, told The Globe and Mail Thursday that Congress is serious about denying sensitive […]

Canada’s military wants Ottawa to ban Huawei from 5G

Feb 10 2020 — Robert Fife and Steven Chase — Canada’s military wants the federal government to ban Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. from supplying equipment for the next generation of wireless infrastructure, according to a senior Canadian official with knowledge of the matter. National security agencies, the military and the Department of Innovation are conducting a cybersecurity review to determine whether Huawei’s […]

Liberal government says it played no role in SNC-Lavalin court settlement

Dec 19 2019 — Robert Fife and Steven Chase — The Liberal government says it played no role in the settlement of criminal charges against SNC-Lavalin 10 months after a political scandal over the prosecution of the Montreal engineering giant ensnared Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his inner circle. The Prime Minister defended his conduct Wednesday while acknowledging he could have handled the SNC-Lavalin file […]

Ottawa urged to sanction Chinese and Hong Kong officials implicated in human rights abuses

Dec 9 2019 — Robert Fife and Steven Chase — The federal government faces increasing pressure to enact sanctions against officials in Hong Kong and mainland China who are responsible for human rights violations, despite threats of retaliation from China’s envoy to Canada. The pro-democracy group Canadian Friends of Hong Kong plans to send a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Monday urging the […]