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‘I think she’s better than that’: Jagmeet Singh takes back Saudi oil comments, takes aim at Notley

Aug 13 2018 — Maura Forrest — Federal NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh is hitting back at Rachel Notley after coming under scathing criticism from the Alberta premier last week for comments he made about oil imports from Saudi Arabia. “I know that Premier Notley’s in a tough political fight. But I’ve always felt and I believe that personal attacks are beneath her,” […]

Canadians, not Mexicans, represent largest number of visa overstays in the U.S., according to Department of Homeland Security

Aug 9 2018 — Maura Forrest — U.S. President Donald Trump may want to build a wall along the Mexican border, but, in recent years, studies suggest the majority of unauthorized immigrants settling in the U.S. have arrived legally — not by crossing the border unlawfully. And according to a new U.S. government report, the largest group of people who enter the […]

Changes would be ‘disastrous’ for ‘have-nots’: N.B. premier criticizes calls for equalization reform

Jun 27 2018 — Maura Forrest — New Brunswick Premier Brian Gallant is pushing back against calls from Alberta and Saskatchewan to reform Canada’s equalization program, saying changes to the formula would be “disastrous” for his province and others. “Every province has benefited at one point from equalization… which means that it is a program that has helped all provinces and all […]

Federal carbon tax could ‘degrade’ Canadian fishing industry’s competitiveness, says memo

May 21 2018 — Maura Forrest — The federal government’s carbon tax could take a toll on Canada’s fishing industry, causing its competitiveness to “degrade relative to other nations,” according to an analysis from the fisheries department. Ottawa’s plans to curb greenhouse-gas emissions, through carbon pricing and other measures, could also make some energy-intensive fishing techniques non-competitive, according to a 2016 internal […]

As Conservatives call for more carbon tax data, Ottawa delivers analyses — but only to the territories

Apr 17 2018 — Maura Forrest — Amid criticism from the Conservatives that it has failed to provide enough information about the possible impacts of a price on carbon, the federal government has prepared analyses of how much its carbon tax would cut emissions and increase costs — but it has prepared them only for the three territorial governments. The analyses were […]

400 bottles of wine on the plane: Federal politicians have access to limitless alcohol on government flights

Jan 30 2018 — Maura Forrest — Long flights can be gruelling, but those travelling on official government planes have limitless alcohol to take the edge off. Between December 2016 and December 2017, passengers aboard government aircraft consumed 401 bottles of wine, 584 cans of beer and five 250-millilitre bottles of vodka, at a total cost of $8,179. The numbers were provided […]

Islamophobia won’t be the central focus of parliamentary committee’s M-103 report, sources say

Jan 24 2018 — Maura Forrest — The parliamentary committee tasked with preparing a report on racism and religious discrimination as required by M-103, the Liberal government’s controversial anti-Islamophobia motion, is about to make its recommendations public. But after months of debate over the definition of Islamophobia and the use of the term in a motion intended to address all forms of […]