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Trudeau’s climate dilemma

Feb 3 2020 — Maura Forrest — When Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau came to power in 2015, he promised a grand bargain: his Liberal government would fight climate change with a carbon tax, but would also get Canadian oil to new markets in Asia. One would buy the social license for the other. As bargains go, it didn’t have the desired […]

What can Justin Trudeau learn from the Harper and Martin minority governments?

Oct 30 2019 — Maura Forrest — During his first press conference after last week’s election, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pledged that his Liberal minority government would work with the opposition. “Canadians sent a clear message across the election of multiple parties that affordability and the fight against climate change are really clear priorities that they want this Parliament to work on,” […]

Federal NDP’s proposed ‘super-wealth tax’ could raise $70B over 10 years, budget watchdog finds

Sep 10 2019 — Maura Forrest — The NDP’s proposed wealth tax, a centrepiece of the party’s election platform, could raise nearly $70 billion over the next 10 years, Canada’s budget watchdog has found. The “super-wealth tax,” as the NDP is calling it, is similar to an idea promoted by U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren, and is part of the NDP’s […]

Ethics watchdog says he was denied access to evidence in SNC-Lavalin affair

Aug 14 2019 — Maura Forrest — Canada’s ethics watchdog says he was hampered in his investigation of the SNC-Lavalin affair by a decision of senior government officials to withhold information relevant to the case. In a scathing rebuke near the beginning of his 63-page report, released Wednesday morning, ethics commissioner Mario Dion detailed how he fought to access confidential information related […]

‘Unprincipled intrusion’: Alberta files legal arguments against federal carbon tax

Aug 3 2019 — Maura Forrest — The Alberta government has filed legal arguments in its constitutional challenge of the federal carbon tax, arguing Ottawa should not be granted new power to regulate greenhouse-gas emissions in the provinces. Alberta’s factum, filed in the provincial Court of Appeal on Friday, responds directly to recent decisions from appellate courts in Saskatchewan and Ontario upholding […]

There’s a debate over Canada’s new definition of anti-Semitism, and it might sound strangely familiar

Jun 28 2019 — Maura Forrest — You could be forgiven for having missed the fact that Canada has adopted a formal definition of anti-Semitism. It was included as part of the government’s new anti-racism strategy, announced by Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez earlier this week, in a list of terminology toward the end. “Anti-Semitism is a certain perception of Jews, which may […]

Well-known former imam wins Liberal nomination in Montreal riding, becoming its first non-Italian nominee

May 28 2019 — Maura Forrest — A former imam who gained international attention for speaking at a funeral for victims of the Quebec City mosque shooting has won the Liberal nomination in the Montreal riding of Saint-Léonard—Saint-Michel, the first time the party has nominated a non-Italian in the Liberal stronghold. Hassan Guillet said the Liberals were reluctant to have him run […]

One week after losing Vancouver Island seat to Green Party, NDP’s Singh changes tune, says he opposes fracking

May 13 2019 — Maura Forrest — In an about-face coming a week after his party lost a Vancouver Island seat to the Green Party, federal NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh says he doesn’t support fracking and has concerns about a major liquefied natural gas project in British Columbia. Singh, who has previously voiced support for LNG Canada’s $40-billion natural gas export facility […]

Tory immigration critic Michelle Rempel aims for middle ground between Liberals and Bernier

May 2 2019 — Maura Forrest — Conservative immigration critic Michelle Rempel told reporters on Thursday that she wants Canada’s immigration system to run “seamlessly, quietly and efficiently,” as she tried to build a narrative that the Tories will deliver a common-sense approach to immigration in the face of polarizing rhetoric from the left and the far right. It was the latest […]