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What we learned from that, uh, debate

Sep 30 2020 — Maura Forrest — ABOUT LAST NIGHT: “Most Canadians are going to feel grateful that they live in this country,” Don Abelson, an expert in Canada-U.S. relations at St. Francis Xavier University, told Corridors in the minutes after last night’s debate. “At least we have the good sense of allowing our opponents to speak.” Amid 90 minutes of theater, […]

Parliament is back … Now what?

Sep 23 2020 — Maura Forrest — Let’s get the obligatory election speculation out of the way. After revealing their new roadmap in today’s Speech from the Throne, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals must survive a confidence vote on its contents, though no one seems keen to go to the polls (except maybe the Bloc Québécois?). According to the prime minister, it would be […]

Ottawa poised to run PPE flight out of China every day

Apr 24 2020 — Maura Forrest — Ottawa is getting ready to run one flight of medical supplies out of China every day, a parliamentary committee on government operations was told on Friday. In total, more than 10 flights have now arrived in Canada from China, and the medical supplies that failed to make it onto a plane returning from China earlier […]

Trudeau’s next political crisis: rail blockades

Feb 21 2020 — Maura Forrest — What started as a protest against a pipeline in northern British Columbia has turned into a test of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s ability to govern an increasingly divided nation and his willingness to act during a crisis. Wrapped up in the protest, which has blocked rail traffic in most of eastern Canada for more than […]

Trudeau’s climate dilemma

Feb 3 2020 — Maura Forrest — When Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau came to power in 2015, he promised a grand bargain: his Liberal government would fight climate change with a carbon tax, but would also get Canadian oil to new markets in Asia. One would buy the social license for the other. As bargains go, it didn’t have the desired […]

What can Justin Trudeau learn from the Harper and Martin minority governments?

Oct 30 2019 — Maura Forrest — During his first press conference after last week’s election, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pledged that his Liberal minority government would work with the opposition. “Canadians sent a clear message across the election of multiple parties that affordability and the fight against climate change are really clear priorities that they want this Parliament to work on,” […]

Federal NDP’s proposed ‘super-wealth tax’ could raise $70B over 10 years, budget watchdog finds

Sep 10 2019 — Maura Forrest — The NDP’s proposed wealth tax, a centrepiece of the party’s election platform, could raise nearly $70 billion over the next 10 years, Canada’s budget watchdog has found. The “super-wealth tax,” as the NDP is calling it, is similar to an idea promoted by U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren, and is part of the NDP’s […]

Ethics watchdog says he was denied access to evidence in SNC-Lavalin affair

Aug 14 2019 — Maura Forrest — Canada’s ethics watchdog says he was hampered in his investigation of the SNC-Lavalin affair by a decision of senior government officials to withhold information relevant to the case. In a scathing rebuke near the beginning of his 63-page report, released Wednesday morning, ethics commissioner Mario Dion detailed how he fought to access confidential information related […]

‘Unprincipled intrusion’: Alberta files legal arguments against federal carbon tax

Aug 3 2019 — Maura Forrest — The Alberta government has filed legal arguments in its constitutional challenge of the federal carbon tax, arguing Ottawa should not be granted new power to regulate greenhouse-gas emissions in the provinces. Alberta’s factum, filed in the provincial Court of Appeal on Friday, responds directly to recent decisions from appellate courts in Saskatchewan and Ontario upholding […]

There’s a debate over Canada’s new definition of anti-Semitism, and it might sound strangely familiar

Jun 28 2019 — Maura Forrest — You could be forgiven for having missed the fact that Canada has adopted a formal definition of anti-Semitism. It was included as part of the government’s new anti-racism strategy, announced by Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez earlier this week, in a list of terminology toward the end. “Anti-Semitism is a certain perception of Jews, which may […]