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Rota’s gavel falls — the undeniable case for the speaker to resign

Sep 26 2023 — Fred DeLorey — In the typically calm domain of Canadian politics, the unsavoury spectacle orchestrated by House of Commons Speaker Anthony Rota has jolted the political and public conscience. The misstep of inviting and acknowledging a World War II veteran for fighting against the Russians, only to later unveil that his fight was as a member of the […]

Landslide ahead? What to expect from the Conservative convention

Sep 7 2023 — Fred DeLorey — Political conventions have often been likened to elaborate parties — raucous gatherings, if you will — where political tribes come together to wrangle over policies, procedures, and power. Yet, as the Conservative Party’s national convention unfurls its banners today, envision it not as a haphazard barbecue but as a meticulously planned gala. Every guest, dish, […]

NDP’s full of potential but lacking a spark: DeLorey

Sep 5 2023 — Fred DeLorey — As Labour Day festivities unfolded, the charred aroma of grilled meat wafting through the air, our small family gathering inevitably veered into political discourse — which tends to happen when I’m around. It’s a shift as predictable as the end-of-summer fireworks, and this year, a single query ascended above the sizzling of burgers and the […]

Trudeau’s exit — a cautionary note for the Liberals

Aug 30 2023 — Fred DeLorey — In an ironic twist that evokes the multi-layered tragedies penned by Sophocles, I find myself on the curious errand of arguing in favour of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s continuing leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada. This is no small matter; I’m a staunch Conservative, ran as a candidate against Trudeau’s Liberals in 2015, and […]

Anita Anand Wasn’t Demoted. The Economy Was Promoted.

Jul 28 2023 — Fred DeLorey — In the grand theatre of politics, it is easy for spectators to misconstrue the plotline when actors shift roles. Such seems to be the case with Anita Anand, the minister who served in various government roles with distinct poise and proficiency. Her first act saw her overseeing public procurement amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, followed by […]

Time to Step Up: Canada’s Urgent Need to Meet NATO Commitments

Jul 11 2023 — Fred DeLorey — As we witness the world’s shifting political dynamics, one cannot escape the haunting spectre of uncertainty – especially as we cast our gaze towards Eastern Europe. With Russia, the terrorist-state that it is, flexing its military might with renewed vigor, it’s high time for Canada to redouble its commitment to NATO, and by extension, to […]

Red Flags Rising: Conservatives Lose Ground in Three of Four By-Elections

Jun 20 2023 — Fred DeLorey — Warning signs are flashing for the Conservative Party after recent by-elections, as Pierre Poilievre’s increasing negatives and strategic missteps raise concerns for our party’s future. Opposition parties traditionally gain ground in by-elections, an opportunity for Canadians to protest without unseating the status quo. With two ridings already being strongholds and a previously held suburban riding, […]

Today’s By-Elections: Conservative Surge vs. Poilievre’s Undertow

Jun 19 2023 — Fred DeLorey — While a Conservative wave is expected to rise in today’s by-elections, the undertow of Poilievre’s diminishing popularity could pose a challenge. Having served as the Director of Political Operations for Prime Minister Stephen Harper and National Campaign Manager for the Conservative Party of Canada, I am familiar with the shifting tides of Canadian politics and […]

Poilievre is Right, It’s Time to Cut, Cut, Cut

Jun 8 2023 — Fred DeLorey — Picture our nation’s finances as a once meticulously-tended backyard garden, a sanctuary of fiscal discipline and calculated growth. However, under the Liberals’ care, this space has been let to grow wild, overrun by their unrestrained spending. Today, Pierre Poilievre, the steadfast gardener of fiscal responsibility, stands at the gate, pruning shears in hand, and eyes […]

The Conservative Party and Pride Month: Poilievre’s Freedom Paradox

Jun 5 2023 — Fred DeLorey — Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre has recently remarked that Pride month is about freedom. However, when asked if he would attend a Pride parade to show his support for this freedom, he offered no commitment. This reluctance strikes a dissonant chord, especially given his readiness to not only voice his support for a trucker convoy […]

The Poilievre-Bernier Checkered Duel: Navigating Abortion Politics

May 31 2023 — Fred DeLorey — Sometimes Canadian politics feel less like a sophisticated game of chess and more like a round of checkers played at a backyard family gathering. Maxime Bernier, leader of the People’s Party of Canada (PPC), finds himself in the delicate situation of a checkers player on the losing side of a game against a particularly crafty […]

Could Danielle Smith’s Victory Be Trudeau’s Gain?

May 30 2023 — Fred DeLorey — Within the realm of political drama, no chessboard sees a more engaging play than the one straddling the hallowed halls of Canadian politics. A notable development is Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s recent “catch” in the form of Danielle Smith, the fiery Alberta premier, snatching a re-election victory from Rachel Notley. From a distance, Trudeau’s political […]

There’s a Hole in the Bucket, Dear Johnston, Dear Johnston

May 24 2023 — Fred DeLorey — As this past holiday weekend unfolded, I found myself captivated by our youngest child, barely six years old, a budding artist with an uncanny knack for remembering and re-enacting the most obscure snippets of song and film. A new obsession captured his imagination – the old folk tune “There’s a Hole in My Bucket.” The […]

Peeling Back the Political Onion: The Unforeseen Power of By-Elections in Political Forecasting

May 17 2023 — Fred DeLorey — Within political circles, by-elections are often dismissed as minor blips on the expansive political radar, overshadowed by the allure and the drama of horse-race polling. This widespread perception, shared by pundits, party functionaries, and even lay spectators, gravely underestimates the predictive power and strategic importance of these smaller electoral contests. As an experienced campaign strategist, […]

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