National Newswatch

Economic freedom on the wane worldwide

Sep 10 2020 — Fred McMahon — Two troubling questions lurk behind the results of the Fraser Institute’s 2020 Economic Freedom of the World report, released Sept. 10. This year’s report is based on 2018 data (the most recent available). By 2018, global economic freedom had recovered from the 2008 financial crisis and was at its highest level ever, albeit by just […]

The tide of global freedom is receding—but there’s hope

Jan 26 2019 — Fred McMahon — Is the world losing its taste for freedom as we move further into 2019? Two recent reports confirm the perception that freedom is under attack globally. The Human Freedom Index, a joint project of Canada’s Fraser Institute, U.S.-based Cato Institute and Germany’s Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, measures freedom on a 0 – 10 scale […]

China may balk at Taiwan entry into resurrected TPP

Apr 24 2018 — Fred McMahon — The next big trade hullabaloo—or at least one of the them, given the topsy-turvy world of international trade—is already fermenting. Which countries will be invited to join the second membership round of the Comprehensive Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), with Taiwan’s application a potential flashpoint. The ugly-named CPTPP rose from the ashes of the […]

Where the rule of law weakens, freedom wanes

Feb 21 2018 — Fred McMahon — For the first time in decades, basic human freedom is under attack globally. Journalists and opposition leaders are killed in Russia. China’s Communist Party stifles dissent on the mainland while threatening the rule of law in Hong Kong. Tens of thousands are arrested in Turkey on dubious grounds after a failed coup. Venezuela descends into […]