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Doug will be Doug, and that’s not good

Mar 11 2018 — Marcus Gee — It could never happen here. No way, no how. That’s what they all said. Canadians were far too reasonable, too moderate, too liberal-minded. Canadians would never lose their minds like those deplorable Americans and embrace someone like Donald Trump. Except, of course, that they did. Long before the orange-haired one rose to the most powerful […]

When Rob Ford was Trump before Trump

Nov 22 2016 — Marcus Gee — Doug Ford’s new book on the rise and fall of his late brother doesn’t tell us much we didn’t already know about the Ford years. Despite his thunderous pre-publication threats to call out their media foes and “rock the political world,” this is, for the Fords, a mild tell-little memoir with none of the revelations […]

Chow-Tory dust-up portends nothing good

Aug 21 2014 — Marcus Gee — Yes, it’s a minor incident in a long race that has yet to begin in earnest. And, okay, it’s only Warren Kinsella, a long-time political operative notorious for his feuds and flare-ups. All the same, the Kinsella affair is bad news at a critical time for the faltering Olivia Chow campaign. We are on the […]

Ford investigation takes a disturbing turn

Apr 4 2014 — Marcus Gee — Well, this is a fine mess. Months after it emerged that Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was the subject of a major police investigation, the two forces involved appear to be sharply at odds over who is in charge of it and where, if anywhere, it goes.  

Ugly scene at Toronto council a preview of October election

Jan 14 2014 — Marcus Gee — When Mayor Rob Ford called a meeting of city council on the ice storm, the intention was to pass a quick, clean motion asking the federal and provincial governments to come through with disaster aid for the city. In the end, the meeting took two days, spilling over from Friday into Monday, and ended in […]