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Charles Sousa enters parliament as a different kind of Trudeau Liberal

Jan 26 2023 — Geoff Russ — This week, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Cabinet met for a three-day retreat in Hamilton to plan for the government’s legislative and policy agenda for the upcoming parliamentary session. One voice who wasn’t around the Cabinet table but may be in the near future is Charles Sousa. The former Ontario finance minister will officially […]

Poilievre gets his first crack at Trudeau in Mississauga, but it’s no election preview

Dec 9 2022 — Geoff Russ — Monday’s federal byelection in Mississauga-Lakeshore, located in the Peel Region of Ontario, will be the first ballot box skirmish between the Pierre Poilievre-led Conservatives and Justin Trudeau’s governing Liberals, but will it be a preview of the next full federal election? Charles Sousa, the former Ontario Minister of Finance, is running for the Liberals, while […]

Has Pierre Poilievre’s social media output made him the first influencer in Canadian politics?

Dec 6 2022 — Geoff Russ — Is Pierre Poilievre Canada’s first “influencer” politician? Influencers are online celebrities with large social media followings that promote anything from sneakers to lip gloss to hunting products, with the intent of convincing their audiences to buy them. The products that influencers promote are often niche and appeal to a specific audience. Poilievre does not promote […]