National Newswatch

Canada’s greatest strength is Canadians themselves

Nov 12 2022 — George Monastiriakos — Canada possesses unique strategic advantages on the world stage. Among other things, Canada is a Pacific and Atlantic power that has critical natural resources, a special relationship with the U.S., and no revisionist states to destabilize the status quo in its neighborhood. While this has enabled the country to prosper beyond its founding fathers’ brightest […]

To improve Canadian diplomacy, increase representation of diaspora communities at Global Affairs Canada

Nov 10 2022 — George Monastiriakos — Canada possesses a unique strategic advantage on the world stage: diaspora communities that provide it with cultural and historical connections to virtually every other country on Earth. Strategists at Global Affairs Canada must understand that these diaspora communities hold the key to improving Canadian diplomacy. Whereas Canada is comparatively multicultural and forward thinking, it operates […]

Canada should sever diplomatic relations with Russia

Aug 17 2022 — George Monastiriakos — The full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, like the annexation of Crimea and the occupation of Georgia and Moldova before it, is the latest phase in the defining ideological struggle of the 21st century: between countries governed by the rule of law, in favour of building and maintaining a rules-based international system, and lawless states that […]

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