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Notley has done the right thing — her mistake was to trust Trudeau

Dec 3 2018 — Jen Gerson — There will, no doubt, be those who believe that Alberta Premier Rachel Notley finally got her most closely guarded wish on Sunday night when she announced she would cut oil production by 8.7 per cent. That she, as an oilsands-hater, finally dunked the industry in policy molasses, to the delight of her covert environmentalist allies. […]

Brian Pallister is Manitoba’s paradox premier

Aug 14 2018 — Jen Gerson — Brian Pallister figures it must have taken his father, a lifelong farmer and a man of few words, more than a week sitting on his tractor to formulate a response to his son’s first political win. It is 1992 and Pallister the younger has been elected to the provincial legislature. “He says, ‘Congratulations, boy. If […]

Trump wants a show with NAFTA, not a deal with Canada

Jul 7 2018 — Jen Gerson — A funny tweet popped up on my feed recently. It was in response to a rambling speech delivered by U.S. President Donald Trump in South Carolina. After accusing our prime minister of high crimes in an unprecedented volley of barbs and insults after the G7 meeting in Quebec, Trump said: “Canada, you know, Canada? Nice […]

Trans Mountain is a stick right in the eye of the Liberals’ own people

Jun 1 2018 — Jen Gerson — So, I guess Kinder Morgan wasn’t bluffing. Remember that, only a lifetime and two weeks ago, Finance Minister Bill Morneau seemed downright plummy after announcing his plan to indemnify Kinder Morgan against any losses incurred on the Trans Mountain pipeline. “We think plenty of investors would be interested in taking on this project, especially knowing […]

Relax, Doug Ford will be fine

May 1 2018 — Jen Gerson — Of late, I have struggled with a radical proposition. A thought experiment I can’t seem to shake: what if Doug Ford would be an adequate premier for the province of Ontario? Maybe Doug Ford would be fine. If one is even a moderately fiscally conservative Ontario voter, the prospect of spending billions more in an […]

The phone call that ended Patrick Brown’s leadership

Feb 24 2018 — Jen Gerson — Only 15 minutes before CTV went to air with explosive allegations of sexual misconduct against Patrick Brown, the Ontario Progressive Conservative leader delivered a tearful press conference and, to the shock of many, refused to resign. In the era of #MeToo, the claims by the two young women were thought to be politically unsurvivable. Brown […]

The Alberta vs. B.C. pipeline fight. Now it’s war.

Feb 3 2018 — Jen Gerson — Brother turned against sister this week. The House of the West divided. It’s hippie vs. rig pig; British Columbia against Alberta. B.C. Premier John Horgan announced this week plans to bar increases to diluted bitumen shipments off his coast until the province conducts an extensive study of the crude’s effects in water. It’s a direct […]

The Ontario PC Party needs a woman to take charge

Jan 29 2018 — Jen Gerson — It could once be fairly said that the sign of a struggling political party was a woman at the helm. From former prime minister Kim Campbell, to Christy Clark, Alison Redford and Kathleen Wynne, most of this generation of female leaders can tell a similar tale of gamely stepping up to lead stale, scandal-ridden or […]

Happy New Year: 2018 is going to be even worse

Jan 1 2018 — Jen Gerson — By universal consensus, this past year has been deemed one of the more terrible in living memory. Beset by mass shootings, historic hurricanes, refugee crises, genocides and American politics, it’s difficult to remember a year more generally loathed. In fact, 2017 was so terrible that a birthday Instagram post by Taylor Swift that read “I […]

Perhaps what Trudeau really needs is an etiquette commissioner

Jan 1 2018 — Jen Gerson — Let’s put aside, for a moment, the questions of ethics and law. Those were resolved in the days before Christmas, when federal ethics commissioner Mary Dawson ruled that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau violated the conflict of interest act several times over when he flew on the Aga Khan’s private helicopter en route to a vacation […]