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After Alberta’s election, ‘nothing good to come’

Apr 17 2019 — Jen Gerson — If you look up the Alberta government’s own economic review and indicators, you eventually land on a page filled with headlines like this; Alberta labour market softening, Alberta inflation cools, Trade sector stabilizing following recent weaknesses, shipments fall with lower energy prices, Alberta employment starts 2019 on a weak note.

Rachel Notley on why the NDP deserves a second chance

Apr 11 2019 — Jen Gerson — The Alberta premier talks to Jen Gerson about her economic plan, her working relationship with Justin Trudeau and what it will really take to get Trans Mountain built. Only days before Albertans prepared to go to the polls, NDP leader Rachel Notley sat down with Jen Gerson to discuss pipelines, her political relationship with Justin […]

Are we really okay with Jason Kenney?

Apr 7 2019 — Jen Gerson — Since the writ has dropped, I have been slow to write about what has become a clear and malignant “bozo eruption” problem within the United Conservative Party. Other media outlets and columnists are already offering reporting and insight into the numerous examples of UCP candidates who have publicly offered dodgy, racist, or homophobic comments in […]

Governing Alberta should be an honour, not an inheritance

Mar 22 2019 — Jen Gerson — Those who read my columns regularly will have already surmised that my politics lean centre, centre-rightish, depending on the day. To use the banal stereotype, one might class me as closer to the right on fiscal issues, and to the left on social ones. But, like most voters, it’s all a touch a la carte […]

What really happened inside the Alberta UCP’s ‘kamikaze’ campaign

Mar 19 2019 — Jen Gerson — New evidence shows it was backed in part by a quiet $60,000 payment from a corporate entity into the personal account of a staffer. Alberta United Conservative Party leader Jason Kenney and his senior campaign team aided and coordinated with a ‘kamikaze’ candidate to undermine rival Brian Jean during a 2017 leadership contest; further, that […]

What happens when the demand for Alberta oil goes away?

Mar 12 2019 — Jen Gerson — With the writ set to drop within weeks or days in Alberta, pre-election jiggery has been shaking out as anyone might have predicted. Behind in the polls, the party of premier Rachel Notley has already set a deeply negative and personal tone, focusing on Jason Kenney’s long record of conservatism on abortion and LGBTQ issues.

The SNC affair is now an existential threat to the Trudeau government

Mar 4 2019 — Jen Gerson — It is at this point in the scandal, with the resignation of one of Justin Trudeau’s most competent and respected cabinet ministers, that a professional political speculator must begin to ask whether the Prime Minister can survive all the way to the fall election. It is hard to imagine a more damaging defection than that […]

Notley has done the right thing — her mistake was to trust Trudeau

Dec 3 2018 — Jen Gerson — There will, no doubt, be those who believe that Alberta Premier Rachel Notley finally got her most closely guarded wish on Sunday night when she announced she would cut oil production by 8.7 per cent. That she, as an oilsands-hater, finally dunked the industry in policy molasses, to the delight of her covert environmentalist allies. […]

Brian Pallister is Manitoba’s paradox premier

Aug 14 2018 — Jen Gerson — Brian Pallister figures it must have taken his father, a lifelong farmer and a man of few words, more than a week sitting on his tractor to formulate a response to his son’s first political win. It is 1992 and Pallister the younger has been elected to the provincial legislature. “He says, ‘Congratulations, boy. If […]