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Scheer promises to create ‘Canada Cyber Safe’ certification for digital products

Sep 6 2019 — Giuseppe Valiante, The Canadian Press — MONTREAL — Conservative party Leader Andrew Scheer is trying to reassure Canadians that if elected, his government would better protect their personal information following recent high-profile security breaches at major corporations that compromised the data of millions of Canadians. A Conservative government would also create a certification system to let consumers know whether certain digital products meet federal security […]

Some former New Brunswick NDP candidates deny they left party to join the Greens

Sep 5 2019 — Giuseppe Valiante, The Canadian Press — MONTREAL — Some of the 14 former candidates for the New Brunswick NDP whose names were on a declaration stating they were jumping to the provincial and federal Green parties are now claiming they were added to the letter without their consent. On Tuesday, the provincial and federal Green parties distributed a declaration signed by the 14 former provincial candidates, as […]

Benjamin Tomlin, Canadian sentenced to 10 years in Cuban prison, was set up: lawyer

Aug 28 2019 — Giuseppe Valiante, The Canadian Press — MONTREAL — A Canadian man sentenced to 10 years in a Cuban prison says he is innocent, and his lawyer says his client was likely set up following a night of partying in a seaside town outside the popular resort destination of Varadero. Benjamin Tomlin, 46, an employee of the Canadian Development Investment Corp., was arrested in August 2018 and charged with having […]

Forced to resign as top Montreal cop, Pichet hired in subarctic mining town

Aug 3 2019 — Giuseppe Valiante, The Canadian Press — Montreal's former police chief, who was forced out of the job following allegations officers fabricated evidence and targeted rivals with internal investigations during his tenure, is becoming the top manager of the subarctic mining town of Fermont, Que. Philippe Pichet was suspended with pay as the city's top cop in December 2017 after an external investigation uncovered a […]

Quebec judge stays fraud charges against entrepreneur after lengthy trial delays

Aug 2 2019 — Giuseppe Valiante, The Canadian Press — MONTREAL — Quebecers' trust in their institutions is once again being tested after another high-profile fraud case was thrown out because legal proceedings took too long, Justice Minister Sonia LeBel said Friday. LeBel was reacting to news that 989 tax fraud-related charges against a construction entrepreneur in Montreal were stayed after the length of the trial exceeded legal […]

Liberals’ cannabis possession pardon legislation now in force: justice minister

Aug 1 2019 — Giuseppe Valiante, The Canadian Press — MONTREAL — Canadians with criminal records for simple pot possession can now apply for a pardon free of cost and with no mandatory five-year waiting period — but they'll have to finish their sentence first, federal Justice Minister David Lametti announced Thursday. Lametti told reporters the government's Bill C-93, adopted last June, has officially come into […]

‘I filled a void’: How a developer wants to help settle centuries of grievances in Oka

Jul 31 2019 — Giuseppe Valiante, The Canadian Press — MONTREAL — Developer Gregoire Gollin thought he had a steal when he purchased 220 hectares of land between the First Nations territory of Kanesatake and the neighbouring village of Oka, Que., in 2004. The home of the grand chief had been deliberately burned down that winter. Masked men with bats stood outside the police barracks, preventing […]

Government ‘didn’t care’ about reducing emissions: Inside Quebec’s green fund

Jul 28 2019 — Giuseppe Valiante, The Canadian Press — MONTREAL — When Ljiljana Latkovic was named to the council governing Quebec's multibillion-dollar green fund in 2017, she thought she was going to use her science background to help choose projects aimed at fighting climate change. Instead, Latkovic said she and the eight other council members were asked to sign off on proposals whose financing had […]

‘Yes the bridges are cut’: Kanesatake Grand Chief refuses talks with Oka mayor

Jul 26 2019 — Giuseppe Valiante, The Canadian Press — MONTREAL — A war of words between a First Nations grand chief and a small-town Quebec mayor instigated hours of meetings Friday with federal and provincial officials, but the underlying conflict between the two communities goes back centuries. Kanesatake Grand Chief Serge Simon and Oka Mayor Pascal Quevillon held separate discussions with Marc Miller, parliamentary secretary to the […]

Quebec town cancels Burundi twin cities project over human rights concerns

Jul 24 2019 — Giuseppe Valiante, The Canadian Press — MONTREAL — A Quebec town has cancelled a twin cities project with Bujumbura in Burundi after members of the African country's Canadian diaspora informed municipal leaders of human rights abuses committed by security services in that state. During a trip to Burundi on July 11, Yves Corriveau, mayor of Mont-St-Hilaire, Que., signed a twin cities agreement with Bujumbura, the largest city […]