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‘A fragile balance’: Legault juggling COVID restrictions and Quebecers’ mental health

Nov 2 2020 — Giuseppe Valiante, The Canadian Press — MONTREAL — Pandemic-related restrictions in place across much of the province must remain despite the risk they bring to people's mental health, Quebec Premier Francois Legault said Monday. He told reporters the government's partial lockdown orders -- banning gatherings and shutting bars, gyms and entertainment venues in so-called red zones -- are leading people to […]

Quebec suspends private refugee sponsorships by organizations for one year

Oct 28 2020 — Giuseppe Valiante, The Canadian Press — MONTREAL — Quebec is suspending all private refugee sponsorships by organizations because it says it has serious concerns with the integrity of the program. The province said Wednesday that until November 2021, only groups of two to five people can privately sponsor a refugee. All larger organizations including church groups and non-profits that have privately […]

About 125,000 Quebecers aged 18-69 infected with novel coronavirus: study

Aug 5 2020 — Giuseppe Valiante, The Canadian Press — MONTREAL — About 125,000 people in Quebec aged 18-69 are estimated to have contracted COVID-19, according to a new study published Wednesday by Quebec's blood collection agency — more than three times the official number reported by health authorities. But the Hema-Quebec study indicates the majority of Quebecers remain vulnerable to being infected by the novel coronavirus, agency vice-president Dr. […]

Quebec arts scene shaken by wave of anonymous sex misconduct allegations

Jul 10 2020 — Giuseppe Valiante, The Canadian Press — MONTREAL — Quebec's arts scene is being rocked by a wave of sexual assault and harassment allegations against well-known figures in the province's entertainment industry. Mostly anonymous allegations are being posted to an Instagram page that has garnered more than 49,000 followers and is focused on prominent Quebecers, including musicians, concert promoters and comedians. The page, which is less than […]

Quebec says it will no longer release daily updates on COVID-19 deaths, new cases

Jun 25 2020 — Giuseppe Valiante, The Canadian Press — MONTREAL — Quebec's public health director says the province has reached a turning point in its management of the COVID-19 pandemic, and therefore authorities will no longer be releasing daily data related to coronavirus infections. "Over the course of the past few weeks, the different indicators ... that we’ve been following closely regarding the number of cases, number […]

Pandemic erases Quebec’s projected surplus, throws province into $15B deficit

Jun 19 2020 — Giuseppe Valiante, The Canadian Press — QUEBEC — Three months after projecting a surplus of nearly $3 billion, Quebec's finance minister announced Friday that the COVID-19 pandemic will blow through Quebec's financial reserves and leave the province with a $15-billion deficit at the end of the fiscal year. That figure includes a $4-billion contingency fund that Eric Girard said will help the province survive a second wave […]

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