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Why did Justin Trudeau cut off his right hand?

Feb 18 2019 — Globe and Mail — On Monday afternoon, another senior figure abruptly exited the Trudeau government. But, as with the departure last week of former justice minister and attorney-general Jody Wilson-Raybould, principal secretary Gerald Butts’s resignation is a move that is generating far more heat than light.

Justin Trudeau, from saviour to liability

Mar 9 2018 — Globe and Mail — Political parties live and die by their leaders. For Justin Trudeau and the Liberals, this was supposed to be good news. After his party died a pair of dismal deaths under hapless leaders in back-to-back elections, Mr. Trudeau arrived on the scene as a potential saviour. Amazingly, that’s just what he was. The young pretender […]

Andrew Scheer’s weird tolerance level

Jan 3 2018 — Globe and Mail — Federal Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer gave an interview to The Globe and Mail this week in which he tried to sell the Tories as Canada’s party of tolerance and acceptance. He didn’t nail it. Mr. Scheer argued that his party is more tolerant of differing views than the Liberal Party is, and as proof he […]

After two years, the real Justin Trudeau emerges

Oct 20 2017 — Globe and Mail — Remember when the federal government was run by a Machiavellian prime minister and his closest acolytes, who together pulled the levers of power from inside his office at the expense of Parliament? Who mercilessly enforced discipline on his cabinet, and used strict image and message control to present the leader as a man working hard […]

Our politicians take the best free holidays money can buy

Feb 7 2017 — Globe and Mail — Pro tip for the Conservative Party of Canada: Don’t criticize Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for vacationing on an island owned by a billionaire philanthropist while the leader of your own party is vacationing on a yacht owned by a billionaire oilman. And if you are the leader in question – hello, Rona Ambrose – especially […]

Justin Trudeau didn’t invent cash-for-access, but only he can end it

Nov 22 2016 — Globe and Mail — Let’s get this straight: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was the marquee attraction last May at a cash-for-access Liberal Party fundraiser attended by a powerful Chinese government adviser and a Canadian businessman seeking final approval from federal bank regulators to launch a new bank. The Chinese government adviser, Zhang Bin, went on after the fundraiser to […]

For Alberta, is unite the right wrong or right?

Sep 5 2016 — Globe and Mail — Sandra Jansen, the Alberta Conservative MLA for Calgary North-West, has come up with a novel reason for disqualifying Jason Kenney as a candidate for the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta: He wants to make the party bigger. Mr. Kenney, the former federal Conservative cabinet minister, is planning on leaving Parliament and trying […]

The Globe and Mail Leaders’ Debate 2015

Sep 17 2015 — Globe and Mail — Our Economy. Our Future. Join us as Stephen Harper, Thomas Mulcair and Justin Trudeau face off in The Globe and Mail Leaders’ Debate 2015 on Thursday, Sept. 17. Live from Calgary, the debate will be hosted by Editor-in-Chief David Walmsley.

The Harperites and the joy of negative advertising

Oct 9 2014 — Globe and Mail — We already knew that the Harper government loves negative advertising; we just didn’t know, until now, how far it would go to eliminate any obstacle between itself and its object of desire. The Harper government is examining the option of changing Canada’s Copyright Act so that politicians can use news content in political advertising without […]

The Fair Elections Act: Kill this bill

Mar 24 2014 — Globe and Mail — The return of Parliament on Monday means a return to the fight over Bill C-23, the Fair Elections Act. For the opposition, it’s a chance to hold the bill up to scrutiny and ridicule, and to hold up its passage. For the government, it’s an opportunity to admit error and change course. This bill deserves […]

David Suzuki and Jason Kenney amplify each other

Jul 15 2013 — Globe and Mail — In the permanent campaign that is modern politics, rhetorical overkill is a temptation more often entertained than resisted. A good example of this is the current skirmish between the Canadian environmentalist David Suzuki and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney over immigration to this country.