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Justin Trudeau’s Liberals have entitlement problems. Big ones

Feb 21 2023 — Gary Mason — There is an old saying in politics that governments defeat themselves. They are often brought down by arrogance, carelessness and the lack of a meaningful agenda. Voters resent governments that begin taking their power for granted. We may be seeing this now with the federal Liberals in their almost allergic reaction to accountability. The lack […]

Albertans are being played for fools – by their own government

Dec 1 2022 — Gary Mason — Now it is clear. The Alberta Sovereignty within a United Canada Act was a Trojan horse, one carrying a frightening plan to give the provincial government unbridled powers that strike at the heart of our democratic ideals. It seems like something conjured up by those running the worst kind of banana republic. It shouldn’t take […]

Justin Trudeau’s reality: Much of the country dislikes him

Aug 9 2022 — Gary Mason — Will Justin Trudeau know when it’s time to go? Surely, this is something occupying at least some of his energy during his much-discussed vacation to Costa Rica. Will he return reinvigorated, primed for a fall battle against the presumptive new leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, Pierre Poilievre? Or will he begin laying the […]

A dangerous rage is sweeping the land

Aug 4 2022 — Gary Mason — This country appears to have gone mad – a portion of it, at least. And I don’t mean that these people are no longer in control of their faculties. I mean literally consumed by anger. And much of it seems directed at our public figures, particularly politicians, and more specifically Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Late […]

Jason Kenney is far from a dead Premier walking

Nov 25 2021 — Gary Mason — Alberta Premier Jason Kenney has a new bounce in his step. It was evident in the way he strutted into the legislature this week, and in the effusive manner in which he now posts on social media. His Twitter feed is a steady drip of optimistic updates and declarations that “Alberta is back,” followed by […]

Jason Kenney should do the honourable thing and resign

Sep 24 2021 — Gary Mason — Alberta Premier Jason Kenney survived a highly anticipated showdown with his caucus this week over his leadership. And there is no one happier about this news than NDP Leader Rachel Notley. In the days leading up to Wednesday’s caucus meeting, United Conservative Party MLAs had been leaking ominous statements to local media about what was […]

Maxime Bernier’s disgraceful election campaign

Sep 14 2021 — Gary Mason — Election campaigns are bruising, generally thankless affairs, in which the mood of the candidates is inextricably linked to the proximity of the finish line. That is, unless you have nothing to lose, then you can often enjoy the experience and get more exposure than you ever imagined – or frankly, deserved. Welcome to Mad Max […]