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Why a pipeline could cost Justin Trudeau the next election

Apr 13 2018 — Gary Mason — It wasn’t long ago that the thought of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau being a one-term wonder would have been unthinkable. Not any more. A confluence of issues and events – hello, India! – have reshaped the Liberal Leader’s image in the unkindest of ways. However, it’s his government’s contentious environmental agenda, and his handling of […]

How Patrick Brown’s private life became a problem for the Ontario PCs

Mar 3 2018 — Gary Mason — If there was one thing Patrick Brown’s advisers never stopped worrying about, it was the women. It was an all-encompassing concern virtually from the outset of his ill-fated leadership of the Ontario Progressive Conservative party. Today, more than a month after a CTV report alleging sexual misconduct with two women led to Mr. Brown’s resignation, […]

Kent Hehr does not belong in cabinet

Dec 14 2017 — Gary Mason — What is Kent Hehr still doing in the federal cabinet? Mr. Hehr is the Minister of Sport and Persons with Disabilities who has been making news recently, and not in a good way. He has been accused by a number of women of conducting himself inappropriately in meetings, mostly by making comments that were rude, […]

What of CBC’s strange corporate culture?

Dec 13 2017 — Gary Mason — Back when I was a young political reporter, a colleague and I decided to write a book about the shambolic government of Social Credit premier Bill Vander Zalm. Keith Baldrey and I were both reporters for The Vancouver Sun based in the capital, and had unparalleled contacts and access to those in the best position […]

Clark’s uninspiring battle plan reminiscent of Harper’s

Apr 15 2017 — Gary Mason — Heading into the 2015 federal election, Stephen Harper’s Conservatives felt they had a solid record on which to run. While Mr. Harper’s personal governing style left a lot to be desired, the Conservatives believed that their résumé, certainly as it pertained to growing the economy and managing the treasury, was an attractive one. The country […]

Ignoring polls, Clark bets on status quo election strategy

Apr 11 2017 — Gary Mason — There is an old saying in politics that governments are compared to perfection at the start of an election campaign but simply the best alternative by the end of it. BC Liberal Leader Christy Clark is certainly hoping this is the case as she attempts to carry an election for a second time, running against […]

Kevin O’Leary: Rebel without a (notwithstanding) clause

Mar 28 2017 — Gary Mason — Of the many messages embedded in the humiliating health-care defeat suffered by Donald Trump, perhaps none was more significant than this one: as U.S. President, you’re not as all-powerful as you think. It was quite the comeuppance for a demagogue not used to being put in his place so publicly. If nothing else, it showed […]

Can Alberta handle a taxing truth?

Mar 22 2017 — Gary Mason — There is a day of reckoning coming in Alberta if it hasn’t arrived already. The ugly state of the province’s economic condition was once again laid bare in the NDP government’s latest budget. The debt numbers seemed to catch most off-guard; projected accumulated arrears of $71-billion by 2019-20. By pan-national standards it isn’t that extraordinary, […]

Alberta PC candidate Kenney owes a debt of gratitude to Notley

Mar 18 2017 — Gary Mason — Whether it was intended or not, the budget tabled this week by Premier Rachel Notley’s NDP government may have helped change the course of Alberta political history. It gave her opponents a huge stick with which to beat the New Democrats from now until the next election. Budgets are always analyzed in terms of winners […]