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Maxime Bernier’s disgraceful election campaign

Sep 14 2021 — Gary Mason — Election campaigns are bruising, generally thankless affairs, in which the mood of the candidates is inextricably linked to the proximity of the finish line. That is, unless you have nothing to lose, then you can often enjoy the experience and get more exposure than you ever imagined – or frankly, deserved. Welcome to Mad Max […]

Canada must be ready for the mayhem Trump’s about to unleash

Mar 26 2020 — Gary Mason — You could argue that U.S. President Donald Trump’s short-sighted and bungled handling of the COVID-19 pandemic began before the virus took hold in his country. Two years earlier, Luciana Borio, the president’s biodefense preparedness advisor, warned that a flu pandemic – not a 9/11 redux – was the country’s No. 1 health security threat. As […]

The Conservative climate plan is a sad joke

Jun 25 2019 — Gary Mason — Since its introduction last week, the federal Conservatives’ plan to fight the growing impact of climate change has been met with eye-rolling derision. The plan has been broadly portrayed as facile, vacuous and a cynical attempt to dupe a gullible public. Other than that, the rollout went swimmingly. You would think that this type of […]

Conservative lies about the carbon tax need to be called out

Apr 4 2019 — Gary Mason — Being a politician isn’t easy, with all those rubber chickens you’re forced to eat while gobbling for votes. Perhaps worse is the stomach you must have for taking positions you know in your heart aren’t right, or good for humanity, but nonetheless give your party the best chance at scoring cheap political points. And if […]

The uncomfortable truth about Jagmeet Singh’s political future

Jan 16 2019 — Gary Mason — The only thing worse than being talked about, Oscar Wilde once said, is not being talked about. I’m not sure federal NDP stalwarts would agree. They wouldn’t mind if their leader, Jagmeet Singh, wasn’t talked about for a while, I’m sure. Every time he is, it doesn’t seem to reflect well on him. The seatless […]

Is Andrew Scheer itching for his own war with the press?

Oct 31 2018 — Gary Mason — If federal Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer declares journalists the “enemy of the people,” we will know he will have unburdened himself of any final reservations about adopting U.S. President Donald Trump’s war with the press as a means of winning and maintaining power. To this point, Mr. Scheer and his Conservative colleagues have mostly taken […]

Maxime Bernier personifies Canada’s climate dilemma

Oct 26 2018 — Gary Mason — Not long after the federal government announced details of its carbon tax rebate plan, Maxime Bernier, founder of the People’s Party of Canada, took to Twitter to render his verdict. “Libs can only sell their carbon tax if they lie,” Mr. Bernier wrote. “Lie #1: You’ll get your money back. Lie #2: It’s a price […]

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