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LeBreton featured guest at Tory fundraiser

Feb 25 2014 — Glen McGregor — We haven’t  heard much from Conservative Sen.Marjory LeBreton since she left her position as government house leader in the Senate last summer, amid the fracas over attempts by the Prime Minister’s Office to, allegedly, meddle with a report on then-Conservative

Trudeau refuses to give post-convention press conference

Feb 23 2014 — Glen McGregor — The retrospective press conference with the leader at the end of a political convention is a staple event, a tradition as entrenched as hospitality suites, ill-advised assignations and hang-overs. But to the great annoyance of journalists covering the Liberal biennial convention in Montreal this weekend, leader Justin Trudeau did not meet the press when the event wrapped […]

Head of conservative think tank attacks Tories at Liberal convention

Feb 23 2014 — Glen McGregor — The Liberal convention Saturday heard a rousing, partisan speech from someone who once seemed an unlikely source: the chairman of C.D. Howe Institute, a traditionally small-c conservative economic think tank. Bill Morneau, who runs the personnel firm Morneau Shepell, used his short address at the convention to denounce the Conservative government’s economic record and assail […]

Handful of MPs fail to come to the (financial) aid of their party

Feb 13 2014 — Glen McGregor — In a year that ended with the three main federal parties waging aggressive fundraising campaigns to build up their election war chests, a small group of MPs didn’t make their own financial contributions to their parties. For most MPs, an annual donation to their federal party is de rigueur, especially when the parties are constantly […]

Duffy, Wallin no longer on speaking circuit

Feb 12 2014 — Glen McGregor — Q: What do Liberal leader Justin Trudeau and suspended Conservative senators Mike Duffyand Pamela Wallin have in common? A: They no longer get paid for speaking events. A bit more than a year ago, Duffy and Wallin were listed as speakers-for-hire with the Speakers’ Spotlight , a leading booking agency.

How Justin Trudeau and his advisers devised their Senate plan

Jan 29 2014 — Glen McGregor — Liberal leader Justin Trudeau’s surprise plan for Senate reform was conceived shortly before Christmas in a meeting of his senior staff and kept secret by a small circle of advisers. The meeting, intended as a year-end review and look-ahead, was held at Centre Block on Parliament Hill after MPs broke for the holiday recess. Attendees […]

Conrad Black loses latest battle in tax fight with CRA

Jan 20 2014 — Glen McGregor — Former newspaper mogul Conrad Black has lost his latest legal battle with the federal government over his tax bill. In a decision released Friday, the Tax Court of Canada said Black must pay tax on more than $5 million in income and other benefits from 2002. Black’s lawyer says he plans to appeal the decision.

Tories to return funds raised via MP’s campaign against incandescent bulb ban

Jan 20 2014 — Glen McGregor — The Conservative Party says money fundraised through an Ontario MP’s campaign against the government’s plan to phase out incandescent light bulbs will be returned to donors. Through the website, Conservative MP Cheryl Gallant rallied opposition to her own government’s move to make the import and manufacture of the traditional bulbs illegal.

Trudeau admits he was wrongly reimbursed by taxpayers for speaking events; pays back money

Jan 16 2014 — Glen McGregor — Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau admitted Thursday that taxpayers had wrongly reimbursed him for some expenses related to his paid speaking events. Trudeau has repaid the money, but the mix-up will likely reignite last year’s controversy over the paid speaking work he has done since becoming an MP. In a written statement Thursday, Trudeau said he had reimbursed […]