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Tory MP raising money to fight bulb ban her party enacted

Jan 15 2014 — Glen McGregor — A Conservative MP’s campaign against her own government’s ban of incandescent light bulbs is directing the donations it receives to a Conservative riding association and giving contributors tax receipts for political contributions. Renfrew — Nipissing — Pembroke MP Cheryl Gallant is leading the campaign against the Conservative government’s policy to phase out traditional light bulbs […]

MP Dean Del Mastro’s cousin’s firm focus of Elections Canada raid

Jan 14 2014 — Glen McGregor — Elections Canada investigators last fall raided an electrical company owned by Dean Del Mastro’s cousin in their investigation of an alleged scheme to direct $22,000 in illegal donations to the MP’s 2008 election campaign. Documents obtained by the Ottawa Citizen show that Elections Canada, aided by computer forensic experts from the RCMP, executed a search […]

Conservative Party targets media again in latest fundraising pitches

Dec 22 2013 — Glen McGregor — At the end of a year that has seen the Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government rocked by scandals uncovered by journalists, the Conservative Party is again targeting the media in fundraising pitches to supporters. Party president John Walsh sent an email to the supporters Friday evening that lumped the media together with the Liberal Party […]

Hello (name here)!: ‘Forgotten’ Duffy fundraising clips resurrected

Dec 22 2013 — Glen McGregor — Video clips of embattled Senator Mike Duffy reading off more than 800 first names for “personalized” Conservative Party fundraising messages have become a minor Internet sensation. The clips, used in the 2010 “Moving Forward” fundraising campaign for the Conservative Party, were apparently forgotten by party web developers when Duffy left caucus over the Senate expense […]

Tories buttoned their lips in post-question period scrums in 2013

Dec 17 2013 — Glen McGregor — Conservative MPs and cabinet ministers made fewer appearances before media microphones after the Senate scandal began earlier this year. A Citizen analysis of the daily scrums after question period shows that Tory MPs spoke less with journalists in 2013 than any of the three previous years. The impromptu press events in the foyer outside the […]

PMO snubs CTV for year-end Harper sit-down

Dec 14 2013 — Glen McGregor — The Prime Minister’s Office has yet to say to which media outlets will be afforded  the traditional year-end interviews with Stephen Harper with this month, but we know for certain that CTV won’t be on the list. Harper’s director of communications, Jason MacDonald, confirmed that the PM will bypass the broadcaster for the second consecutive year, despite the network’s […]

Tory call centre company under control of U.S. investment firm

Dec 14 2013 — Glen McGregor — For the past three elections, the federal Conservative Party has relied on the Responsive Marketing Group (RMG) to shake the fundraising trees and get out its vote. The Toronto-based company worked for more than 90 Conservative candidates in the 2011 campaign and has continued to phone bank for donations to the party. Much of the […]

Dogged exchange in Tory backbenches over… Communist anthems?!

Dec 6 2013 — Glen McGregor — The repeated pounding the Conservative government has taken on the Senate expenses scandal over the past weeks appears to have frayed nerves among some caucus members. Consider the charisma breakdown in the House of Commons on Tuesday evening, when the honourable members were sitting around waiting for the tabulation of a vote on the Economic […]

Flaherty submitted pre-redacted expense claims in apparent violation of information law

Nov 27 2013 — Glen McGregor — Finance Minister Jim Flaherty submitted travel expense claims that had been heavily redacted, with numerous “personal” items blacked out from his hotel bills before they were processed for reimbursement, in an apparent violation of the federal information law. Eight of the hotel bills expensed to the Department of Finance by Flaherty in 2013 were altered […]