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Critics say McKenna’s budget videos may cross the line into self-promotion

Apr 5 2017 — Glen McGregor — Environment Minister Catherine McKenna is defending the use of her department’s resources to produce videos in which she promotes the Liberal government’s new federal budget. McKenna last week posted two professionally produced videos on social media in which she alone appears on screen discussing the economic blueprint. “Budget 2017 was a big step forward,” she […]

Liberal Party’s exclusive deal with data company benefits Trudeau friend

Mar 29 2017 — Glen McGregor — One of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s closest friends is benefiting from an exclusive agreement between his data analytics company and the Liberal Party of Canada. Data Sciences Inc, run by Trudeau’s boyhood friend, Tom Pitfield, is providing the party with “digital engagement” and support services for its powerful voter-contact database, Liberalist. Neither the party nor […]

Federal agency gives money to think tank with ties to Trudeau government

Jan 31 2017 — Glen McGregor — A federal government agency made a financial contribution to a think tank with ties to the Trudeau government, to sponsor a conference that featured Liberal cabinet ministers as speakers. The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council paid a $15,000 sponsorship fee to Canada 2020, a self-described “progressive” think tank run by Tom Pitfield, a longtime […]

$64,000 spent on RCMP accommodations for PM’s 2015 Caribbean vacation

Dec 21 2016 — Glen McGregor — As Prime Minister Justin Trudeau prepares to take another foreign holiday over New Years, details about the total cost to taxpayers of his last Caribbean vacation are emerging. Documents obtained by CTV News show that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police paid more than $64,000 to accommodate the prime minister’s protective detail on a ten-day trip […]

Sports socks, skin resurfacing among candidates’ expenses in 2015 election

Aug 23 2016 — Glen McGregor — On top of yard signs and pizza for volunteers, candidates in last fall’s federal election charged their campaigns for the costs of skin-resurfacing treatments, sport socks and visits to hair and makeup salons. Elections Canada records show International Trade Minister Chrystia Freeland filed receipts worth over $500 in hair and makeup appointments to her campaign […]

Feds spent $10,681 on photos of Catherine McKenna and her staff during Paris climate change talks

Aug 22 2016 — Glen McGregor — The federal environment department paid a French photojournalist $10,681 to take pictures of its minister, Catherine McKenna, and her staff during the COP21 conference on climate change in Paris last year. Documents given to CTV News initially had the figure in Canadian dollars at $6,662, but that amount was actually in Euros. Environment and Climate […]

Sen. Mike Duffy filing for cost of living expenses

Aug 9 2016 — Glen McGregor — Senator Mike Duffy is once again charging taxpayers for his costs of living in Ottawa, filing the same kind of residency claims that first triggered the Senate expense scandal. Senate financial reports show that Duffy claimed $1,691 in living expenses for time spent in the National Capital Region, between March and June 2016. Duffy returned […]

Jody Wilson-Raybould fundraiser put $9,577 in Liberal coffers

Aug 2 2016 — Glen McGregor — Twenty people, mostly lawyers, paid to attend a private Liberal fundraising event with Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould held in the offices of a major Toronto law firm. The April 7 reception in the Toronto office of Torys LLP raised $9,577 for the federal Liberal Party, according to financial records released by Elections Canada on Tuesday. […]

Crown won’t appeal acquittal on election finance charges of Dean Del Mastro’s cousin

Jun 20 2016 — Glen McGregor — The Crown will not appeal last month’s acquittal on election finance charges of a former Conservative MP’s cousin. David Del Mastro was found not guilty by a court in Brampton, Ont., on charges that he had exceeded donation limits by funnelling contributions to his cousin Dean Del Mastro’s 2008 campaign through his Mississauga-based electrical contracting […]

Senate asks law firm to weigh legal action against 7 former senators

Jun 20 2016 — Glen McGregor — The Senate has asked Ottawa law firm Auger Hollingsworth to review the cases of seven former senators determined to have wrongly-claimed expenses and decide whether to launch further legal action. The firm will spend the next few weeks determining whether it’s in taxpayers’ interest to attempt to collect on those who former Supreme Court justice […]

Liberals spent $24,000 on tourism video that Tories say broke ban on partisan ads

May 24 2016 — Glen McGregor — The federal government spent approximately $24,000 to produce a tourism video that prominently features Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The video, released for the first time Tuesday, had triggered opposition allegations earlier this month that the Liberal government broke their own rules on advertising and misspent taxpayers money. The three-minute segment was commissioned by the federal […]