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There’s more sober second thought in the Senate

Jan 9 2017 — Grant Mitchell — Those of us pushing reform in the Canadian Senate over the past year or so owe a large debt to this city. It’s here where much thought and energy have been expended in the service of democratic change through the efforts of pioneers like Preston Manning and Bert Brown, and the expertise of organizations like […]

Why I didn’t endorse the Senate report on terrorism

Jul 15 2015 — Grant Mitchell — Last week, the Senate Standing Committee on National Security and Defence released an interim report titled Countering the Terrorist Threat in Canada. While Senate reports are usually consensus-based, all Liberal members of the committee — Senators Joseph Day, Colin Kenny and I — dissented and Senate Liberals support our decision. There is no doubt that […]

Economic Risks and Climate Change

Dec 19 2014 — Grant Mitchell — There is clear economic risk to Canada in ignoring climate change. There is also great economic opportunity in dealing with it. The resistance to Northern Gateway, Energy East and Keystone XL pipelines is evidence that the Canadian and US publics want greater assurance of environmental responsibility in developing energy projects. Well into the ninth year […]