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Not a Time for Easy Tears

Jan 9 2018 — Glen Pearson — My wife and I leave in a few days to lead a humanitarian team into South Sudan.  A trek we make every year at this time, this coming visit is occurring during a time of dramatic challenge in South Sudan specifically, and Africa in general. In various African nations, youth are increasingly coming onside for […]

For 2018, Boring is Better

Dec 26 2017 — Glen Pearson — Journalists can be forgiven for growing jaded over time.  Covering politics can prove to be a deep struggle of getting facts from those seeking to shelter them.  More often than not journalists know they are being played.  “The media are less a window on reality, than a stage on which officials perform self-scripted, self-serving functions,” […]

Never Again Just Happened

Dec 5 2017 — Glen Pearson — As decisions go, the passing of the Republican tax cut bill could have the most profound consequences for any nation having economic relations with the United States, including, and perhaps especially, Canada. Nobel Prize winner and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman wrote of how all the lies surrounding the initiative, “show the rot spreads […]

A Moment Gone

Nov 22 2017 — Glen Pearson — It was 54 years ago today that the news emerged from the speaker in my Grade 7 class in Calgary that American president John F. Kennedy had been shot and killed. School was promptly cancelled, leaving us all to head home in a kind of stunned silence, only to see our devastated parents huddled around […]

Payette speech should spark serious reflection

Nov 18 2017 — Glen Pearson — Her speech was bound to raise the ire of many, but when Gov. Gen. Julie Payette spoke to the Canadian Science Policy Centre convention earlier this month, it’s likely she was unaware of the response it would generate. Yet, she’s been dealing with it ever since. I supported Payette’s selection. She is a woman of […]

No Labels – Preparing the Ground for Political Renewal

Nov 9 2017 — Glen Pearson — It was bound to occur at some point, but the emergence of the group called No Label became inevitable even years ago as the hper-partisanship of Washington D.C. began to systematically tear down many of the accomplishments and hopes established in America following World War Two. No Label is a group of Republican, Democrat and […]

Casual Cruelty

Oct 25 2017 — Glen Pearson — The subject of countless articles, punditry and speeches throughout the world, the idea that democracy itself could well be in a state of decline has become a hot topic.  The sinews that hold prosperous Western societies together appear more atrophied that at any time in recent memory. One of the last people we would expect […]

Opting In By Opting Out

Oct 12 2017 — Glen Pearson — One of the consequences of missing the mark on predicting the future is not only confusion, but disillusionment.  It’s happening with democracy at this moment in time, leaving many feeling more isolated from the political process than ever. An example is what has occurred with the activities of mass media or social media.  Futurists used […]

The Dream That Time Forgot

Oct 4 2017 — Glen Pearson — Our local food bank is in the midst of its 29th annual Thanksgiving Food Drive – three decades in which use has climbed repeatedly over the ensuing years. This year some 850,000 Canadians will visit food banks each month.  One wonders why it is that successive Canadian governments have proved so ineffective at seriously dealing […]

Humility over Hubris – A Useful Distinction

Sep 26 2017 — Glen Pearson — Talking with some folks who were in the audience during Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s speech to the UN General Assembly last week evoked some interesting observations.  Ironically, the most common response was the least charged: “It was different.”  Indeed it was.  Trudeau’s clearly pointing out some of this country’s failures was surely unlike anything Canadians […]

When Politics Loses Its Moderates

Sep 19 2017 — Glen Pearson — We have heard the refrain repeatedly in the last few years: who don’t good people run for politics anymore? Mmmmmm. That’s a little bit tough to quantify, but there have been a number of qualified people in interviews in Canada, the U.S. and Britain whose reasons for not seeking election are remarkably similar – Wild […]

A Unique Commitment With A Powerful Champion

Sep 14 2017 — Glen Pearson — Yesterday’s story by Toronto Star’s Tonda McCharles on the possibility of Canada’s peacekeeping future being tied with the demilitarization of child soldiers could represent a clear departure for this country’s foreign agenda. Two key influencers have come together to move Canada in that direction.  The first is the UN Peacekeeping Defense Ministerial forum to be […]

Labour Day’s Many Challenges

Sep 5 2017 — Glen Pearson — Social agencies throughout the country are encountering people who are recently without work or holding down one or two minimum wage jobs as they seek to make ends meet for their families. It’s an endlessly disillusioning process – one showing no sign of abating.  Yet, with yesterday being Labour Day, the subject received little mention.  […]

Hatred hardest to see in ourselves

Aug 25 2017 — Glen Pearson — Hatred, neo-Nazis, white supremacists, racism and the KKK — these terms, and many like them, we had hoped were slowly disappearing from our public life and lexicon, yet they are everywhere these days. For those individuals and groups who have felt the sheer injustice of such things, they have been an ever-present reality. With the […]