National Newswatch

Creeping Toward the Ledge

Jan 3 2020 — Glen Pearson — Millions went to bed fearful last night and woke up this morning even more so.  We understood that it was inevitable that America would need to militarily respond to the killing of an American contractor in Iraq.  It came in the form of U.S. rocket attacks on Iranian sponsored military camps in Iraq, which then […]

2019 – The Year We Lived Dangerously

Dec 30 2019 — Glen Pearson — When novelist/journalist Chuck Palahniuk noted that this generation could be  “remembered more for what we destroy than what we create,” he could just as easily be describing the unfolding of events in 2019. To be sure, a lot of good things happened.   Austria named its first woman chancellor and the European Union elected its first […]

All That’s Left is Politics

Dec 17 2019 — Glen Pearson — It’s the secret glue that has held democracies together in ways we never fully understood – at least until now, when so much stability seems to have evaporated in the midst of crisis after crisis.  It’s called “convention” and, along with the rule of law, it was successful at establishing a ground rules that permitted […]

Softer Power in a Harder World

Dec 10 2019 — Glen Pearson — The captured scene of Justin Trudeau, Emmanuel Macron and Boris Johnson quietly conferring on the actions of Donald Trump created its own sensation, but in many ways served as a microcosm of current global tensions.  It was an unfortunately timed incident that nevertheless exposed inevitable realities. The nature of power in a world of nation […]

Make America Good Again

Dec 3 2019 — Glen Pearson — We’ve been hearing it for years, even in the decade before Donald Trump – the end of the American Empire.  The analogies to the decline and fall of the Roman Empire have been plenteous and concerning.  The America we knew – the better part of it – is gone, we are told, and all that’s […]

Citizens Will Have to Show the Courage for Real Change

Nov 22 2019 — Glen Pearson — So, it’s over – for now at least. Thursday was the last day of Congressional public hearings on the impeachment trial of Donald Trump. Some things are now clear:   Whether rising to impeachment levels or not, Donald Trump is in a lot of trouble The professional intelligence and diplomatic presentations were something of a […]

Calling for a Better Future

Nov 20 2019 — Glen Pearson — Last year at this time everyone was talking about populism, the Alt-Right movement, authoritarianism and what seemed like the slide towards global anarchy.  These were, and remain, significant enough to undo more enfeebled democracies around the world.  While the outsized dealings of Donald Trump continue to sow confusion and alarm, other developed nations face their […]

It’s Important to Doubt Our Certainties

Nov 6 2019 — Glen Pearson — In a time when little seems predictable, when democracy delivers untenable outcomes and citizenship collapses in on itself in order to protect what it believes it is losing, there remains this latent, almost invisible, desire to find something that is definite and that we can count on. This is where populism is born and could […]

The Apathetic Revolution

Oct 30 2019 — Glen Pearson — It used to be that we thought of revolutions as periods of episodic anger in history, where enough angst had built up to overthrow systems – political, economic, religious, cultural – in order to bring about change. But we are now comprehending that revolutions in the modern globalized era can also take a different direction. […]

The Election’s Greatest Loss

Oct 23 2019 — Glen Pearson — The heat of the federal election is now over and cold morning of reality has begun to set in.  All that energy.  All those voiced aspirations of what a great country this is.  All those promises that our democracy now matters more than ever.  Unfortunately, such noble ideals were drowned out by a context that […]

Don’t Ask. Don’t Tell.

Oct 15 2019 — Glen Pearson — During the 40 years between 1970 and 2010, new democracies suddenly erupted across the globe.  The turbulent year of 1973 saw only 45 of the world’s 151 nations were reported by Freedom House to actually be “free.”  Portugal, Spain and Greece were subjected to dictatorships, the Soviet Union and its satellite nations appeared secure, Mao […]

Forget the World

Oct 9 2019 — Glen Pearson — Electoral contests are hardly ever about the world in which Canada seeks to excel. This election is no different. A decade ago, one leadership candidate for a national party touted the idea of Canada being the world’s first international nation.  He spoke of how millions in the world wanted to migrate to our shores, how […]

The Dangers of Election Myopia

Oct 2 2019 — Glen Pearson — There is little question that global democracy has hit a speed bump.  The many flirtations with populism cascading through Europe and America were too often accompanied by an extremism that made general populations uncomfortable.  As hatred, racism and alt-right movements used political turbulence and vulnerabilities to show their true colours, millions of voters and citizens […]

Brexit’s Ultimate Casualty Looks to be Democracy Itself.

Sep 10 2019 — Glen Pearson — For political junkies, there’s been no time like it.  The embroiled happenings in Britain, America, and less frequently France, Germany and Russia have turned these days into a kind of madness that hasn’t been seen in decades.  The spectacle of democracy falling apart on countless screens in real time, hour upon hour, can bring one […]

Instead of Making History, We’ve Become Entangled In it

Aug 27 2019 — Glen Pearson — The G7 in France, now concluded, held little in the way of significance. There was the odd surprise (Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif’s drop-in visit) and Justin Trudeau’s pledge of over half the group’s combined total to fight the Amazon forest fires, but ultimately the summit was about containing any damage instilled by the American […]