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The Right to Exist

Nov 30 2022 — Glen Pearson — In 2002, my wife and I were invited to speak to congressional leaders in Washington D.C. and to address the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on the civil war between north and south Sudan.  We had just returned from the region, and the Americans held great interest in the unfolding conflict. While meeting with the Democratic […]

The Growing World Outside of the Republican Party

Nov 15 2022 — Glen Pearson — The Red Wave that became a tentative ripple came as a surprise to most and prompted countless observations.  One of the unseen consequences of the American mid-term results has been on foreign governments and how they will now view the effects. The most immediate and obvious will be the new hopes raised in the global […]

Touching Moments of Darkness

Nov 1 2022 — Glen Pearson — Our federal politics got a chance to look in the mirror this week and what was revealed wasn’t pretty.  In fact, it was almost tragic. When Government House Leader Mark Holland talked about his “dark place” during committee testimony this past week, the session went silent, as though someone had let humanity into the room […]

Beyond Shame

Oct 26 2022 — Glen Pearson — “Beyond shame there is politics,” noted Gerard de Marigny in an unfiltered moment.  Most of us now feel we are living in such an age.  Politics always had the element of the unpredictable and disruptive, but this era has revealed a new willingness to venture as close as possible to the political edge without falling […]

The Warning Signs are Still There

Oct 10 2022 — Glen Pearson — We wish it to be over so we might get on with business as usual.  Sometimes politicians assist us in moving in that direction, as when American president Joe Biden recently noted that “the pandemic is over” – something Dr. Anthony Fauci wisely observed was a “matter of semantics.”  Canadian politicians are primarily in the […]

Throwing Bad Politics After Good People

Sep 23 2022 — Glen Pearson — It was a touching journey reading through the various tributes to Trevor Harrison, the former young Liberal staffer who passed away following a lengthy battle with brain cancer this week.  Michael Ignatieff’s reflection of Harrison in the Globe and Mail was perfectly fitting. The Ignatieff era ushered in many young keen minds to Ottawa in […]

Russia’s Other War

Sep 19 2022 — Glen Pearson — Having passed the 200-day mark in the Ukraine-Russia conflict, the dynamics are changing daily, most often with the defenders gaining the upper hand.  Unthinkable even a month ago, vast tracks of land have now been retaken, and the Russian military looks weaker now than at any other time in the conflict.  The passion, inspiration, and […]

No Place to Coalesce

Sep 6 2022 — Glen Pearson — Ronald Brownstein, senior editor of The Atlantic, made a prescient observation in an interview this past week.  Speaking not only of American Republicans but conservatives across the globe, Brownstein noted that right-of-centre conservatives are increasingly running out of room in the political world.  The rise of extremist ideologies on the Right has taken on more […]

A Prince of Parliament

Aug 9 2022 — Glen Pearson — There will be an abundance of responses and memories shared this week prompted by the passing of former Liberal interim leader Bill Graham.  They will be honest, heartfelt, and uniquely welcome in a season where politics has become something Graham himself would have never been suited for. As a humble contribution to all the tributes […]

A Future Without Ukraine?

Jul 28 2022 — Glen Pearson — The contrasts grow starker as Europeans increasingly complain about the stringencies the war between Russia and Ukraine has caused, while Ukrainian refugees wonder if the country they knew intimately will still exist should they ever return. The uncertainty of inflationary costs driven by rising energy prices has the European continent on edge, leaving governments to […]

Our Future is Here

Jul 14 2022 — Glen Pearson — So much is going on in British politics that the political realm itself frequently gathers more interest than the UK entertainment industry.  The great stories and dramas that really matter – Ukraine, poverty, immigration, the European Union, and the demise of British democracy – are repeatedly overshadowed by the lunacy of PM Boris Johnson’s final […]

When Democracy Becomes a Battlefield

Jun 28 2022 — Glen Pearson — American political analyst Michael Podhorzer laid out a frightening scenario last week in a newsletter penned for activists.  He suggests that the time might have arrived when the United States is not one country but two nations that happen to share the same geography. Ronald Brownstein, the senior writer for the Atlantic, wrote about Podhorzer’s […]

Taking Human Out of Human Rights

Jun 16 2022 — Glen Pearson — The very thought of it carries the vestiges of something inhumane, which is likely why the European human rights court imposed a legal injunction against it.  Nevertheless, the intent of Boris Johnson’s government to ship asylum seekers to Rwanda from Britain to be processed and fend for themselves in an African land thousands of miles […]