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Polarized Canada needs to find common ground

Mar 5 2022 — Glen Pearson — Perhaps we just can’t do it anymore. Canadians have spent the last 155 years disagreeing about everything. What else can we expect from a country of 10 provinces, three territories, more than 200 languages, 15 religions (more if you count indigenous spirituality, which we should), and an endless array of political opinions?

We’re All Soldiers in This War

Feb 28 2022 — Glen Pearson — It now appears that Vladimir Putin greatly overestimated his military might or underestimated Ukraine’s.  The answer is likely both. Ukraine demonstrates remarkable prowess and adaptability against what many thought a Russian juggernaut.  Their skill in fighting in small units, moving at a pace quicker than Russian tanks, rocket launchers, and troop carriers, has held the […]

Anatomy of Hate

Feb 17 2022 — Glen Pearson — I’m no fool, and I’m not blind to what’s going on in the country.  Canada’s peaceful middle is slowly being edged off the stage by what were once fringe elements of the political world.  Both sides of the political spectrum have resented the placid, stodgy, almost inevitable pace of Canada’s middle-class, and have worked relentlessly […]

The Dangers of Political Myopia

Feb 9 2022 — Glen Pearson — For the average Canadian attempting to muddle through the pandemic, the truck convoy that arrived in Ottawa seemed something of an anomaly – a fringe protest using its heavy rigs to make a statement.    Almost two weeks later, we are coming to understand that perhaps the most dangerous aspect of it all has been the […]

Davos was Cancelled This Week. Does It Matter?

Jan 17 2022 — Glen Pearson — For many years the issues discussed at the World Economic Summit in Davos, Switzerland, were primarily economic challenges, global trade, and, naturally, the expansion of the international free market system. For politicians, policy wonks, billionaires and celebrities, it was one of the great global gigs from its inception in January 1971. This year’s event was […]

The Decline of Care is Becoming Endemic

Jan 11 2022 — Glen Pearson — The headline in the Hill Times this week said it all:  MPs say Canadians feeling ‘exasperation,’ ‘frustration’ with pandemic, and Graves says national outlook ‘unsurprisingly quite dark.’ No shock there.  What the initial waves of the pandemic couldn’t do, Omicron accomplished at lightning speed.  Canadians are exhausted, with little interest in anything, including politics, that […]

The Problem for Politics and Democracy in 2022

Dec 22 2021 — Glen Pearson — 2021 was a year three provincial elections, an array of municipal, territorial and indigenous elections, and the federal election held this past September. These represented dozens of electoral contests that in any other year would signify moments change. It was not to be.  COVID-19 and the Delta and Omicron variants had decimated this past year’s […]

Live or Let Die

Dec 8 2021 — Glen Pearson — In the run-up to the holiday season, one can almost detect the collective groan going up across the country as the evidence of the Omicron variant settles into Canadian communities.  Millions of hopes look to be delayed once more as businesses, schools, associations, hospitals and hospices are pulled back into pandemic disciplines they believed were […]

The Increasingly Turbulent World of the Middle Class

Nov 16 2021 — Glen Pearson — The headlines dominated the world’s economic news for most of the past two decades: The Uprising of the Global Middle Class – Atlantic (2017) How a Growing Middle Class Could Save the World’s Economy – Pew (2016) A global tipping point: Half the world is now middle class or wealthier – Brookings (2018) For many, […]

Digging Our Own Graves

Nov 3 2021 — Glen Pearson — For those eager to watch the regular gatherings among leaders of the most powerful democratic nations, this week’s gathering in Glasgow, Scotland carried with it a certain sense of desperation.  You could feel it as the luminaries flitted about in their attempt to show the kind of global solidarity it will take if climate change […]

Can the Progressives Deliver a Plan or Even a Future?

Oct 18 2021 — Glen Pearson — The headline isn’t just some political or partisan question thrown out there as part of the everyday dialogue.  Across the world, democratic, progressive movements have their troubles.  Canada, a seeming bastion of security in an unsettled world, especially having just concluded an election, nevertheless contains enough disconcerting divisions to reckon the future as something uncertain. […]

Nostalgia or Reality

Sep 29 2021 — Glen Pearson — It ended up being my quiet recluse during my years as a Member of Parliament.  My office was on the fourth floor of West Bloc, and the larger window faced the bronze statue of Lester B. Pearson.  He sat, quiet and serene, legs crossed and looking out over the Commons. Frequently sitting on the bench […]