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Polling evidence favours Liberal victory: Lyle

Oct 21 2019 — Greg Lyle — After a tumultuous, negative, and generally unsatisfying election, the two main parties are limping to a photo-finish. While it is close enough that I would not make a big bet or take odds, all evidence we see points to a Liberal victory on Monday night. The Liberals led the CPC by between two and four […]

The Conservative dilemma: moral victories or political victories?

Feb 9 2018 — Greg Lyle — This weekend is the annual Manning Networking Conference. Conservatives from across Canada gather in Ottawa to talk about the issues, opportunities and challenges facing the conservative movement. One of the biggest questions is, what will it take for a conservative party to form the federal government once again? As Preston Manning has noted for years, […]

Epic election campaign defined by choices, not events

Oct 17 2015 — Greg Lyle — The 2015 election will be defined in history by a bold choice that defied conventional wisdom. If we can use Justin Trudeau’s public comments as a guide, sometime late this spring or early summer the leadership of the Liberal campaign decided to challenge the view that deficits are the third rail of Canadian politics, and […]

Conservative, NDP hopes dim as Liberals dare to dream

Oct 9 2015 — Greg Lyle — A daring strategy, a strong performance by their leader and some of the best political advertising in recent history have placed the Liberal Party at victory’s doorstep with just 10 days to go. While it is true that a week is a long time in politics, in the normal course of events, today’s numbers would […]

Horserace narrows while Liberals gain on underlying numbers

Aug 29 2015 — Greg Lyle — After being pushed one way and pulled another, voters ended August very close to where they started at the beginning of the month with the horserace even tighter now than when the campaign began. The Duffy trial motivated opposition supporters and dampened the Conservative opportunity to grow. The leaders’ debate helped the Greens, Liberals and […]