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Is Jason Kenney now the federal Conservatives’ alpha male?

Aug 12 2019 — Gillian Steward — Since Doug Ford has stepped back from politicking for federal Conservative leader Andrew Scheer lest he embarrass him it’s clear Jason Kenney is now the party’s alpha male. I don’t mean that the Alberta premier will replace Scheer any time soon but it’s becoming more than a little obvious that the former Conservative MP and […]

Jason Kenney makes Justin Trudeau look good outside Alberta

Jul 15 2019 — Gillian Steward — Justin Trudeau came to Alberta last week and amidst stoneface employees at the Trans Mountain pipeline terminal just outside Edmonton held what can only be described as an election campaign photo-op. He spoke forcefully about tackling environmental issues while at the same time ensuring jobs in the energy sector by green lighting controversial projects, such […]

Is pipeline pressure also weighing on Jody Wilson-Raybould?

Feb 25 2019 — Gillian Steward — Jody Wilson-Raybould and SNC-Lavalin are now inextricably entwined in the minds of Canadians. It’s impossible to think of one without thinking of the other. But is the SNC-Lavalin affair really the straw that broke the camel’s back? Or are there other pressure points that caused the former attorney general to eventually break rank and resign […]

In Alberta, the NDP has become the Rachel party

Feb 12 2019 — Gillian Steward — The Alberta election hasn’t been called yet but the campaigning is well underway. And it’s clear that if the NDP is to hold onto the reins of government it’s all up to Rachel. Rachel Notley, premier, NDP leader, daughter of another revered NDP leader, is by far the party’s most valuable asset. All political leaders […]

Echoes of Trump resound at Bernier’s Calgary rally

Nov 13 2018 — Gillian Steward — Maxime Bernier came to Calgary last week and it was clear he has lots of fans here. Lots of fans. About 400 people — 90 per cent male, and 99 per cent white — jammed into a hotel conference room on Friday night and enthusiastically applauded almost everything Bernier said. They praised him effusively during […]

Scheer and Conservatives come up empty on the pipeline

Sep 17 2018 — Gillian Steward — Since Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives have positioned themselves as champions of the energy industry they will have plenty of ammunition to fling at Justin Trudeau and the Liberals as MPs return to the House of Commons this week. Most of it will stem from the morass caused by the judicial decision that halted expansion […]

Alberta allies could help Bernier’s new party

Sep 4 2018 — Gillian Steward — Maxime Bernier has lots of fans in Alberta. But does he have enough to make a dent in the Conservative vote in the next federal election? He just might because he garnered significant support from Alberta during the leadership race and one of his biggest fans is Alberta MLA Derek Fildebrandt who, like Bernier, is […]

Ford win buoys hopes for Alberta conservatives

Jun 11 2018 — Gillian Steward — Given how elated he was over the victory of Doug Ford you could be forgiven for thinking that Jason Kenney, Alberta’s would-be premier, had just won. For Kenney, leader of the United Conservative Party, Ford’s victory was a sign of things to come, not just in Alberta, but in the battle he wants to lead […]

Can Alberta have it both ways on carbon pricing?

May 14 2018 — Gillian Steward — As the battle for the Trans Mountain pipeline rages on — last week, Alberta Premier Rachel Notley launched a million dollar ad campaign aimed at its opponents in B.C. — a big question still looms. How can the federal and Alberta governments support a pipeline designed to significantly increase shipments of diluted bitumen from the […]

Trudeau bets he and Notley can push the pipeline through B.C.

Apr 16 2018 — Gillian Steward — In the end Justin Trudeau didn’t have much choice. He couldn’t be seen to look weak when it comes to asserting federal authority in the dispute between Alberta and B.C. over the future of a trans-provincial pipeline that would ship diluted bitumen from the oilsands to the West Coast for export to Asia. That would […]