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Trump proves Canadians got it right on health care

Oct 17 2017 — Gillian Steward — Last week a beaming Donald Trump signed executive orders in front of a fawning audience clustered around his desk that will make it much harder for ordinary Americans to buy health insurance. And once again Canadians across the country looked across the border in disbelief at how Americans just can’t come to grips with the […]

Even in Alberta, views on oil are changing

Sep 19 2017 — Gillian Steward — The hard realities of climate change seemed to be everywhere this summer. In Calgary smoke hung in the air and burned our eyes as ash fell on our cars from forest fires to the west and the south. On a drive to the Okanagan, for almost 500 km smoke drifted close to the car or […]

Grateful to call Canada home

Sep 5 2017 — Gillian Steward — Our next eagerly anticipated holiday weekend, Thanksgiving, is still a while away. But there are times, and they seem more frequent lately given what is going on south of the border, when I can’t help but feel extremely thankful to call Canada home. This sense of gratitude hit me again recently while I was in […]

Where pipelines means money and jobs

Aug 9 2017 — Gillian Steward — In B.C., the new NDP government is wrestling with the power it now has to stall or stop the controversial Trans Mountain Pipeline that would deliver oil from Alberta’s tarsands to tankers on the West Coast bound for Asia. Premier John Horgan campaigned against it. Environmental activists have vowed to stop it anyway they can. […]

Flawed strategy of making Alberta great again

Jul 25 2017 — Gillian Steward — Last October, former Harper cabinet minister Jason Kenney rode his white horse back to Alberta, determined to save the people from the horrors of the NDP government and get himself elected premier. So far, Kenney’s scheme is on track. But there’s still a long stretch to go before his quest is accomplished. And while Albertans […]

Electric cars pose headaches for the oil industry

Jul 11 2017 — Gillian Steward — Electric cars are having a moment. There are only a few on the road compared to gas guzzlers but recent predictions by reliable sources see battery powered vehicles becoming the rage much sooner than had been expected. Since these sedans, SUVs, and possibly pickup trucks will be powered by electricity instead of gasoline what will […]

Jason Kenney has Alberta conservatives even more divided

Jun 27 2017 — Gillian Steward — Jason Kenney, once one of Stephen Harper’s key cabinet ministers, had what seemed like the perfect plan to rid Alberta of Rachel Notley’s NDP government. He would enter provincial politics and unite the right — conservative parties garnered more of the popular vote than the NDP in the 2015 election — and become the leader […]

It’s time to recognize First Nations as founders of Canada

Jun 13 2017 — Gillian Steward — A few months back I wrote about the idea of officially establishing Canada’s Indigenous peoples as one of the country’s founding peoples along with the French and the British. I was amazed at the positive and overwhelming support that garnered from readers. Not because I thought it was a bad idea — I think it […]

B.C. election turns up volume of pipeline battles

May 16 2017 — Gillian Steward — It’s still not clear who will eventually control the reins of government in B.C. Recounts could give the Liberals one more seat and a majority. Or the NDP and the Greens could agree to a majority coalition and edge out the Liberals. This has caused some to speculate that whatever the outcome Alberta Premier Rachel […]

Why Maxime Bernier buddies up to Alberta’s Wildrose Party

May 2 2017 — Gillian Steward — It’s fascinating to watch the budding alliance that has emerged between Maxime Bernier, a front-runner for the federal Conservative leadership, and Alberta’s Wildrose Party. Not in its wildest dreams could the Wildrose have imagined a Conservative leader from Quebec might be the messiah it is waiting for. But it’s true. Bernier sounds like a Wildroser […]

NDP win in B.C. would be bad news for Rachel Notley

Apr 18 2017 — Gillian Steward — It’s entirely possible that Alberta NDP Premier Rachel Notley secretly hopes B.C. premier Christy Clark will soundly beat the NDP in the upcoming provincial election. That’s because a win by the NDP would put one of Notley’s most prized bragging points — the expansion of the Trans Mountain oil pipeline — in jeopardy. B.C. NDP […]

Nenshi could flame out in fight over new arena

Apr 4 2017 — Gillian Steward — Now that the Edmonton Oilers and the Calgary Flames have finally secured a spot in the NHL playoffs after years of failing to make the grade watch for an even bigger battle to play out. It is one that could end with the Flames packing up and moving somewhere else. The Edmonton/Calgary rivalry is legendary. […]