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Rebounding Alberta economy good news for Notley

Mar 6 2018 — Gillian Steward — It’s been a long haul for Albertans since the price of oil took a dive three years ago but it appears they can now bank on better days ahead. That was the good news from Joe Ceci, the province’s finance minister, when he presented a third quarter budget update last week. Not only is the […]

Pipeline politics push Trudeau into the line of fire

Feb 6 2018 — Gillian Steward — The Alberta NDP government desperately wants a pipeline expansion to the West Coast to proceed as fast as possible. The NDP government in B.C. desperately wants to stop it Which has left Justin Trudeau stuck in the line of fire. What he decides to do about that could determine the fate of one government or […]

Winds of change blowing into Alberta

Dec 29 2017 — Gillian Steward — Big winds of change will roar through Alberta in 2018. They won’t be metaphorical winds either. They will be real winds from the Rockies spinning giant wind mills to generate electricity on a large scale. This is a huge turn of events for a province that for decades has relied on fossil fuels to power […]

Alberta license plates a no-no in Saskatchewan

Dec 12 2017 — Gillian Steward — Maybe Saskatchewan premier Brad Wall, one of only two conservative premiers still standing, just felt the need to lash out in frustration before he retires from politics. Maybe he just couldn’t stomach anymore the NDP government in neighbouring Alberta, especially given that the Saskatchewan NDP is on the rise again.

Alberta betting on booming marijuana market

Nov 28 2017 — Gillian Steward — So far it looks like Alberta will be the go-to province for marijuana entrepreneurs lining up to get in on the action when selling pot becomes legal next summer. Unlike Ontario and Quebec, Alberta has taken a free market approach. Recreational marijuana will be sold in privately owned retail stores and there could be a […]

Has Rachel Notley been thrown overboard by the Trudeau team?

Nov 14 2017 — Gillian Steward — Alberta Premier Rachel Notley will be in Toronto next week to try and convince any doubters of the benefits of the expansion of the TransMountain oil pipeline. Why you might ask is she touting the benefits of a pipeline that won’t run anywhere near Toronto or anywhere in Ontario? The $7.4 billion project would ship […]

What’s the next big thing after oil for Alberta?

Oct 31 2017 — Gillian Steward — Is oil becoming passé? If so, what is going to replace it in Alberta? What kind of industries will provide the well-paying jobs that lured so many people to this province over the past 20 years and kept them here? That’s the big question facing Albertans, and other petroleum producing regions of Canada, as the […]

Trump proves Canadians got it right on health care

Oct 17 2017 — Gillian Steward — Last week a beaming Donald Trump signed executive orders in front of a fawning audience clustered around his desk that will make it much harder for ordinary Americans to buy health insurance. And once again Canadians across the country looked across the border in disbelief at how Americans just can’t come to grips with the […]

Even in Alberta, views on oil are changing

Sep 19 2017 — Gillian Steward — The hard realities of climate change seemed to be everywhere this summer. In Calgary smoke hung in the air and burned our eyes as ash fell on our cars from forest fires to the west and the south. On a drive to the Okanagan, for almost 500 km smoke drifted close to the car or […]

Grateful to call Canada home

Sep 5 2017 — Gillian Steward — Our next eagerly anticipated holiday weekend, Thanksgiving, is still a while away. But there are times, and they seem more frequent lately given what is going on south of the border, when I can’t help but feel extremely thankful to call Canada home. This sense of gratitude hit me again recently while I was in […]

Where pipelines means money and jobs

Aug 9 2017 — Gillian Steward — In B.C., the new NDP government is wrestling with the power it now has to stall or stop the controversial Trans Mountain Pipeline that would deliver oil from Alberta’s tarsands to tankers on the West Coast bound for Asia. Premier John Horgan campaigned against it. Environmental activists have vowed to stop it anyway they can. […]