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With Ebola cases petering out, will trial of the drug ZMapp run out of time?

Aug 13 2015 — Helen Branswell — TORONTO - Moments after the first person treated with ZMapp started receiving the experimental Ebola drug he could feel effects which suggested it was working.Dr. Kent Brantly's soaring temperature abated within 15 minutes. Ninety minutes after the infusion started, the American doctor was able to walk to the bathroom for the first time in a […]

A made-in-Canada Ebola vaccine has been shown to work; What’s next?

Jul 31 2015 — Helen Branswell — TORONTO - A team of international researchers has reported an Ebola vaccine developed at Canada's National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg works.In a study in Guinea, the vaccine protected 100 per cent of the people who got it from infection with the deadly virus.The world has been waiting for years for an effective Ebola vaccine and […]

Staff working for scientists accused of falsifying data altered images: Document

Jul 30 2015 — Helen Branswell — TORONTO - A Toronto hospital investigating claims two of its researchers fabricated data in published scientific papers was told the image-altering program Photoshop was commonly used in their lab, a court document reveals.The researchers, Dr. Sylvia Asa and Dr. Shereen Ezzat, are asking Ontario's Divisional Court to quash a University Health Network decision that found […]

Abortion pill RU-486 approved by Health Canada after 2 1/2 year review

Jul 30 2015 — Helen Branswell — TORONTO - A quarter century after women in France were first given access to it, the abortion drug known as RU-486 is finally going to be available in Canada.Health Canada confirmed late Wednesday that it had approved the drug for use here, 2 1/2 years after the manufacturer's application was submitted. Women will need to […]

Wishes program an effort to humanize death in hospital ICUs

Jul 13 2015 — Helen Branswell — TORONTO - One couple renewed their wedding vows. Another had a date night. A group of family and friends gathered for one last sing-along.These are some of the outcomes that resulted from a Hamilton hospital's novel "three wishes" program, an effort to make dying in an intensive care unit a bit less impersonal."Humanizing the environment […]

Fecal transplants often cure C. diff. but can they help ulcerative colitis?

Jul 10 2015 — Helen Branswell — TORONTO - Stool transplants appear to be a veritable home run in the treatment of recurrent C. difficile infections. Researchers are now questioning whether the therapy would work for a range of other bowel diseases, and even obesity.The first trials looking at whether ulcerative colitis could be treated with an infusion of a healthy person's […]

Chickenpox arrives at the Pan Am Games: Some facts about a miserable ailment

Jul 10 2015 — Helen Branswell — TORONTO - A member of Mexico's female soccer team at the Pan Am Games has been diagnosed with chickenpox, Games officials have confirmed.Here are some facts about chickenpox, a miserable ailment rendered fairly rare since the advent of an effective vaccine:— That's not its real nameWe call it chickenpox. But this disease, which was once […]

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