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Prime Minister Scheer will send us into America’s orbit

Oct 18 2019 — Heather Mallick — Careful how you vote in Canada’s federal election on Monday, especially if you’re young and female. You are vulnerable. Think strategically. Do you need to be reminded that Trumpism is catching and that Canadians might need to be revaccinated against this nasty virus? Margaret Atwood reminded you this week: “Vote for the party that knows […]

What else has U.S. citizen Scheer not told us?

Oct 7 2019 — Heather Mallick — Why didn’t Andrew Scheer, the Conservative Party leader running to be prime minister of Canada, tell voters he had dual American citizenship? He says he was never asked. I see. Several other questions were never asked until recently. Why did you lie when you said you worked for six months as a Regina insurance broker? […]

Who else must die before handguns are banned in Canada?

Aug 11 2019 — Heather Mallick — It was strange to discover that the federal government will do nothing about the sale or possession of handguns and assault weapons at least until after the fall election. If there’s one thing I expect from the Liberals, it’s reasonableness, so this burns. A mass killer’s bullets killed two young girls — remember them, Julianna […]

Ugly Chateau Laurier addition still intolerable

Jul 29 2019 — Heather Mallick — Ottawa has blown a gasket over the planned addition to the Chateau Laurier, which looks like an accordion made by gluing bits of other broken accordions together. Who is to blame, the architect or the developer? The ubiquitous glass boxes shooting to the sky in Toronto — some designed by Peter Clewes, the Chateau’s chosen […]

Andrew Scheer is chicken about meat and milk

Jul 22 2019 — Heather Mallick — Here in Toronto, we are breathing hot soup rather than air, passengers are dragging recalcitrant subway cars with long ropes, and tempers are ragged. So it is pleasant to hear that Conservative leader Andrew Scheer is making a game effort to turn the Canada Food Guide into a fun election issue.

CBC chief stands up to U.S. cultural swamping

Feb 4 2019 — Heather Mallick — All hail CBC president and CEO Catherine Tait for fearlessly standing up for Canada at a parlous time when the American elephant thrashes and trumpets at the rest of the world. Go stomp on someone else was her message, and we should be proud. Tait, who has spent her life in the Canadian broadcasting industry, […]

Prepare for Britain’s civil war

Jan 21 2019 — Heather Mallick — Brexit has Britain roaring with quarrels but here’s the strange part. They’re not with the EU. They are within Britain itself, as if the nation were having a drug intervention with Theresa May after that bellowing Commons catastrophe. “Welcome to the Blunderdome,” wrote journalist Marina Hyde. As is usual with interventions, it brought up childhood […]

Karen Wang disgraced herself with the politics of division

Jan 19 2019 — Heather Mallick — Speaking of Freud’s narcissism of minor differences, certain people in Burnaby, east of Vancouver, think certain other people don’t fit in. With them, that is. If this were a local matter confined to toxic former Liberal candidate Karen Wang, fine. But if it’s a sign of self-generated ethnic split in a multicultural nation, it is […]

What makes Tory men go from public prudes to pests in private?

Nov 10 2018 — Heather Mallick — A flood of sexual harassment has swept over male Conservative politicians federal and provincial, leaving everyone soaked in distaste and sudsing in dubious fluids. Now the oak flooring is ruined, just ruined. They’ll repair it, but they know it’s going to flood again. There is something about being a prude in public that makes men […]

Everybody hurts sometimes. Everybody cries

Aug 20 2018 — Heather Mallick — I was genuinely taken aback. A Toronto Sun columnist who should have known better mockingly tweeted a list of the times Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had cried in public. It was labelled #TrudeauCried. Hashtags like that magnetize hate on Twitter. The list began with Trudeau crying at his father Pierre’s funeral. Then at Auschwitz. At […]

What Freud would say about Scheer’s swing set petulance

Jun 26 2018 — Heather Mallick — The federal Conservatives have gone Trumpish, campaigning online and in the House of Commons in absurd terms that call out to the foolish, spiteful elements of voters’ psyches and Canadian sense of self. That’s a given. But will it work? I think Canadians are too sensible and fair-minded for this. Still, one does worry.

Chrystia Freeland dares to look at a dark American future

Jun 15 2018 — Heather Mallick — The great failing of political speechmaking and its reporting has been the deletion of context. Once a vast and useful canopy, it has gone missing at a time when citizens have never needed it more. Columnists want a headbanger Orwell-essay intro. Reporters want a sound bite, the more emotional the better. Politicians want a slogan: […]

Lawsuit casts shadow over Ford’s business acumen

Jun 5 2018 — Heather Mallick — Is Ontario PC populist Doug Ford a failing businessman? It’s not clear if Ford is copying the Donald Trump playbook or if the dice just fell that way at birth. But his Trump-like refusal to provide any financial information about his company — or even his own salary at Deco Labels — to refute Renata […]