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Will Justin Trudeau fire Bill Morneau?

Aug 2 2020 — Heather Scoffield, — Conventional wisdom has it that a leader can’t oust his finance minister in times of economic instability because such a move would compound the instability. Traditionally, firing a finance minister signals to the world that something is dreadfully wrong, either with a country’s economic policy or with the governance of the country’s money. That’s not […]

COVID supports are ending and families are facing a financial crunch. How will Ottawa help?

Jul 10 2020 — Heather Scoffield — JOIN THE CONVERSATION The interview with Navdeep Bains kicked off with pandemic pleasantries about how the family was faring — inquiries about the children, their health and their anxiety levels. As the innovation minister pointed out later in the discussion, it’s an entirely appropriate way to begin a conversation about the economic recovery. He is […]

Bill Morneau will have to walk a very fine line in fiscal update

Jul 7 2020 — Heather Scoffield — Finance Minister Bill Morneau will be walking a fine line as he presents his first full reckoning of pandemic spending and deficits on Wednesday, trying to convey multiple messages to multiple audiences with limited information. He will need to indicate that the government still cares for those hardest hit by the pandemic while showing that […]

Justin Trudeau used to brag about Canada’s credit rating. Should we be worried now?

Jun 27 2020 — Heather Scoffield — Before the pandemic hit, when the opposition Conservatives were attacking the Liberals for running up the deficit, Justin Trudeau would point to the country’s triple-A credit rating as proof that his government was on the right track, thank you very much. Canada’s debt has been considered top-notch by financial markets since 2004, and the triple-A […]