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Conservatives need a moderate, humane agenda

Jan 10 2017 — Hugh Segal — There is no conflict between moderation in public policy, both foreign and domestic, and modern conservatism. The need to make this point underlines how far Canadian conservatives have drifted from their successful, more moderate roots. From Sir John A. Macdonald to Stephen Harper, moderation and balance almost always predicted electoral victory. When set aside for […]

In the Senate, a little freedom would go a very long way

Nov 21 2016 — Hugh Segal — Change is rarely easy in longstanding institutions, especially those created by the Fathers of Confederation. It is human nature to slow down and moderate change. The creation of an upper chamber, modelled on the House of Lords at Westminster,‎ was about ensuring that the less populace regions could balance the power of high-populace Ontario. No […]

The biggest questions for Tories aren’t about a new leader

Mar 21 2016 — Hugh Segal — Release of the Conservative Party’s rules and spending limits for its leadership race will no doubt elicit much speculation about which candidates, putative or genuine, will take part. However attractive the lure of the “horse race” narrative may be, it is a narrative that is premature and, as is the case with any personality-driven leadership […]

Why hope matters, especially in difficult times

Jan 1 2016 — Hugh Segal — The durability of any democracy is always tied to the viability of hope. To some extent, the absence, however unwitting, of hope in the Conservative Party’s recent election platform had a lot to do with the Liberal victory on Oct. 19. Hope is what voters are about in general elections in genuine democracies. Justin Trudeau […]

Extreme ideology won’t help Ontario

May 7 2014 — Hugh Segal — Ontario has gone from budget season to election season. While there will always be partisan excesses on all sides in an election, narrow ideology on tax policy is rarely helpful. In fact, part of the federal government’s downward revision of the GST, the early fiscal equilibrium transfers to the provinces by the late Jim Flaherty, […]

Canada, it’s time to talk about national security

Jan 13 2014 — Hugh Segal — The culture of national security is going through a classic philosophical and terminology transition. Inputs to this process are varied and widely disparate in source and intensity. Canada, Britain, the United States, France and other democracies are at the centre of this transition. As the instruments of national security should be about protecting democracy, the […]

An elected Senate is the only answer

May 23 2013 — Hugh Segal — Recent reports of a Senate Committee and an outside auditing firm regarding the questionable expense claims of certain senators have resulted in the departure from caucus of three Conservatives and one Liberal senator. The validity…