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Canadians reclaim their country from Stephen Harper

Oct 22 2015 — Haroon Siddiqui — Stephen Harper wanted an election on Canadian values. Canadians gave him one. Nearly 70 per cent said his values were not theirs. He was hoisted on his own petard. He arranged for the longest election in 140 years to disadvantage the opposition. It only gave Justin Trudeau the time to showcase his steady improvement. Better […]

Justin Trudeau is the best alternative to Stephen Harper

Oct 11 2015 — Haroon Siddiqui — The first duty of a prime minister is to not damage the country. One sure way to damage it, history tells us, is to do nothing when extremists spread hate against a group of fellow citizens. We have a far more frightening situation today. The prime minister himself is orchestrating a campaign of bigotry, covertly […]

King Stephen has changed Canada for the worse

Oct 8 2015 — Haroon Siddiqui — One can agree or disagree with the political orientation of a government, even on such seminal issues as where to draw the line between security and civil liberties in this age of terrorism. Stephen Harper’s biggest problem is not that he is a right-wing ideologue. It is how he has governed. A prime minister must […]

Republican tactics working for Harper

Oct 4 2015 — Haroon Siddiqui — Donald Trump says he does not want Syrian refugees in the United States. “They could be, listen, they could be ISIS (Islamic State).” If 200,000 came, that’d constitute a “200,000-man army.” Stephen Harper is not so crude but his message is similar. “We cannot open the floodgates and airlift tens of thousands of refugees out […]

The high cost of Stephen Harper’s foreign policy

Sep 27 2015 — Haroon Siddiqui — As Stephen Harper, Thomas Mulcair and Justin Trudeau participate in a televised debate on foreign policy Monday evening, let’s see what some elder statesmen are saying. “Canada has become a posturer, a poseur, a right-wing gasbag, shouting from the sidelines,” writes Bob Rae in his latest book, What Happened to Politics. Harper has “shamed Canada,” […]

Stephen Harper waging phony jihad on the niqab

Sep 24 2015 — Haroon Siddiqui — The prime minister of Canada has spent $250,000 preventing a law-abiding immigrant from becoming a Canadian. Stephen Harper is going to spend more, as he challenges two separate court rulings that it is “unlawful” to force Zunera Ishaq of Toronto to take off her niqab for the citizenship ceremony. This is not a scandalous waste […]

Stephen Harper tells tales on the economy

Sep 20 2015 — Haroon Siddiqui — Stephen Harper can describe night as day, black as white, and six straight years of deficits and a debt of $612 billion as sound economic management. With a straight face, he says it is the New Democrats and Liberals who cannot be trusted with the treasury. Repeated often enough, his mantra may sound plausible enough […]

How the Harper government is manipulating the refugee crisis

Sep 17 2015 — Haroon Siddiqui — The Harper government has long resisted bringing in Syrian refugees, an overwhelming majority of whom are Muslims. But it has been keen on fast-tracking Christians, Yazidis and others from Syria and Iraq. Its rationale for the first is that with so many extremist militias operating there, terrorists could sneak in masquerading as refugees. Its explanation […]

Don’t blame Harper for all of Chris Alexander’s failings

Sep 13 2015 — Haroon Siddiqui — Chris Alexander is being pilloried as ferociously as he was praised enthusiastically four years ago when he entered Parliament. The oft-cited reason for his precipitous fall from grace is that the former suave diplomat had to transform himself into a crude Conservative huckster to succeed in the court of King Stephen where you follow every […]

Syrian refugee crisis exposes Harper’s ideological choices

Sep 10 2015 — Haroon Siddiqui — You are Stephen Harper. Your government spends years demonizing asylum seekers as “bogus refugees.” It denies them health care. It takes pride in detaining and deporting many of them. In tandem with pandering to nativists, you cater to Islamophobes by conflating law-abiding Muslims with Muslim terrorists. Your Conservative Party runs a fundraising campaign based on […]

Stephen Harper’s flip-flop on war fits pattern of deceit

Mar 26 2015 — Haroon Siddiqui — As with just about everything else, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said one thing about the war on the Islamic State but is doing another. The non-combat mission featured combat. The short-term commitment has become long. No involvement in Syria has evolved into a war in Syria. His reasons for extending and expanding the mission are […]

Harper should follow our secular law on niqab

Mar 15 2015 — Haroon Siddiqui — One tried and tested Republican dirty trick is to place an emotional issue, such as abortion or same-sex marriage, on the ballot as a referendum. Worked-up voters get diverted from the economy and other more relevant issues. The party’s conservative base gets motivated to turn up on election day. The dynamic works even better if […]

How Harperites play their divisive anti-Muslim games

Mar 12 2015 — Haroon Siddiqui — Is Stephen Harper tapping into, even fanning, anti-Muslim bigotry, as Justin Trudeau says? The answer, sadly, is yes. The judgment is based on the Conservative government’s track record over eight years, not just its current conflation of terrorism with Muslims/Islam, or its own jihad against one Toronto woman who wants to keep her niqab during […]