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Substance Over Scrapping: The Final, French Debate

Oct 11 2019 — L. Ian MacDonald — Perhaps it was indicative that the last leaders’ debate in French was a serious matter when the producers relegated Quebec’s Bill 21 on secular dress codes to the end of the two-hour program. “We received a ton of questions on laicité,” conceded debate host Patrice Roy, the veteran Radio-Canada journalist and anchor. Come to that, […]

A Debate With No Winners, But a Bit More Clarity

Oct 8 2019 — L. Ian MacDonald — In the first of the federal election campaign’s two debates sanctioned by the new Leaders’ Debates Commission, Trudeau held steady, Scheer came out snarling and Singh became a better-known commodity. Two things happened away from the TV leaders’ debate studio that may have broken to the advantage of Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer. First, in the […]

By not calling byelections, Trudeau breaks a convention of courtesy

Oct 30 2018 — L. Ian MacDonald — Welcome to the rules of the game for the 2019 televised leaders’ debates. Democratic Institutions Minister Karina Gould kicked off the proceedings Tuesday morning with her announcement that former governor general David Johnston will be commissioner of the TV debates and chair of a seven-person advisory board. The debate board’s mandate is to hire a […]

NAFTA’s sacred cows and deal breakers

Sep 4 2018 — L. Ian MacDonald — When the NAFTA trade talks resume in Washington on Wednesday, they will essentially come down to two trade offs between the United States and Canada. Canada is adamant that Chapter 19 of NAFTA, the independent dispute settlement mechanism, is a deal breaker. Canada will never settle trade disputes in U.S. courts. This was the deal […]

The GTA Shuffle is Done. On to the BBQ Circuit

Jul 20 2018 — L. Ian MacDonald — The mid-summer cabinet shuffle was about getting the Liberal government past rough patches through to the October 2019 election. And a lot of the campaign positioning from their perspective is about Ontario and Quebec, the heartland of Liberal dynasties going back to Laurier’s time. Ontario has been responsible for the last two majority governments, giving […]

Trudeau can use declaratory power to build the pipeline. Just watch him

May 2 2018 — L. Ian MacDonald — Welcome to the merry month of May and Kinder Morgan’s ticking clock, or time bomb, of its threat to cancel the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion by month’s end if political obstacles and financial uncertainty aren’t removed by then. You could call this an ultimatum, or even political blackmail, but the obstacles are clearly blocking construction […]

Short, 3-way race is far from bad news for Ontario PCs

Feb 7 2018 — L. Ian MacDonald — There’s never been a shorter race than the six-week campaign for the Progressive Conservative leadership of Ontario. It means three things are incredibly important in setting up competitive advantage —name recognition, an “air game” in mainstream and social media, and enough money to get into and stay in the race. All of which lead to […]

A choice of poison pills: NAFTA in 2018

Jan 2 2018 — L. Ian MacDonald — In an impromptu half-hour interview with the New York Times at his West Palm Beach golf club last Thursday, Donald Trump was not asked about the NAFTA renegotiation. So he brought it up himself. “I’m the big trade guy. I got elected to a certain extent on trade,” he said. “You see, I’m renegotiating NAFTA, […]

Trump just narrowed Trudeau’s fiscal options

Dec 26 2017 — L. Ian MacDonald — The Liberals have begun a new holiday tradition. For the last two years, just days before Christmas, the Finance Department has put out a long-term fiscal forecast at the precise moment when no one is paying the slightest bit of attention. “The only reason they would release it on the Friday afternoon before Christmas is […]