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Pipelines and NAFTA could start war between Trudeau and the provinces

Sep 11 2018 — Jack M. Mintz — Watching the recent press conference where Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and B.C. Premier Horgan announced funding for two new transit projects around Vancouver, everything seems lovey-dovey among the federal and provincial governments in Canada again. Yes, Trudeau made clear once again at the press conference his support for the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion and his […]

What Could Have Been Done on Corporate Tax Reform

Oct 18 2017 — Jack M. Mintz — As I write this article on the latest version of private corporate tax reform, not all the details have been revealed. Nor has there been sufficient time to fully digest the October amendments to the historic July 18, 2017 proposals and understand their economic impacts. As a reminder, the July 18 pro‎posals included three major […]

How Alberta can free itself from debt bondage

Apr 18 2016 — Jack M. Mintz — It is perhaps fitting that Alberta’s NDP government chose to table its budget just days before the holiday of Passover, which commemorates the exodus of Moses and the Hebrews from Egypt through the miraculous parting of the Red Sea. Of course the Notley government might be feeling more like the Egyptian army, drowning in a […]

Trudeau’s tax plan a mixed bag that does nothing for growth

May 5 2015 — Jack M. Mintz — The Liberals plan to tax the rich to help children and the middle class. The Trudeau tax policy plan announced Monday comes in two parts. One revamps support for families for children and the other taxes the rich, a favourite way today for governments to provide modest tax relief for the “middle class.” Trudeau’s plan […]