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Security in Canada for Meghan, Harry could cost more than $10-million annually, expert says

Jan 15 2020 — Janice Dickson — A security expert says protecting Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, while they are living in Canada could cost more than $10-million annually. Chris Mathers, formerly of the RCMP who worked in intelligence but also protection of visitors to Canada, such as members of the Royal Family and presidents, estimated the security measures required […]

Scheer stands by party’s vetting process after Conservatives drop B.C. candidate over ‘offensive’ comments

Oct 5 2019 — Janice Dickson — Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer said he’s still confident in his party’s vetting process the day after dropping a candidate who made what his campaign described as “offensive” comments. The Conservatives announced Friday evening that Heather Leung would no longer represent the party in Burnaby North-Seymour. For the first time in the campaign, Mr. Scheer planned […]

Majority of Canadians support a ban on single-use plastics: poll

Jul 15 2019 — Janice Dickson — Canadians are heavily in favour of a ban on single-use plastics such as cutlery and straws, and most would be willing to pay a small premium for environmentally sustainable products, a new Nanos Research survey has found. Last month, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government announced a plan to regulate plastic waste as part of […]

Andrew Scheer presses Trudeau to release details of settlement with Vice-Admiral Mark Norman

Jun 28 2019 — Janice Dickson — Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is calling on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to disclose the details of the settlement the government reached with Vice-Admiral Mark Norman. The Department of National Defence issued a statement this week on behalf of the government and Vice-Adm. Norman, saying counsels for each party reached a “mutually accepted agreement” after discussions […]

Vice-Admiral Mark Norman to retire from the military

Jun 26 2019 — Janice Dickson — Vice-Admiral Mark Norman will retire from the military. Mr. Norman and the federal government announced the retirement on Wednesday afternoon. “With the assistance of the Honourable Warren Winkler, former chief justice of the Ontario Court of Appeal, counsel for both the government of Canada and [Vice-Admiral] Mark Norman have concluded discussions, held in good faith, […]

Peter Harder, Senate Government representative, accused of denying Mark Norman probe extension

Jun 20 2019 — Janice Dickson — The Senate committee that was supposed to investigate the failed prosecution of Vice-Admiral Mark Norman has become bogged down in recriminations and uncertainty around whether any hearings will ever be held. On Thursday, Conservative Senator Jean-Guy Dagenais, who originally proposed the motion that led to the Senate national security and defence committee’s decision to study […]

Davie says it provided documents to Vice-Admiral Mark Norman’s defence team in March

May 13 2019 — Janice Dickson — The shipbuilding company at the centre of Vice-Admiral Mark Norman’s breach-of-trust case says it provided documents to the senior naval officer’s defence team in March. The Quebec-based Chantier Davie Canada Inc. said on Monday that it gave Vice-Adm. Norman’s lawyers “a fulsome account of meetings and correspondence with bureaucrats and political staff.” The Crown says […]

Trudeau says Norman case unfolded ‘completely independent’ of government

May 11 2019 — Janice Dickson — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the proceedings in Vice-Admiral Mark Norman’s breach-of-trust case unfolded independent of government, despite criticism from the senior naval officer’s defence team. Mr. Trudeau avoided questions from reporters on Friday about whether he will call an inquiry into Vice-Adm. Norman’s case and why his government withheld documents the defence had requested. […]

Elections Canada to monitor misinformation about voting on social media

Apr 30 2019 — Janice Dickson — Canada’s Chief Electoral Officer says Elections Canada will deploy teams to monitor social media for misinformation about the electoral process during this fall’s election. Stéphane Perrault told the Senate finance committee Tuesday morning that it is not Elections Canada’s role to monitor truth on the internet, but it does have a responsibility to ensure that […]

Conservatives launch campaign fighting federally imposed carbon tax in four provinces

Apr 1 2019 — Janice Dickson — Federal and provincial conservatives are waging a campaign attacking the government’s carbon tax that came into effect in four provinces Monday, vowing to fight the initiative they say will make life more expensive. The federal Tories began their campaign last week. They have been using radio ads, sending text messages, using targeted social media ads […]