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Tory MP Tom Kmiec coins riddle about Morneau’s private holdings

Nov 24 2017 — Janice Dickson — Conservative MP Tom Kmiec got creative in the Commons Friday, debuting a poem he wrote about Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s numbered companies. “Uncovering what assets the finance minister holds has been an ethics riddle that we haven’t been able to figure out,” said Kmiec in question period. After CBC News revealed that Morneau waited two […]

Scheer ad an attempt to cast him as an anti-Vogue everyman: strategists

Nov 16 2017 — Janice Dickson — Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer introduced himself to Canadians this week in a glamour-free video depicting the 38-year-old as a very average guy. According to Conservative strategists, dorky and likeable is just what the party needs. “Andrew Scheer is aware Vogue magazine is never going to pay money to photograph him. Andrew is a slightly dorky […]

Senators report ‘great anxiety’ in Western Canada over tax changes

Nov 14 2017 — Janice Dickson — Members on the Senate finance committee took their study of the Liberal government’s controversial tax reforms on the road to Western Canada last week where they say there is ‘anxiety’ mounting over the changes. “Canadians have concerns about taxation,” said independent Sen. Anne Cools in a release sent to reporters Tuesday. Cools is the deputy […]

Liberal government spends over $555,000 on Canada Post building wrap

Nov 13 2017 — Janice Dickson — The red and blue Canada 150 banner that wraps around the Canada Post building on Sparks St. in Ottawa cost taxpayers $555,272.10, according to an Access to Information and Privacy document obtained by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. Aaron Wudrick, the federal director of the CTF, drew attention to the cost of the banner on Twitter […]

Liberals won’t say whether CRA is investigating Bronfman

Nov 8 2017 — Janice Dickson — The Liberal government will not say whether the Canada Revenue Agency is investigating top Liberal fundraiser Stephen Bronfman, despite the fact that the government has vowed to take a closer look at Canadians connected to the so-called ‘Paradise Papers’. According to the papers — documents about offshore investments obtained by CBC/Radio-Canada and the Toronto Star […]

Trudeau on the defensive over Bronfman’s alleged tax tactics

Nov 6 2017 — Janice Dickson — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau insisted today the federal government is still cracking down on tax evasion after a massive leak of documents linked his chief fundraiser to a multi-million dollar offshore tax haven. According to documents known as the Paradise Papers obtained by CBC/Radio-Canada and the Toronto Star, Trudeau’s long-time friend and top fundraiser Stephen […]

Liberal MP welcomes debate with Scheer over Khadr settlement

Jul 18 2017 — Janice Dickson — Liberal MP Chandra Arya says he welcomes Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer’s suggestion to debate the Liberal government’s settlement with Omar Khadr. Arya acknowledged that “it’s not just the Conservatives” who are against the reported $10.5 million payout to Khadr. “Most Canadians … they’re uncomfortable, as the prime minister said.” The Nepean MP was in the […]

Kevin O’Leary wants a recount

Jun 6 2017 — Janice Dickson — Kevin O’Leary wants the Conservative Party of Canada to recount the ballots that were cast in the recent leadership contest. “I see no reason we should not have a recount,” O’Leary told iPolitics in an email. “There are a relatively few number of votes to count and I am sure that no leader of the […]

Anti-abortion groups celebrate Scheer’s victory

May 29 2017 — Janice Dickson — Anti-abortion groups are celebrating Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer’s victory. “We look forward to working with members of Parliament and grassroots supporters to ensure legislation that advances pre-born human rights is introduced and debated,” said Mike Schouten, spokesperson for We Need a Law, in a release Monday morning. In an email to iPolitics, Schouten said that […]

Absorbing O’Leary’s campaign team is costing Bernier’s operation major coin

May 26 2017 — Janice Dickson — When Kevin O’Leary dropped out of the Conservative leadership race to endorse the front-runner, Maxime Bernier, his support came at a price. Bernier’s deputy campaign manager, Emrys Graefe, told iPolitics that the Bernier crew’s embrace of O’Leary’s team has worked well — but Bernier’s core team of five ended up growing exponentially, and Bernier’s operation […]

Leitch campaign says Rebel commentator wouldn’t pass values test as Chris Alexander boycotts Rebel Media events

Mar 17 2017 — Janice Dickson — Chris Alexander boycotts Rebel Media events. Conservative leadership candidate Kellie Leitch’s campaign says Rebel Media commentator Gavin McInnes wouldn’t pass her values test. McInnes said in a video after a recent trip to Israel, which he calls a “brainwashing” trip, that he’s “becoming anti-Semitic.” The video was praised by Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke […]

Leitch climbs, O’Leary and Bernier hold steady lead in CPC race

Mar 17 2017 — Janice Dickson — Kevin O’Leary and Maxime Bernier continue to maintain a steady lead in the Conservative leadership race, according to the latest iPolitics CPC Leadership Tracker, powered by Mainstreet Research. From February March 6 to March 11, Mainstreet reached 1607 members and found — with a margin of error of +/- 2.26 per cent, 19 times out […]