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‘Punishment’ or procedure? Pessimism lingers over efforts to lift China’s canola ban

Feb 14 2020 — Janyce MacGregor — As China’s refusal to import Canadian canola seed casts a shadow over the spring planting season for the second year in a row, Parliament’s new special committee on Canada–China relations is hearing different explanations for what’s going on diplomatically. On Feb. 5, Conservative MP Chris Warkentin asked Dominic Barton, Canada’s new ambassador to China, whether […]

Veterans Affairs tightens social media vetting after Nazi gaffe in VE-Day video

Aug 18 2019 — Janyce MacGregor — Veterans Affairs has reviewed how it approves videos for posting on social media “to ensure rigour and accountability,” following an embarrassing incident last May that saw Minister Lawrence MacAulay apologize for a Second World War tribute that “erroneously” included footage of German, not Canadian soldiers. Documents obtained by CBC News under the Access to Information […]

Steel yourself, Canada: Tariff deal falls short of ‘a full lift’

May 26 2019 — Janyce MacGregor — “Don’t bask in the glory of this one,” United Steelworkers president Leo Gerard told CBC’s The House podcast last week, casting a skeptical eye on the agreement to end steel and aluminum tariffs. The deal points to where the Trump administration’s protectionism may be headed next — and it’s not really a return to a […]

Attacks on the media are a threat to democracy, Trudeau says

Nov 11 2018 — Janyce MacGregor — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told a press freedom event in Paris Sunday that one of the bulwarks protecting democratic governments from being undermined is also an institution under stress — a free-thinking, robust media. “If a democracy is to function you need an educated populace, and you need to have an informed populace, ready to […]

7 things to watch as Canada’s premiers gather in N.B.

Jul 18 2018 — Janyce MacGregor — New Brunswick Premier Brian Gallant has invited the rest of Canada’s premiers to join him on his home turf in Bouctouche, N.B., on Wednesday morning, as three days of interprovincial talks get underway. The first gathering of the Council of the Federation will take place at Pays de la Sagouine, a replica Acadian village where […]

Pharmacare may appeal to premiers seeking consensus this week in N.B.

Jul 17 2018 — Janyce MacGregor — Eric Hoskins gives Canada’s premiers credit for being the catalyst for his current mission. The physician and humanitarian aid worker — who most recently served as Ontario’s health minister — was named last February to head a federal advisory council on how to implement a national pharmacare program. Implement is the key word in that […]

Premiers’ much-hyped internal trade deal hasn’t amounted to much

Jul 16 2018 — Janyce MacGregor — On the day they released the Canadian Free Trade Agreement in 2017, every provincial and territorial trade minister was given a symbolic pair of golden scissors to remind them to start cutting interprovincial trade barriers. The trouble is, they aren’t using them. The scissors were gifts from the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, a relentless […]

Indigenous leaders turn down invitation to meeting of premiers

Jul 12 2018 — Janyce MacGregor — There’s still a meeting scheduled for next week between Canada’s premiers and Indigenous organizations, but it won’t include the leaders of the Assembly of First Nations, the Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami or the Métis National Council. They’re all declining the Council of the Federation’s invitation again this year. The three organizations cite different reasons for their […]

Canada restarts free trade negotiations with South American trading bloc

Apr 28 2017 — Janyce MacGregor — Canada’s hectic international trade agenda is about to get even busier, as it takes new steps toward formal free trade negotiations with Mercosur, the trading bloc that includes the key South American markets of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay, CBC News has learned. A government source, speaking on condition of anonymity, revealed that tomorrow the […]

Canada, U.S. poised to resume hostilities over softwood lumber

Oct 13 2016 — Janyce MacGregor — Don’t panic: Even though the deadline has passed, there’s still hope of a resolution to Canada’s dispute with the U.S. on softwood lumber. Both sides are still negotiating in Washington, and there won’t be any punitive measures kicking in right away. But the stage is set for Canada and the U.S. to gird for another […]

‘A fabulous moment’: Conservative delegates shift to more neutral position on same-sex marriage

May 27 2016 — Janyce MacGregor — Conservative delegates took the first step towards changing the party’s policy on same-sex marriage at the party’s convention in Vancouver Friday. A resolution to ticket rather than criminalize small amounts of marijuana also passed its first vote, but another to support medically assisted dying failed at the session focused on criminal justice and social policy.

Conservative convention to provide early signs of post-Harper policy shifts

May 27 2016 — Janyce MacGregor — The Conservative Party is about to enter uncharted territory: policy debates free from the influence of former leader Stephen Harper — or any permanent leader, for that matter. Starting this morning, delegates to the Tory policy convention in Vancouver are debating proposals sparked by the party’s membership across the country on everything from taxation to […]

How Justin Trudeau’s Liberal majority swept across Canada

Oct 20 2015 — Janyce MacGregor — The Liberal Party sent to the woodshed in 2006 — and told, decisively, to stay there in 2008 and 2011 — has been welcomed back to the government side of the House of Commons. Not just conditionally invited, but embraced, with a bigger, broader majority than pollsters or even the most optimistic Liberal strategists predicted.

Tears (still) are not enough, 30 years later

Feb 10 2015 — Janyce MacGregor — “As every day goes by…” David Foster is singing over the phone, remembering Gordon Lightfoot “killing it” on the opening vocals of Tears Are Not Enough, the all-star Canadian charity single recorded 30 years ago today. Foster’s Malibu, Calif., home is far away in both time and space from the frigid February Sunday in 1985 […]