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Important oversights from Trudeau Budget 2022

Apr 13 2022 — Jason Clemens and Jake Fuss — At 300-plus pages, it’s impossible for anyone to reasonably analyze the recent federal budget comprehensively in a day or two. However, as the foundational document setting down the government’s intentions for spending, taxing and borrowing for the following year and roughly into the future, it’s important to assess the budget methodologically.  To that end, we […]

Trudeau and O’Toole muddy their spending plans

Sep 3 2021 — Jason Clemens and Jake Fuss — During an election campaign, voters must weigh the costs and benefits of the promises made by each political party. As such, voter decisions rely on the transparency—or lack thereof—of the parties. When it comes to government spending, there are legitimate concerns about how transparent the two front-running parties are being about the costs of their […]

Trudeau government’s approach to federal finances anything but ‘prudent’

Dec 3 2020 — Jason Clemens and Jake Fuss — Since coming to power in 2015, Prime Minister Trudeau—and his finance ministers—have characterized their management of federal finances as “prudent,” an adjective meaning to act with or show care and thought for the future. In other words, acting prudently would mean being judicious about borrowing and debt. And yet, based on this government’s performance pre-COVID, […]

Trudeau government continues to dodge democratic accountability

Nov 29 2020 — Jason Clemens and Jake Fuss — According to Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland, next week the Trudeau government will provide an “update” on its 2020 spending. But in fact, the government has not delivered a full federal budget since March 2019, more than 20 months ago, demonstrating little regard for democratic accountability. The democratic tradition calls for annual budgets with the government […]