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The trouble with the CERB

May 7 2020 — Jamie Carroll — The Government of Canada’s CERB program has been a monumental feat: from inception to design to construction to execution, it was done by civil servants, politicians and political staff at lightening speed and with tremendous success. It has been a literal lifesaver for hundreds of thousands of Canadians. It has allowed them to pay rent, […]

Enough has to be enough

Feb 13 2020 — Jamie Carroll — Look it: climate action is important. Indigenous reconciliation is important. Free speech and the right to protest are important. But none of them mean anything without democracy and the rule of law. Which brings us to the protests against the Coastal Gas Link (CGL) pipeline, notionally being conducted on behalf of the Wet’suwet’en First Nation.

An open letter to Dr. David Suzuki, CC, OBC, FRSC

Oct 1 2019 — Jamie Carroll — Dear Dr. Suzuki – I just don’t get it. We’ve met several times. I’ve been in and around the environmental/climate movement in Canada and internationally for about 15 years. Like you, I have considered Stephane Dion, Elizabeth May, Gerry Butts, Joyce Murray and even Justin Trudeau to be good friends at different times. Those folks […]

Trudeau must move the pipeline forward

Apr 12 2018 — Jamie Carroll — Last week, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau came west. He came to Alberta to see the folks at Suncor pulling this country’s most important resource out of the ground. And he came to British Columbia to see not just the place where that resource desperately needs to go, but to meet the people who seem so […]

Bring back knighthoods

May 1 2015 — Jamie Carroll — I am a monarchist — one who believes in the value Canadians derive from their relationship with the Crown. So upon hearing that the recent federal budget included an increase in the annual allocation to the National Honours System — one of the most direct and tangible connections between the Queen and her people — […]

We still need sober second thought

Jan 28 2014 — Jamie Carroll — It seems reasonable to assert that the Senate of Canada has gotten more attention from Canada’s political class — not to mention ordinary Canadians — in the past six months than it has in the preceding 60 years. And yet, even with all this scrutiny, it seems equally reasonable to believe that vacancies in the […]

The lesson of Syria: ‘Soft power’ isn’t nearly enough

Sep 13 2013 — Jamie Carroll — Canadian lefties — even some within the ranks of the Liberal party — have over the years made considerable hay with their supporters by engaging in good, old-fashioned America-bashing. Imperialists. Warmongers. Myopic hypocrites. And they don’t even have decent health care! But in recent days, Canadians across the political spectrum have witnessed the full spectacle […]

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