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High school students across Canada to be trained on how to administer naloxone

Jun 14 2022 — Jean-Benoit Legault, The Canadian Press — MONTREAL — Hundreds of thousands of high school students in Canada will be given training on how to respond to someone overdosing on opioids, including on how to administer naloxone — a drug used to reverse the effects of overdoses. The Advanced Coronary Treatment Foundation is announcing Tuesday that its new training program will be […]

Mosquito net with new insecticide reduces malaria cases in Africa: study

Mar 24 2022 — Jean-Benoit Legault, The Canadian Press — MONTREAL — A mosquito net coated with a new insecticide that makes the insects unable to move or fly has reduced cases of malaria in children by about 40 per cent, according to a new study conducted in Tanzania involving Canadian researchers. The two-year study involved 39,000 Tanzanian households.  In randomized trials with over 4,500 […]

Expanded Holocaust museum coming to Montreal in 2025 to include hologram testimonials

Feb 7 2022 — Jean-Benoit Legault, The Canadian Press — MONTREAL — A bigger, more interactive and more modern Holocaust museum will be opening its doors in Montreal's Plateau Mont-Royal neighbourhood in 2025. If everything goes as planned, the opening of the relocated Montreal Holocaust Museum will coincide with the 80-year anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp, and museum director Daniel Amar […]

New maritime cybersecurity centre to fight pirates — and not the swashbuckling kind

Jan 28 2021 — Jean-Benoit Legault, The Canadian Press — MONTREAL — A new research centre created at Montreal's Polytechnique university will aim to protect ships from pirates — and they're not talking about Blackbeard or Captain Kidd. Canada’s Maritime Cyber Security Centre of Excellence will combine the expertise of two Polytechnique researchers, Quebec cybersecurity startup Neptune Cyber and Davie Shipbuilding. The five-year research project […]

Hydroxychloroquine does not prevent COVID after exposure to the virus: study

Jun 3 2020 — Jean-Benoit Legault, The Canadian Press — MONTREAL — Hydroxychloroquine is not effective in preventing the development of COVID-19 in people exposed to the novel coronavirus, a new study involving Canadian researchers concludes. The results are published today in the New England Journal of Medicine. The clinical trial was led in Canada by Dr. Todd Lee and Dr. Emily McDonald of the Research Institute […]

Seal attack on Nova Scotia island leaves Quebec hunter with 26 stitches

Jan 31 2020 — Jean-Benoit Legault, The Canadian Press — MONTREAL — A Quebec hunter had to be airlifted to hospital this week following what was described as a rare seal attack on a Nova Scotia island. Alexis Boudreault, 29, and nine other hunters were on Pictou Island Tuesday when the attack occurred. Only four of them were carrying hakapiks — clubs tipped with sharp hooks — after federal fisheries officers confiscated the […]

Canadian researcher says new study suggests autism overdiagnosed

Aug 21 2019 — Jean-Benoit Legault, The Canadian Press — MONTREAL — Autism has become so overdiagnosed that within five to 10 years there could be almost no difference between groups of people who have been diagnosed with the condition and those who haven't, a Montreal researcher warns following the publication of a new study. A new meta-analysis published Wednesday in JAMA Psychiatry that analyzed 11 previous major studies […]

New analysis finds link between vaping and cannabis use in teens, young adults

Aug 12 2019 — Jean-Benoit Legault, The Canadian Press — MONTREAL — Teens and young adults who use electronic cigarettes are significantly more likely to use cannabis as well, according to a new study co-authored by a Canadian researcher. Pediatrician Nicholas Chadi's analysis of previous research, published in JAMA Pediatrics, found that the likelihood of marijuana use was three to four times higher among youth who vaped. One […]

David Saint-Jacques faces long recovery after return to Earth, doctor says

Jun 23 2019 — Jean-Benoit Legault, The Canadian Press — MONTREAL — Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques will return to Earth on Monday following a six-month mission aboard the International Space Station. Raffi Kuyumjian, the doctor for the Canadian Space Agency, explains that the 49-year-old astronaut will undergo a long recovery as his body adjusts from weightlessness. -------------- The Canadian Press: How will Saint-Jacques feel when he returns to Earth? […]

Montreal researchers create audible hockey puck for visually impaired players

May 18 2019 — Jean-Benoit Legault, The Canadian Press — MONTREAL — A team of Montreal university researchers has developed an audible hockey puck they say could revolutionize the sport for blind players. For years, visually impaired hockey players have used a tomato juice can or a steel container filled with small balls as a puck. The improvised devices work, but players have trouble finding them on the […]

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