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Andrew Coyne v The National Post

Oct 17 2015 — Jesse Brown — Postmedia newspapers have been running variations of the same Harper endorsement all day. But as the Edmonton Journal’s Paula Simons publicly confirmed, pumping the Conservatives was management’s call. Regardless of what Postmedia’s reporters, columnists, editors (or readers) think, endorsements are a publisher’s decision, and Posties know Paul Godfrey was always going to force a Harper […]

#HairGate: What Really Happened

Aug 22 2015 — Jesse Brown — How the National Post Censored Canada’s most Famous Writer. Margaret Atwood’s opinion piece may well have been a “flighty little caper on hair,” as she described it, but what happened next is no flimsy matter. The incident raises some crucial questions: *Do the National Post’s editorial staff have the independence and authority to publish what […]