National Newswatch

An SNC-Lavalin lobbyist attended Liberal donor events, critics say it was cash-for-access

Mar 14 2019 — Jesse Snyder — A lobbyist for SNC-Lavalin and former Liberal adviser attended two exclusive donor events hosted by the party at the same time the Quebec engineering giant was lobbying Ottawa for a negotiated settlement to avoid a criminal trial, despite certain steps the Liberal Party has taken to end the controversial practice of cash-for-access fundraising. Bruce Hartley, […]

Report raises fresh doubts over economic benefits of Trudeau’s $188 billion infrastructure plan

Mar 13 2019 — Jesse Snyder — A new report casts doubt on a central justification for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s $188-billion infrastructure spending program, suggesting its economic benefits could be well below previous estimates. During the past two years, provincial spending on infrastructure has fallen $3.8 billion, even as the federal government has boosted funding, according to a report released Wednesday […]