National Newswatch

Tory by-election landslide in Quebec more than a local race

Jun 19 2018 — John Ibbitson — Yes, the Conservatives had a popular hockey coach as candidate, but their thumping of the Liberals in Chicoutimi-Le Ford, Monday night, should worry the Grits. Canadian voters are not rallying to the Liberals in solidarity as Justin Trudeau confronts Donald Trump over tariffs and trade. If that confrontation damages the economy, watch out. Next year […]

Senators face difficult choice over Bill C-66

Apr 30 2018 — John Ibbitson — This is so frustrating. Because of a perceived flaw, the Senate may send back to the House a bill that would expunge the criminal records of men who were convicted of committing homosexual acts in the years when such acts were illegal. The Senate may amend the bill and return it to the House of […]

Pipeline furor another signal of rising power of the West

Apr 13 2018 — John Ibbitson — Good news! We are facing a crisis in national unity, but for once it’s not about Quebec. The dispute over the Trans Mountain pipeline is a major challenge both for the country and for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. But that dispute also reflects how Canada has changed. This is not about language or culture. Rather, […]

Liberals need to stop shaming Canadians if they want their support

Apr 2 2018 — John Ibbitson — Someone needs to send this Liberal government an urgent message: Stop calling us deplorables! Environment Minister Catherine McKenna, under calm but persistent questioning from Evan Solomon on CTV’s Question Period, blurted out Sunday that “I have no time for folks who are like, you know, ‘we shouldn’t take action,’ ” on climate change. She later […]

Liberal investigation into systemic racism should keep a low profile

Mar 21 2018 — John Ibbitson — With its message of hope transmuting dangerously into hectoring, the Trudeau government needs to be wary about the upcoming national consultations on racism. The exercise could further damage an already-weakened Liberal brand. Justin Trudeau won the 2015 election on a promise of transformative change after a decade of Conservative inaction. The new government pledged to […]

Why Doug Ford is no Donald Trump

Mar 12 2018 — John Ibbitson — Doug Ford will try to assemble a conservative coalition first forged more than 20 years ago by Mike Harris. He will be opposed by the same urban progressive voters who despised Mr. Harris’s Common Sense Revolution. Both sides will fight for the support of the immigrant voters in suburban ridings inside and surrounding Toronto, which […]

Poll shows Trudeau is not unbeatable

Mar 6 2018 — John Ibbitson — Yes it’s only one poll, and yes it’s only halfway through the mandate, but Liberals should be worried by last week’s Ipsos survey, for two reasons: First, the Conservative coalition that sustained Stephen Harper’s governments appears to be realigning. Second, the agenda may be shifting away from social issues and toward economic management, which is […]