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Beijing may have tried to discourage Canadians from voting Conservative: federal unit

Jun 23 2022 — Jim Bronskill, The Canadian Press — OTTAWA — A federal research unit detected what might be a Chinese Communist Party information operation that aimed to discourage Canadians of Chinese heritage from voting for the Conservatives in the last federal election. The Sept. 13, 2021, analysis by Rapid Response Mechanism Canada, which tracks foreign interference, says researchers observed Communist party media accounts […]

MPs want more funding for community groups trying to prevent ideological extremism

Jun 21 2022 — Jim Bronskill, The Canadian Press — OTTAWA — A House of Commons committee is calling on governments to provide more money to front-line community organizations trying to stem the tide of ideologically motivated violent extremism. In a new report, MPs on the public safety and national security committee also recommend a national summit to discuss how existing mental health and social […]

Federal unit flags apparent Chinese campaign to sow doubt on return of ‘two Michaels’

Jun 21 2022 — Jim Bronskill, The Canadian Press — OTTAWA — A federal unit that tracks foreign interference has identified what appeared to be a co-ordinated information campaign by Chinese state media outlets to control the domestic narrative around the return of the "two Michaels" to Canada. Rapid Response Mechanism Canada found the effort also seemed intent on fostering confusion or doubt in Canada […]

Urgent changes needed to ensure CSIS can carry out intelligence mandate: spy watchdog

Jun 17 2022 — Jim Bronskill, The Canadian Press — OTTAWA — Canada's spy service has failed to make the crucial process of applying for court warrants a specialized trade that requires training, experience and investment in people, a new watchdog report says. The report by the National Security and Intelligence Review Agency calls for fundamental changes to the relationship between the Canadian Security Intelligence […]

Key enterprises could face penalties under federal bill to bolster cybersecurity

Jun 14 2022 — Jim Bronskill, The Canadian Press — OTTAWA — Key enterprises in the banking and telecommunications industries would be among those required to bolster cybersecurity and report digital attacks — or possibly face penalties — under a federal bill introduced Tuesday. The legislation is intended to flesh out Liberal government efforts to protect critical infrastructure following last month's announcement that Chinese vendors […]

Federal lawyers move to shield alleged secrets in civil court case of ex-Saudi spy

Jun 8 2022 — Jim Bronskill, The Canadian Press — OTTAWA — The Canadian government is seeking a court injunction to prevent a former Saudi intelligence official from disclosing allegedly sensitive security information in a civil proceeding against him. In an application to the Federal Court, government lawyers request an order under the Canada Evidence Act confirming a prohibition on the disclosure of material as […]

Man seeking historical records told it would cost feds $21 million to process request

Jun 3 2022 — Jim Bronskill, The Canadian Press — OTTAWA — A researcher seeking records about an RCMP investigation from Canada's national archives was told it would cost the government more than $21 million to process his request under the Access to Information Act. The man filed an access request with Library and Archives Canada in January upon learning of another applicant's struggle to […]

Tim Hortons app collected vast amounts of sensitive data: privacy watchdogs

Jun 1 2022 — Jim Bronskill, The Canadian Press — OTTAWA — The Tim Hortons mobile ordering app violated the law by collecting vast amounts of location information from customers, an investigation by federal and provincial privacy watchdogs has found. In a report released Wednesday, privacy commissioners said people who downloaded the Tim Hortons app had their movements tracked and recorded every few minutes, even […]

National handgun freeze key feature of federal Liberals’ new firearm-control bill

May 30 2022 — Jim Bronskill, The Canadian Press — OTTAWA — A national freeze on importing, buying, selling or otherwise transferring handguns is a central feature of firearm-control legislation tabled Monday by the federal Liberals. The measure does not ban handguns outright, allowing current owners to continue to possess and use them, but seeks to cap the number already in Canada. "This is a […]