National Newswatch

Canada’s interim import ban on handguns takes effect today

Aug 19 2022 — Jim Bronskill — OTTAWA — As of today, individuals and businesses are no longer able to import restricted handguns into Canada, with limited exceptions. The move announced earlier this month is aimed at expediting a key pillar of the federal effort to cap the number of handguns in the country. In May, the Liberal government announced a plan […]

One in four border officers witnessed discrimination by colleagues: internal report

Aug 16 2022 — Jim Bronskill — OTTAWA — One-quarter of front line employees surveyed at Canada's border agency said they had directly witnessed a colleague discriminate against a traveller in the previous two years. Of these respondents, 71 per cent suggested the discrimination was based, in full or in part, on the travellers' race, and just over three-quarters cited their national […]

Beijing may have tried to discourage Canadians from voting Conservative: federal unit

Jun 23 2022 — Jim Bronskill — A federal research unit detected what might be a Chinese Communist Party information operation that aimed to discourage Canadians of Chinese heritage from voting for the Conservatives in the last federal election. The Sept. 13, 2021, analysis by Rapid Response Mechanism Canada, which tracks foreign interference, says researchers observed Communist Party media accounts on Chinese […]

Federal unit flags apparent Chinese campaign to sow doubt on return of ‘two Michaels’

Jun 21 2022 — Jim Bronskill — OTTAWA — A federal unit that tracks foreign interference has identified what appeared to be a co-ordinated information campaign by Chinese state media outlets to control the domestic narrative around the return of the "two Michaels" to Canada. Rapid Response Mechanism Canada found the effort also seemed intent on fostering confusion or doubt in Canada […]

Key enterprises could face penalties under federal bill to bolster cybersecurity

Jun 14 2022 — Jim Bronskill — OTTAWA — Key enterprises in the banking, telecommunications and transportation industries would be among those required to bolster cybersecurity and report digital attacks — or possibly face penalties — under a federal bill introduced Tuesday. The legislation is intended to flesh out Liberal government efforts to protect critical infrastructure following last month's announcement that Chinese […]