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The Star leads the way to save journalism in Canada

May 29 2020 — Jim Sheppard — Finally . . . A major media organization in Canada is getting it right. The future of journalism – an essential service in the time of COVID-19 — is entirely digital and the new owners of The Toronto Star have recognized that. Torstar buyers plan to ramp up struggling newspaper’s digital strategy  It’s too bad […]

The newspaper publishers have it wrong, again

May 7 2020 — Jim Sheppard — You may have seen a full-page ad running in major Canadian newspapers today (May 2) entitled “An urgent message to the government of Canada from the publishers of Canada’s major newspapers.” It notes that newspapers “are suffering huge advertising revenue declines because of the coronavirus pandemic.” It calls on Ottawa to implement a tax on Google […]

Will COVID-19 be the final nail in the coffin of the newspaper?

Apr 27 2020 — Jim Sheppard — One of the few positive developments in the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada has been the recognition by both the federal government and the public that journalism is an “essential service.” There are few things more important than distributing information by a wide variety of media so audiences can make the right choices to keep everyone […]